47 thoughts on “CCI*** Tattersalls 2012 Eventing

  1. I've always wanted to try this!! But I started to get into jumpers, and I LOVED the way you encouraged your horse! Very good boy :3

  2. The horse was graceful with every jump and the rider was quite magnificent he knew exactly what he was doing wow this is a amazing run

  3. Ohhh what a ripper pair! Great riding and a fab horse, so bold, barely even spared a glance for the scary ones! Amazing job.

  4. It's good! You don't find very many riders life him who encourage there horses like that. At my riding club were half the riders are only jumping like 70cm push there horses to hard then just jump off and hand there reins to there parents and friends and don't even give there horses any praise but he took the time to make sure the horse was alright over the jumps! Love this!

  5. I love how you encourage the horse and point out the mistakes of the rider instead of blaming the horse, it's a really nice thing to see.

  6. really good horse!! I'm going to go xc soon but how do you know where to go and what jumps to jump? do you get a map of the course before hand or go around the course before?

  7. I think that the camera view doesnt show what the rider feels riding a horse and the most important think ….. teh risk.Try to put your camera in the stirrup,This is one example done with Hero sesión 4.

  8. Wonderful partnership. Brave, honest horse and kind, skillful rider. The course looked challenging, but you negotiated it perfectly. Good to see such care for a young horse, I'd love to see what he's doing now

  9. "The more I encouraged him, the braver and better he got." So true!! I'm training a 7yo Morgan-X (in profile pic) that was a lawn ornament for most of his life before I bought him, and he's just blossoming with lots of practice and praise. Once he figures out he can do something, he just loves it. Great video!

  10. amazing job! never understood how horses could run that long without getting tired. i would be dead lol! good job!

  11. it's very nice to see a rider who gives his horse encouragement instead of beating him with a whip. you both did fantastic! you can tell that you two connect.

  12. Every time my horse nick jumps over a jump clear and clean I give him lots of pats but when I see other people riding any time their horse does a good job they do nothing they just get off end of lesson

  13. Love this! What a fantastic horse and rider! Plenty of encouragement, to which the horse reacted very well to! Well done both

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