Charles Owen AYR8 Helmet Review

Hi, I’m Jessica from Marketing, and today
I’m reviewing the Charles Owen AYR8 Helmet. I’ve been riding for about 25 years, so I
have owned a lot of helmets in my life, and hands down this is my favorite helmet of all
time. Not only does it look great, it is incredibly comfortable. Charles Owen makes a number of styles and
you really can’t go wrong with any Charles Owen helmet. The reason I chose the AYR8,
however, is based off the comfort and, in particular, the awesome air vent qualities
that the helmet has. Last summer, I spent a lot of time riding
with one particular friend, and every time we were done riding, her head would be so
much sweatier than mine, and it really proved to me how great the air venting in this helmet
is. I was cool all summer long. Besides looking cool, obviously, the most
important part of wearing a helmet is to remain safe, and all Charles Owen helmets meet ASTM/SEI
safety certification. About 6 months ago, I really put those safety
features to the test. I had a bad fall from my horse and I ended up with a broken arm,
but I also hit my head on the ground. Of course, at the ER, I had a head and neck CT, and I
was very relieved to find out that I didn’t have a head injury, and I absolutely know
it was because of the Charles Owen AYR8 Helmet. One of my other favorite features about the
AYR8 that goes to show just how thoughtful Charles Owen is about the little details is
that the lining is infused with silver, and silver is naturally anti-microbial. So, the
helmet has built-in technology to help keep it from getting quite so stinky and gross,
especially in the middle of the hot summer. However, they also make an incredible product
called the Charles Owen Helmet Cleaner. It’s essentially a foam shampoo. I use it about
once a month, especially during the warm months, and this product is incredible. I think everybody
who owns a helmet, also needs a bottle of Charles Owen Helmet Cleaner. I’m Jessica, and I’m living proof that the
Charles Owen AYR8 Helmet keeps you safe.

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