Chemical Free Horse Arena Transformation by Ventrac -Goodbye Weeds!

Chemical Free Horse Arena Transformation by Ventrac -Goodbye Weeds!

My name is Renae Beegle and my husband I
have a small horse farm with acreage of five acres and we have horses, an arena,
and a barn, and we maintain that property. Takes-takes quite a bit of work but yeah
that’s what that’s what we’ve got. Every year our arena- our arenas are sand, and every
year the weeds just get out of control. I mean it just have gotten worse and worse
every year. The arena was just a bunch of dried weeds. You couldn’t really see the
sand, it was compacted. It was so covered that you just couldn’t even tell there
were sand there. It just looked like a dried, you know, barren desert. We don’t
like to use chemicals, we don’t like to spray anything where the animals are
gonna be, where they’re going to eat. They will eat the grass in the arena and we
don’t want to spray anything. So we just have these out of control weeds in this
arena and we didn’t want to… you know, it wasn’t cost-effective to put new sand
down so we needed those weeds pulled up and gotten rid of and it just- it was too
big of a project by hand. There was no way. So we had a Ventrac
tractor come in with a power rake on the front and just completely transformed
this arena. We have a driveway to the side of the barn and in the front of the
barn and it’s gravel and we had a lot of weeds growing in there and there again
we don’t wanna use the chemicals. And it would have taken a lot of
chemicals to get rid of those weeds on a constant basis. So we ran the power rake
across the gravel and just in a few swipes down through that gravel it
looked like we had laid a fresh path of gravel. If we had not used the power rake
I really don’t know what we could have done other than going out there and hand
picking the weeds out [laughs] which we started to do in the spring and it got so out of
control that I thought, “I can’t- I can’t keep picking the weeds out of this.” With-
with a Ventrac tractor there were four different attachments that we had used.
We had the leafblower and used that to blow any extra debris off the arena first
and then it took the power rake and you got rid of the weeds, took that all over
the arena and churned up those weeds and then the terra-rake took that across
the sand and that just sifted out all the dead weeds that were pulled up by
the power rake and then the slip scoop. We had put a lot of the dead weeds off
to the side with the terra-rake and then we came by with a slip scoop and just
removed those put them out of the arena and we had a nice fresh base. I would
highly recommend the Ventrac, especially for the small farmer I mean if they’ve
got a small property with a small barn they can definitely definitely use
Ventrac. I think mostly the compact size of the tractor. You’ve got the power
there and all the attachments that you could ever want, but you-you’ve got that
compact size that you can get around, through gates in and out the barn, it’s
so easy to run, it’s so comfortable to run that you just you just want to use
it for everything. It was amazing what it did in such a short period of time.

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  1. This got this many views because eeping down weeds on horse farms without toxic chemicals is vital. Horses can not vomit and are really sensitive to toxins. A top quality sport horse aged 5 is worth about $75,000 so if you own several you have a lot invested. This information is really valuable to those of us that have quality horses!

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