Oboz Men’s Bridger Mid BDry Hiking Boot

Offering reliable traction and durable waterproof materials, the Oboz Bridger Mid BDry is sure to appeal to hikers or backpackers who need durable, trail worthy performance. Let’s take a closer look at its features. So starting with the upper we have got a durable waterproof nubuck leather that fully wraps Continue Reading

On Thin Ice ⛸️| Doc McStuffins Arctic Rescue | Disney Junior

[Doc]“On Thin Ice!”You’re so good, Lambie. Why, thank you, Doc! [Stuffy] Stuffy passes to Hallie, Hallie rounds the goal and sets up Stuffy. Stuffy shoots! -Oh! -Oh! What a save! You sure you’ve never done this before, Chilly? Hockey? No. Ducking? Yes. Watch this. Wow, she looks like a snowflake. Continue Reading

Skate for Change | Nebraska Stories

♪ Music ♪ Narrator: When you think of a skateboarder, what do you think of? A hooligan? A troublemaker? Well, a movement that began in Lincoln, called Skate for Change, is changing not only the way skateboarders are seen by their communities, but more importantly, changing the lives of the Continue Reading

Retezat Hiking Trail 2019

– We challenge you… who ever wants… -Challenge, we are launching a challenge – Go RETEZAT! -Push…. -Push…. -Push…. -Push,, push,push,push,push,push,push,push -Beautiful! Whistle (Response from other people scattered across the trail) (Laughing) (Odd sounding response) -That guy makes a weird sound … – Is 7:53PM We started walking at 10:40 Continue Reading