Carter Slade’s Last Ride | Ghost Rider (2007) Movie Clip

Carter Slade’s Last Ride | Ghost Rider (2007) Movie Clip

What happened? – Blackheart.
– They got her. Where’s the contract?
I can’t end this without it. Just gonna have to dig
this whole damn place up myself. It’s not there, kid. Contract of San Venganza. Hell on earth. Now, you’re gonna have to trust me. And why is that? He may have my soul… …but he doesn’t have my spirit. Any man who’s got the guts
to sell his soul for love… …got the power to change the world. You didn’t do it for greed. You did it for the right reason. Maybe that puts God on your side. To him, that makes you dangerous. Makes you unpredictable. That’s the best thing
you can be right now. San Venganza’s 500 miles from here. We better get moving. “We”? I got one last ride left in me. Carter Slade. Can you keep up? Let’s ride. Stick to the shadows. This is the end of the trail for me. I got nothing left. I could only change one more time,
and I was saving it for this. God knows I’ve made
my share of mistakes. Been trying to make things right
ever since. Guess all I can do now is hope he
sees fit to give me a second chance. Thank you. No. Thank you, kid.

100 thoughts on “Carter Slade’s Last Ride | Ghost Rider (2007) Movie Clip

  1. Carter was getting his ass handed to him before this scene but used his LAST transformation just to show him where the town was ? Nice

  2. that whistle of carter slade wakes up you true soul.. to fight for what is lost and what was right.. it really believed my god to stand by within me

  3. Im gonna say it and you don't have to agree with me. This scene is one of the most badass scene in modern film history. Hits all the right spot.

  4. any man whos got the guts to sell his soul for love got the power to change the world. Seriously. First we got a weak villain names black heart and that stupid line. My god. This is a my little pony fanfiction. Also he transforms one last time to be a cool gpa and not to fight. SERIOUSLY

  5. I always thought bid he had one last ride why didn't he save it to help Johnny in the fight and just ride double with him on his motorcycle

  6. Honestly had the entire movie had the vibe of this scene it would have done a lot better. I really hope they reboot Ghost Rider cause it would be an amazing horror like film

  7. The shot of them riding and the camera angle is behind them would look so badass in a crossover movie in the mcu

  8. Should've had Carter Slade go out like a badass taking down all 3 henchmen while Johnny was dealing with Blacheart. Then his whole I could only change one more time following up with that trying to do right hoping God would forgive him as he's dying would've been perfect.

  9. The scene was cool but it was pointless in the end. Carter just rode to turn back around. It was a total waste

  10. I still can’t believe I met Sam Elliot at my job, his voice obviously gave it away and I knew from the heart who he was !!!

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