Charles Owen Pro Racing II Helmet Review

Charles Owen Pro Racing II Helmet Review

This is the Pro II from Charles Owen. This
is the latest of the cross country eventing helmets, and it features a number of novel
features. This first one that you will obviously notice is the silver coating on the outside.
This adds thermo-regulation to the helmet. It reflects the heat even through the black
cover. So, a lot of people question how you can reflect the heat through a black cover.
The helmet comes with a unique cover from Charles Owen which doesn’t cover up any of
the eight ventilation holes in the helmet. You can special order different colors if
you want to have something that is unique to you. The colors on the outside of the helmet
can vary between the silver or the more classic black, obviously black doesn’t have the thermo-regulation
built in. Or, if you want to blend a little closer to your hair color, you’ve got the
gold, or if you want to be really trendy you can go for the hot pink. The style of the, one of the questions we
often have is the fact that the silk doesn’t come quite close to the bottom edge, this
is the European style of wearing the silk and helps to give that flash of color just
above the eyes. Inside, we again have the Grpx™ technology built onto the helmet.
Now this uses suction cups which grip the base of the skull and that gives real stability.
There’s lots of people who have problems with helmets rolling backwards and forwards and
the Grpx™ technology really overcomes that and deals with many-many head shapes. Great-great
feature for people with difficult fitting heads. The size of the helmet is a little
more generous, a little bit more deep fitting, so again if you want to have a helmet that
comes down on your head, the Pro II is the answer for you.

4 thoughts on “Charles Owen Pro Racing II Helmet Review

  1. Angel M – Pittsburgh
    Lacing at back of helmet offers stability and minimizes helmet tipping forward.

  2. Julie K.- Cincinnati- The Pro II offers the thermo regulation reflective paint on the shell of the helmet in gold, silver, hot pink, and can be customized to the customer's specifications.

  3. Kristen M.- Pittsburgh

    Comes with cover that does not cover up air vents.Can even get it in hot pink!

  4. Danielle F- Plaistow- The thermal  regulation is a very neat feature and the lacing at the back of the helmet limits the helmet to tip forward which is a common problem solution.

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