CGRundertow LET’S RIDE! BEST IN BREED 3D for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

CGRundertow LET’S RIDE! BEST IN BREED 3D for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

Because Nintenhorses hasn’t been made yet,
it’s Let’s Ride! Best In Breed 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. What a freaking title, and
what a freaking game! If you like foals. Hmph, looks like a pony to me. And actually, as dumb as it sounds, Nintenhorses
would probably be a much better name for this game. Not only is it immensely descriptive,
but let’s be honest, almost anything would be better than Let’s Ride! Best In Breed
3D. You have a horse, you wash it, you feed it…you pet it…aww, come on. Why the long
face? If you decide to pony up the dough and check
this game out, you should know it’s essentially a game based entirely on horsing around at
the stables. There’s not an outrageous amount of content here. It’s more along the lines
of a virtual pet for the horse lover who happens to have a Nintendo 3DS. I mean, it’s not
like you’re an equestrian superhero or anything. You’re just…feeding horses. I didn’t encounter a single boss battle,
which is unfortunate. I would’ve loved to take this freaking horse into battle, but
as it turns out, he’s more into…rolling around in the fields. Epona would be ashamed of you. So there are several areas you need to keep
an eye on. You have to keep your horse clean, hydrated, well-fed, exercised and generally
happy. You can play catch with toys, you play around in those aforementioned fields. And
you do it all with the touch screen and gyroscope of the 3DS. So the more stuff you do with
your horse, the higher its experience and the more stuff you can unlock. If you’re into pet simulators, you’ll
find plenty of things to keep you busy in this game. Obviously, if you thought Nintendogs
was boring, this is not a game for you. But for an animal lover, the cuteness of petting
a pony is more than enough to make Let’s Ride! Best In Breed 3D a game to keep in your

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  1. well i didnt know i thought people did it for fun its not that im telling the damn world im acoomplishing anything its just my first time saying it and when people call me names i get upset i was the first viewer but i wasnt proving a point to anything so now lets end this im shure all friggin vedeos have first in them sheesh

  2. I wanna play the let's ride! best in breed 3d dlc where the ponies use machine guns and fight insectoid aliens in space

  3. There is a big difference between a pony and a foal, a foal is a baby horse a pony is a full grown horse that isnt tall enough to be registered as a horse, just saying

  4. @debra arseneau
    I dont think u can… But you can on "Riding Stables 3D – Rivals In The Saddle" which is basically the same game but u have grown up versions of these horses. Hope this helps! 🙂

  5. I have played a lot horse games in my life. it is NORMAL that you can only choose female characters. I dont know why…but I think it is, because they can hold that space for more ingame stuff, because only some male kids play this game…….may be

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