Charles Owen Hampton Helmet

Charles Owen Hampton Helmet

This is the Hampton
by Charles Owen. This helmet was developed at the
Hampton Classic on Long Island to really introduce
a low-profile style helmet to the show circuit. It features a deerskin
leather harness which adjusts at the
back with the lace to make sure that it is nice
and secure on your head. It features a
traditional metal buckle, which comes with a
secondary snap that makes sure the
helmet, the buckle does not come away
from the face. The buckle system is
designed to actually jam shut if you land on it during
a fall and stay closed. The Hampton features
three standards and three certifications to give
the ultimate in safety. It has the ASTM/SEI as required
by most jumping organizations. But it also has the
enhanced British and the European
standard combined with the Kitemark
and the CE mark.

3 thoughts on “Charles Owen Hampton Helmet

  1. Developed based on the Hampton Classic, a feature of this hat is the buckle system that locks shut when there is a fall.

  2. Can anyone please tell me if the tail ribbon is detatchable on any of the Charles Owen helmets? I like the low profile and the helmet is generally quite nice, except the ribbon is too formal for me.
    Otherwise, are there any suggestions as to other flattering helmets such as these? 😀

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