CCI*** Tattersalls 2012 Eventing

CCI*** Tattersalls 2012 Eventing

a big thank you to his lair for supporting this video okay we are on Tara Stiles the cci tree star class this is John Gorrie blue I’m writing today as you can see now it’s a lovely cool day here now not too much sunshine perfect conditions from own to run on the tree star and so good decent track just getting the countdown now and so as you can see now just hitting off my main aim now here is to get this horse around clear this is for CCI trace de force fences lovely fences get you into your rhythm we have a nice long stretch now to number two I’m sweeping left hander turn nice tabletop down here house is traveling lovely years here’s our quick they’re nice they watch him what he’s doing at the moment now I’m just giving a really good path there now each time he jumps the fence because he easy on horse and these are big fences at the start at the track this is a really wide did and Bank there he jumps that quite well give a nice bit of encouragement and just let him gallop along every time you can see zeros just looking back at me it’s bothered because I’m talking away at an encouraging say galloping and he’s run along here now snow nicely I was very happy very pleased with him now here and so on we are coming down onto fins for another and lovely galloping fence gets the horses really into destroyed I think Ian de has done a fantastic job here over the first six fences seven fences even they’re nice the big galloping the horses know when they go across country now them that it means business which is great and here now comes onto the track a nor this is a really big trick a nor for a fifth fence as you can see there and but I just did in me a little bit now see a nice dried and squeezing operation had a little bit of a look there I got a bit of a shock for such a big fence in the early in the course but he coped with refine and our next combination of fences come up now quite quickly as well two boxes on two strides I angled the force box a little bit and it jumps that nicely two strides out over the next anon he goes now against ears pricked his horse I was travelling really well for me now and I know it’s early in the track but it’s his first time at this level and so it’s nice to give him a good confidence and spin around here nice sweeping left-hander turn now to a real upright open answer gives a good jump over – lands and just moves away from the fence nicely oh this horse is actually starting to enjoy this track so as we’re coming up here onto next fence this is a real big corner it’s like an old vicar tree that you’ve seen in badminton I think this really frightened a lot of riders when they walked it and I think Ian Donis – a lot of riders to put a lot of fences here on this track so it’s come up here on the left-hand side I just made this slowly middle bits are the last straight four strides I really had to chase him and to get my distance and could have been ridden a little bit better but the horse Copeland well he jumped it well so getting plenty encouragement coming up here now and now he’s coming to the water fence as you can see he’s for ease for Christian oh there’s a big crowd a lot of people around this water fence and we had an option of going down and three trees to trace tides are four sides I opted to go on for so is slow in held saw my four and then pushed for the one again and just waited for this fence to come to me and he jumped that lovely game a good patch and away he went and the crowd were really really good their hearts went through it lovely and there was a big cheer from so and he even heard it so he really got very very confident now from here on he was after jumping good few combinations he got very brave from now on with double event angled hedges here now over to big ditches never even looked never blinked and I just kept coming at him as you can see they done quite well but to look at these there are decent fences but he just makes it look easy so I’m we going out with a lovely galloping stretch now down along here we’re not a minute marker now coming up quite so and he’s just cruising we’re lovely I was very pleased looking now along here because he was open his minute macro along here and which I was quite surprised with because my name I am here was to get him around clear and give him a good confidence Ben jumps that quite well and I’m we move now to the next combination which is the big bank and those police changes from this Bank from last year so we had a real and six strides to a trickle on top on four sides to corner as you can see I’m approaching on the left-hand side coming up now to the single rail jumps that nicely I wait a little bit and then I just move to this jumps that lovely neatly and John’s lowland corn as you can see the horses he is worm prick’d watching what he was doing still in lovely straight line came a good path encouraging and the more encouraged is hearts the braver and and the better he got so this is a really good spin off now for him and on we come down here I decided to come down at the left hand side come back at this fence a little bit because the ground was running into it this was a very big fence but he jumped it very well very happy very pleased until next combination comes very quickly double corners and five strides giving him you just watching it he jumps is lovely very nice and nice covering five strides and give him a good Pat there now again and made plenty of it because he really tried hard there now and the sauce is just getting more more confident in his way of going nice little fence now here maximum wish a nice drop the back of it and this track and from from board go everything was big and galloping got the horses into a rhythm and there was no let-up you just could not rest for a second and so it was so so far so good of this Bank nails quite high just I stayed in him a little bit down here and Jones that nicely I very pleased with him now so I’m gonna come notices today to the coffin fence this is a new feature now on terror stalls for Syrian it very operate going in on one strike on one stride so as you come down the right hand side there now I just ease him a little bit then I’ll just show him her is going and I get quite close into the base jumps that nicely as you can see my hand there just grab hold of his me and just keep my balance I give him a nice pat down when he came out and let him move on straight away next and this Dear John he was galloping still galloping really well very very pleased down so far and nice right hand turned out another open Aqsa jumps out well and just moved on and gallops on to the next fence sit ours is still traveling very well for me so I’m very pleased with him our next minute marker is coming up again and he was he was spot on honors and from here on in now made a decision just because he hit one of the fences here and he was just getting a little bit tired I just eased back up from a little bit to give him his brush he jumps that lovely and I just wasted a couple of seconds here because him being a young horse for Simon at this level was quite big and bought me mentally and physically for this ours so just give him a chance alone here to get a second wind and off we went again coming up here now up to the main arena with a big footbridge over another ditch here again this tract it needs a very good big school be horse fences our maximum wish unruhe come down to the next water complex Oh pride coming in and but it’s very nice out as you can see the horse is traveling the low and long they are nicely watching what he’s doing so he’s traveling he’s travelling very nicely act has I just don’t have enough praise for him now to stage I had a little bit of a slip here you might notice the see him there he’s cocked his head near I’d really had to push him hard for that to make the distance last his hind legs and the turn I just just never broke out of his rhythm he was very forgiving there now and it just took the wind out of his sails a little bit so just coming up to this now he was just getting tired of me jumps that nicely and I just let him gallop along here now without pushing him too hard and main object now is to get him get him around get him home clear and safe I know to the Wishing Well right hand side over nice flower bed nice big fence again and I’m gonna come down now to the corner in the water this fence caused me grief last year I had bad fall from here last year so um he jumped this really well as you can see out of the water now and on we go down home nice gallop all the way down home and you can see I just squeezed him up now to go home and his heart’s handsome just get it down lovely it’s really stretching on now down down down there and I must say even crowd got behind all horses every time to jump the fence well there’s a lot of clapping so I must say and the atmosphere this year on terror soil was very good so and it’s always nice to finish the track clear sometimes you can get the time other times we’re a little bit over but when you can finish them clear and say if it’s always a good day thank you very much here here a big thank you to tell us dogs and obviously in stock will build a nice track and then it’s always very nice when you do jump with clear so thank you very much tartar sauce you you

