Charles Owen GR8 Helmet Product Review

Charles Owen GR8 Helmet Product Review

This is the GR8. The anchor of the Charles
Owen range, and probably the one, when you look through the magazines, that you’ll see
most often. It has the microsuede cover with the famous
Charles Owen badge on the front. It features a suede harness that laces up at the back,
and so, can pull the helmet and give you security. This one has the metal clip on the side. The
metal clip gives that real traditional feel, and just because it’s a little unique to Charles
Owen, it has a secondary snap. And to undo it, what you do is you lift the helmet, the
buckle away from the face and then rotate it forwards. You lift it away from the face
and rotate it forwards, and that’s the very, very simple way of removing it off the helmet.
But if you don’t lift away from your face, then the buckle will actually lock itself
onto the hook. Inside, we have the silver anti-microbial
lining, which actually has, keeps the helmet sweet smelling. And the triple-standard certification
inside gives us so many positive accident reports. You can have some real fun with the GR8 and
with the many color options that are available. Obviously, you’ve got the classic black on
black, but let’s have an explore of some of the other options you have. Starting off with
the black and the charcoal. With having a contrast stripe, it helps the helmet to look
a lot smaller on your head, and if you’re concerned about that, then contrast color
can be something that will interest you. And let’s have a look at something else. This is the Breast Cancer Awareness. A real
statement for a rider. It features the pink bow on the front and has the pink and black
combination with the embroidery embellishing that. With the purchase of this helmet, there
is a donation made by Charles Owen and SmartPak to a well-known cancer charity. So, when you’re thinking of all the amazing
color options you can have, check out the website at for all the different

13 thoughts on “Charles Owen GR8 Helmet Product Review

  1. @missmiamoo100 mine was about 330:00!…..i have the black and the charkal!…instead of the sollid black! 330:00 is out of ur price zone they have the JR8 witch its almost the same!. except theres a few differences.but it looks the same..its around 150!

  2. Alexander M – Hockessin – The GR8 has an antimicrobial liner to keep it smelling good and comes in contrasting color options that actually make the helmet appear smaller on the head.

  3. Allie Moore – Dallas Dover – This helmet has a micro suede cover, has a lace up in the back that offers security. This helmet has a triple standard certification.

  4. Dawn M – Plaistow Dover – CO GR8 helmet. micro suede cover, traditional metal buckle. Silver microbial lining for freshness. many color options.

  5. Lucy G-Charlottesville- The GR8 has the metal clip chin harness snap to give it the traditional look with the security needed.

  6. Angel M – Pittsburgh
    Metal clip on harness must be lifted and rotated away from face, which prevents accidental unlatching.

  7. Felicia V- Huntington. Micro suede cover. Lace up in the back allows for secure snug fit. Anti microbial lining. Many color options for this helmet.

  8. Meg H-Alpharetta-GR8-contrast colors like black with charcoal minimize the size of the helmet to the eye, for those who are sensitive about the hat making their head look big.

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