How To Start Roller Skating | Quad Skates

To skate forward you need to raise the knee a bit once the right and once the left. The legs should be placed in an angle like this. Lift your knee and lower it and you’ll start skating forward.

Beneficios de patinaje / Roller skating benefits

Hi guys! How are you? I’m Carito and today we’re going to talk about 9 benefits that roller skating has, so let’s start the video First benefit that we can talk in roller skating is about the weight, roller skating can help you to reduce or to maintain your ideal Continue Reading


*Wapoosh* Lets get roight into the news my name is jackspedicey 2 and welcome back to getting over it with bennett foddy i decided to play on low grapics setting This is the low graphics mode the… the mode is called Sexy hiking I thought it might make me a Continue Reading

Advanced Ice Skating Tips : Advanced Ice Skating: Backward Crossover Exercise

Now it will be real difficult. Now we prepare for the backwards crossover. Okay. If you can, you stand on the outside edges, outside edge. If you can, you stand on the outside edge with this and you can, you can lift the other, you can lift the other. Okay, Continue Reading

How to Play Ice Hockey : Skating Backwards in Ice Hockey

All right. Similar to the skating forward is backwards skating. What you’re going to do is, you’re doing the same thing. You’re bending at your knees. You’re leaning forward. Legs spread apart and you’re going to generate the power, but in front of you instead of backwards. And you’re going Continue Reading

Quincy Bald Eagles Prove That Age is Just a Number | The Champion Within

age is just a number to say that is one thing but to live it is quite another it’s an ideal that Bill Parsley knows well he has a lot of energy he can’t just sit around the house so he’s here playing hockey once a week and he loves Continue Reading

Toy Master’s Escape Room Challenge

– [Narrator] Tic Tac Toy! (upbeat music) (phone rings) – Who could be calling so early on a Saturday morning? (phone rings) – Oh, this better be good. Coming, coming. Hello? – Hello? – [Toy Master] Good morning. This is the Toy Master. I’m a little bored so we’re gonna Continue Reading