47 thoughts on “CCI*** Tattersalls 2012 Eventing

  1. I've always wanted to try this!! But I started to get into jumpers, and I LOVED the way you encouraged your horse! Very good boy :3

  2. The horse was graceful with every jump and the rider was quite magnificent he knew exactly what he was doing wow this is a amazing run

  3. Ohhh what a ripper pair! Great riding and a fab horse, so bold, barely even spared a glance for the scary ones! Amazing job.

  4. It's good! You don't find very many riders life him who encourage there horses like that. At my riding club were half the riders are only jumping like 70cm push there horses to hard then just jump off and hand there reins to there parents and friends and don't even give there horses any praise but he took the time to make sure the horse was alright over the jumps! Love this!

  5. I love how you encourage the horse and point out the mistakes of the rider instead of blaming the horse, it's a really nice thing to see.

  6. really good horse!! I'm going to go xc soon but how do you know where to go and what jumps to jump? do you get a map of the course before hand or go around the course before?

  7. I think that the camera view doesnt show what the rider feels riding a horse and the most important think ….. teh risk.Try to put your camera in the stirrup,This is one example done with Hero sesión 4.

  8. Wonderful partnership. Brave, honest horse and kind, skillful rider. The course looked challenging, but you negotiated it perfectly. Good to see such care for a young horse, I'd love to see what he's doing now

  9. "The more I encouraged him, the braver and better he got." So true!! I'm training a 7yo Morgan-X (in profile pic) that was a lawn ornament for most of his life before I bought him, and he's just blossoming with lots of practice and praise. Once he figures out he can do something, he just loves it. Great video!

  10. amazing job! never understood how horses could run that long without getting tired. i would be dead lol! good job!

  11. it's very nice to see a rider who gives his horse encouragement instead of beating him with a whip. you both did fantastic! you can tell that you two connect.

  12. Every time my horse nick jumps over a jump clear and clean I give him lots of pats but when I see other people riding any time their horse does a good job they do nothing they just get off end of lesson

  13. Love this! What a fantastic horse and rider! Plenty of encouragement, to which the horse reacted very well to! Well done both

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