How to Do Soo Bahk Do Stances : The Horse Riding Stance in Soo Bahk Do

Hi my name is Geoff Sterling from Hollywood Soo Bahk Do. This is kind of a combination of stances we have already talked about. This is a combination of a front stance and a horse stance. It is called a sucrutup jance. Jance is stance and it is going to Continue Reading

Therapeutic Horseback Riding : What is Therapeutic Riding?

Hi! My name is Connie and we are here at Hearts Adaptive Center in Santa Barbara, California and I am here for Expert Village. If you have a son or daughter or know someone with a physical, mental or even psychological disability, sometimes horseback riding can be really beneficial. The Continue Reading

Leather Vs Rubber Sole Shoes | Which Shoe Soles Are Better?

Leather Vs Rubber Sole Shoes Which Shoe Soles Are Better [0:00:00] Rubber sole versus leather sole. What’s the difference? Which one is better? Gentlemen, that’s the subject of today’s video. [Music] So, I had this great question asked me the other day. The guy is, “Antonio, what is better the Continue Reading

Hinniken Horse News with Madee & Feline #12 + ENGL SUBS | felinehoi

So Madee’s our celeb of the day. – Yeah, I’m the celeb oehoee. Hi guys! I’m in my trailer and I want to talk to you about something before this video starts. Something that really annoys me and that’s such a shame. It makes YouTube less nice… It’s about comments Continue Reading

കുതിരക്ക് മൈലേജ് കിട്ടുമോന്നു !! മറുപടി കിടിലന്‍ I the mentalist Vlog Believe 4

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] namaskara believe in the muttered episode like it alone will be my sauna in the face Odin will prepare another in loaded Pathan is like a Parisian like a porter now cyclic form the school trek order this in for another not on the boy perishable Continue Reading

Motorcycle Jeans vs Regular Jeans – Crash Tested

Hello, I’m Ryan F9. And today. We’re going to crash test regular jeans, versus riding jeans Our contenders have a few things in common, both of them support the typical five pocket design: Wallet wallet, hand hand, and pocket watch, just in case you live in 1885. Also they have Continue Reading

Arenal and La Fortuna Horseback Riding Tour, Costa Rica

Good morning Today we’re going to go on a horseback ride with Jacamar naturalist tours. This is one of the tours that you can book through our website and get a special deal on We’re going to go on a nice couple hour horseback ride through the fields up to Continue Reading

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