Chassé Croisé FOOTWORK Tutorial – Freestyle Ice Skating TUTORIAL 1

Hello everybody, it’s me Ice Freestyler Kévin from Le Mans (France) on the lake here in Falun, Sweden. Look at this! A place for everyone! Today we’ll do a tutorial video! A tutorial video about what? About the ‘Chassé Croisé’ footwork move. What is the ‘Chassé Croisé’ footwork move? It’s a step forwards, a step backwards and lifting a foot. Alright, let us start! Alright, what are the steps to learn the ‘Chassé Croisé’ footwork move? The first step is to take one leg before the other one. I’ll take my right foot in this video. So I take my right foot in front of the other one and push my left leg so it follows behind my right leg. That’s the first step. I take my right leg in front and push it upwards. That’s the first step. Then comes the second step. The right leg that I’ve just pushed upwards will now go backwards. And then goes back forwards (to the right side). That’s the second step. After that comes the third step, the push to the other side. That wil be the other leg (left leg) which I push forwards. This is what it looks like all together. Step one, step with right leg forwards and push it up. Step two, go backwards on it. Step three, push right foot upwards. Alright, the movement fluently done. First step, right leg crosses left leg forwards. Push right foot upwards. Then go backwards. Then go to the other side on your right foot. Bring left foot down, push right foot upwards and pause. Then I do it over again. I push, I go backwards, and push again. So, you now know how to do the ‘Chassé Croisé’ footwork move! We meet again in the next video for a new tutorial! See you next time!

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