– What should we do Ollie? – Go swimming! – Go swimming! (upbeat bouncy music) – [Bryan] Go Finn go! ♪ This is our life, this is
our fun, this is who we are. ♪ ♪ This is our dream, this is our team, ♪ ♪ Shot among the stars ♪ ♪ Take this shield and we’ll be fine ♪ ♪ Take this hand and watch us shine ♪ ♪ (This is our life) Let’s live it ♪ ♪ Live it forever ♪ – Hey Ollie, have you brushed
your hair this morning? – No. – No? It’s a little crazy, you know. – Yeah. – [Bryan] What were you
saying it likes to do? – It likes to wiggle around. – It likes to wiggle around? – Yeah. – Hey guys! Welcome back
to the Daily Bumps vlog. We vlog life’s ups and
downs here on YouTube, and if you would like to
be a member of our family, click that subscribe button! Cause we do lots of fun
stuff, don’t we Ollie? – Yeah. – Yeah. And what else should they do? – Click the bell icon. – That’s right. Click that bell icon next
to the subscribe button, click “all updates” and then you will see our videos in your feed. Hey Ollie, what do you want to do today? It’s summertime, school’s out, it’s such a nice day. Hmmm, what else is there to do? What should we do, Ollie? – Go swimming! – Go swimming! You love swimming, don’t you? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Hey Ollie, I
have a question for you. – What? – Okay, if you could swim
in any swimming pool ever, what swimming pool would it be? – Our pool. – [Bryan] Our pool? I’m gonna be honest that
was a boring answer. – I heard you. – [Bryan] I know. But Ollie,
okay really, if you could swim in any swimming pool besides our pool, what would you swim in? – I think I would swim in, I don’t know. – [Bryan] You don’t know? – Yeah. You know who I bet has a
really cool swimming pool? – What? Iron Man. – Iron Man. – Would that be cool to go to a pool party at Iron Man’s house? – Yeah. – That’d be pretty cool. – King? – Ooh, yeah, you actually swam
in a king’s swimming pool, didn’t you? – Yeah. – Yeah, when we went to
Vegas with Mommy, huh? Yeah, if you guys did not
know, we did a quick little trip through Vegas, and
Missy actually filmed a vlog for her channel because she
is relaunching her channel. She’s doing something
really cool over there and you guys have to check it
out to see what she’s doing, so be sure to click the icon
in the corner of the screen and click her channel
and go subscribe to it because there’s gonna be
some really cool, fun videos up there too. – [Bryan] Whoa. Ollie, are you
excited for Momma’s channel? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Yeah. You guys are
gonna do some cool stuff, huh? What are you measuring, by the way? What is this? – It’s a little tape measurer. – [Bryan] Can you measure something and show me how it works? Here, measure this PS4 controller, Ollie. – It’s about that big. – [Bryan] Alright, good
job dude, good measuring. High five. (upbeat music) (yelling) – Smash that thumbs-up button
if you guys are excited to swim in the pool this summer as well, or let me know in the iCard poll what are you most looking
forward to doing this summer. (upbeat pop music) – Are you guys having
so much fun in the pool? – Yeah! – Yeah! Alright let’s jump! Go Ollie go! Go Finn go! (upbeat pop music) – Wooo! Hi Finn! (upbeat music) – Why is there a snake in the water? A snake in the pool! What? That was so crazy. Ollie did you see that? – Yeah. – Was there a snake in our pool? – Yeah. – Was that a real snake? Or was that, was someone pranking us? – I think it was a real snake. – I’m pretty sure it was a real snake too. Comment down below: was that a prank, or was that a real snake? Cause it looked real, didn’t it? – Yeah. – I didn’t see, did you see anything? – [Missy] I did. I literally
saw it hop off the fence. – Wait, you saw the snake
come out of the pool? – Mhm. – [Bryan] And where did it go? – It went over there. You
either come play with it? – [Bryan] We were swimming
with it, underwater. Isn’t that crazy? – That’s so gross. – [Bryan] I know. Ollie, we got to be careful
of snakes in our swimming pool now that it’s summertime because it’s probably nice
and warm for them, you know? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Wait, so do snakes
like warm water, or cold water? – I’m not sure, actually. Do you guys know? Leave
