Charles Owen Wellington Pro Helmet Product Review

This is the Wellington Professional by Charles
Owen. This helmet is a development of the GR8, for people who have that slightly taller
head and find the GR8 just doesn’t come down and feel secure on the Helmet. It features this leather roll at the back
of the helmet, which really cups into the nape of the neck. That cupping can be adjusted
by the lace that pulls it well into the back and stops any of the tipping forward of the
helmet. It comes complete with a very easy plastic clip and features the silver antimicrobial
lining to keep the helmet hygienic. One of the other features of the Wellington
Pro is the fact that it has a slightly broader visor, and for people who are annoyed by the
sun coming into the corner of their eye, this actually gives much, much greater shielding
on the head and can help to provide a slightly smaller profile on the head with that wider

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