Sesame Street: Bert Ice Skates

BERT: [MOANS] ERNIE: Hey, Bert? What’s the matter, Bert? BERT: Oh, Ernie, [MUMBLES]. ERNIE: What? BERT: I can’t sleep, I said. ERNIE: Oh. Well, you know what I do, Bert, when I can’t sleep? BERT: What? ERNIE: Well, I think of something that’s fun, something that I’d really like to Continue Reading

Classic vs. skate: the 2 types of cross-country skiing | CBC Sports

So in cross-country skiing there are two techniques: the classic and the skate, or freestyle technique. They both require different sets of equipment. In classic skiing, the ski is a bit longer. So for a skier like myself, it’s about 200 centimeters long And the classic ski requires a grip Continue Reading

Skate World: Spain

[MUSIC PLAYING] DANNY LOZANO: [SPEAKING SPANISH] BORJA SANTIAGO: [SPEAKING SPANISH] IGNACIO: [SPEAKING SPANISH] DANNY LOZANO: [SPEAKING SPANISH] BORJA SANTIAGO: [SPEAKING SPANISH] DANNY LOZANO: For sure, it’s the oldest store in Madrid, if not even Spain, I don’t know. But it’s super old. The thing is that it looks exactly the Continue Reading