The Best Hike In Hong Kong

We’re on our way right now to Kowloon Peak, which is one of the toughest hikes in Hong Kong. But it’s worth it, ’cause at the end of it there are some amazing views and great photo ops. To top it all off, the sun’s out, the clouds are gone, Continue Reading

The Strange Deaths of the 9 Hikers of Dyatlov Pass

– I’m Ryan, that’s Brent, let’s do this. This week on BuzzFeed Unsolved we’re covering Dyatlov Pass. It’s probably one of the weirdest cases out there. – [Brent] He says that every time. – Even your precious science won’t save you today. – Mmmkay. – [Ryan] On the evening of Continue Reading

Zempire Mono Hiking Tent – Features

– Folks this is the Zempire Mono lightweight hiking tent. Great for one person, single pole, easy to set up and I’m going to take you for a walk through of all the features. Let’s have a look. (upbeat music) – I’m from Snowys here folks and set up next Continue Reading

Hiking 10 Essentials

Hi my name is Pat Ellis. I work for the United States Forest Service. I’ve been hiking for years. I want to share with you today a few things you need to have with you when you are going out into the woods. Number one: that map and compass. You Continue Reading

Backpacking & Hiking tips: River crossing footwear & camping shoes

hi folks Robin here and in today’s video I’m going to be talking about shoes for crossing rivers so whether your a wild camper a hill walker or a backpacker at some point you may have to cross the river it’s advisable to have some sort of foot wear to Continue Reading

Dog Friendly Hiking in Arkansas!

Over the past nine years I’ve circled the globe seeking out exotic adventures in over 20 countries but I never dared dream of finding myself deep in the wildernes of…. Arkansas? Before this trip Arkansas wasn’t exactly high on my list of dream travel destinations but with only three days, Continue Reading

How is skiing in Wengen (Switzerland)? – Review of the first day of the season and free goodie!

hey everyone, I want to tell you today about the first-day ski experience The season has started today and it has been a fantastic day so we will do a short review of that, stay tuned because during the video I will tell you about a free goodie that you Continue Reading

Fresh Meat front to back Transitions for Roller Derby

We are going to now teach them to close open close and this is my introduction into going from forward to backward and then a little bit of backwards to forward and side skating. So you are going to have them turn sideways on the track, you’re going to have Continue Reading

✌️Some Clips from Aggressive Inline Skating Contest Lausanne 2019 (Vlog🇨🇭)

some clips from Aggressive Inline Skating Contest in Lausanne Diego Guilloud Stéphane Torres Mael Huguelet Thomas Lieurey Nicolas Meister Said Essansi Maxime Genoud Diego Luppi Nicolas Servy Adrian Deck Thomas Lieurey Nicolas Meister Mael Huguelet Said Essansi Stéphane Torres Diego Luppi Adrian Deck Nicolas Servy Maxime Genoud