Caught On Camera: Skiers Caught In Avalanche

COMM: These three skiers had a lucky escape after being caught in a dangerous avalanche. COMM: Danes Kristian Klausen, Thomas Mohl and Nicolai Kanstrup were off piste in Whistler,
Canada last year, when one of them accidentally triggered the mishap. COMM: Thomas started to traverse a steep slope, shortly after pal Nicolai had started his
descent. COMM: Panic set in as the snow beneath him started to give way, sweeping Thomas away
and cascading towards Nicolai. COMM: Nicolai was battered by the impact and knocked fifteen metres, losing both skis and
poles. COMM: Thomas fell almost the entire length of the run, seventy metres, and was buried
up to his chest. COMM: Fortunately the category 1 avalanche left his head clear, and he was able to breathe
until his friends dug him free. All three men were thankfully unharmed.

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