it down in the comments. – Let us know if you guys know, do snakes like cold water or warm water? Because we keep our pool pretty warm. – They like warm water. – [Bryan] They do like warm water? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Should we stop warming our pool? Maybe that’s why there was a snake in it. That was crazy, though, you guys. I’m gonna see if there’s any more snakes. Just a couple of turtles. There’s a couple of starfish. There’s another turtle here. And it looks like some more starfish. But no more snakes! I can’t see any more
snakes, so that’s a relief. (upbeat music) There are lots of toys on
the bottom of the pool. And when I saw the snake
on the bottom of the pool, I thought it was just another toy. But then it started
moving, and I was like, it must be real, I guess. – Yeah. Don’t the snakes
know this is our pool? – [Bryan] I know, they should know that
this is our pool, right? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Ollie, go underwater
and say hi to everyone! – Okay. Hi! – [Bryan] Did he make
silly faces at you guys? Oh no, you guys, we have bees! Bees by the pool, watch out! Watch out for the bees! Bees and snakes? Come on. (upbeat music) – Was that fun? – [Bryan] Alright, Finn, it’s recording. Go ahead and go do your thing! – Yeah! Hi! (upbeat music) – That was epic. Were there
any snakes on the slide? – No. – No? Good. – Oh my gosh, you guys,
I think Ollie and Papa just caught the snake that we saw earlier! Oh my gosh! This is crazy. – Look at that, just
hold him like that there, there you go. – [Missy] Good job! – He does not bite, he’s
just being friendly. Hang on, hang it tight. – He’s trying to be friendly. – [Papa] Hold him a little bit tighter. – [Missy] He’s a good little snake. – [Papa] And then, hold
him with that hand. – No! – [Papa] No he’s okay. (laughter) But he’s a friendly snake. – I want a snake wristband. – [Missy] A snake wristband? – [Papa] You want a snake wristband? – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Papa] Snake wristband! – [Missy] Aw, there it is. – [Papa] But he’s a nice one, isn’t he? We’re gonna let him live right here, right next to your house, okay? – [Missy] Maybe we’ll
catch him again one day. When you hold him, you use
two hands so he can kind of – [Papa] Like I let him move, like he thinks he’s getting away, so I grab him again over here, – [Missy] See? – [Papa] I grab him again over here. – [Missy] Do you want to try that? – [Papa] Grab him from the front, and then – [Missy] Let him slip through, yeah. And then do the other hand, there you go. – I want to let him go. – [Papa] You’re gonna let him go for me? – Yeah. – Alright. – I did it! – [Missy] Oh! (laughter) – He’s just staying there. – [Papa] That’s okay. He’ll find a place, he’s
gonna go look for some food. – [Missy] There he goes. Say bye! – Bye! (laughter) – That was amazing, and
I wonder if it really was the snake that was swimming in the pool. That’d be crazy. – Duck down! – [Bryan] Did you see it? Did you see the snake go bye-bye? – Yeah, I wanna adopt it, and – [Bryan] You wanna try and find it? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Let’s look over here. Do you see anything? – No. – [Bryan] Nope. – Nothing. – [Bryan] Nothing. (laughter) Hey Finn, let me see your shirt! Turn around, let me see your shirt. Look at what it says, you guys. Happy kid. Finn is a happy kid, aren’t you, Finny? High-five! He’s happy now that he got
to go swimming, that was fun. Alright guys, question of the day, let me know down below in the comments, would you ever jump in a
swimming pool with a snake? I imagine some people might. Come on Finn, let’s go! – Okay. – You guys, today was so long, and busy. All I want to do is lay
on this rug, and sleep. Oh, hey, sorry, I forgot to end vlog. But seriously, today was just so much fun. I seriously cannot believe we
went swimming with a snake. I still don’t know if it was a prank, or a real snake or not,
but at least we had fun, and no one got hurt. Make sure to give this
video a big thumbs up! And check out any of the other videos on your screen right now if
you wanna watch more videos and have more fun, and
we will see you mañana. Bye! (upbeat music)

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