Chinese Figure Skating Team with Brian Orser w/Eng Subs 20190508

Chinese  Figure Skating Team with Brian Orser w/Eng Subs 20190508

2019 April. 22nd. Shougang National Winter Sports Training Center We have been friends with Brain Orser for many years After the Pyeongchang Olympics last year, We officially work with him. In the Worlds (2018), We talked about the things that the Chinese figure skating team need help in, Brian Orser has been coaching for many world class figure skaters in his career. Hanyu is one of them. And Cha Jun-hwan, And many female single skaters, including Medvedeva from Russia, who joined his team last year. Brian Orser is well known worldwide, and he has great impact on the figure skating around the world. He is not only a coach, his working style also made an influence in many directions of the figure skating fields. As coaches oursevles, we also pay attention to other great coaches worldwide, There are many things we can learn from him when working with him. 2019 April 22-26, Brain and Tracy’s first skating seminar. Sui Wenjing : Both of them working together teach us many basic and simple techniques, and very helpful. But they also mentioned that you need to practice these skills day by day , every day . Think about it and do it every day. And incorporate these skills towards your skating and jumping. He is like giving you a key , to open the doors to the world. But you have to think how to keep going forward. I think they are great coaches, who give us the key and let us know where we need to move forward to. Han Cong:We learn something we don’t know about our jumps from Brian’s training. It’s a non stop learning process from those world class skaters during our career. Peng Cheng: It’s our first time working and training with Orser. His training style is very flexible. He has many techniques and ideas for each training session. He also tells us how to adjust oursevles when we are not in our best condition, Don’t make the same mistakes again and again. Jin Yang: Orser is a very experienced coach, And he is incredible, Many of his students are top class skaters. We can learn from him in so many ways, I was thinking it would be amazing if I could learn something from him It’s like my dream come true now. There will be six training seminars from the Orser team this year, to help the chinese team better prepare for the 2022 Olympics. The next seminar will be held from May 20 -24.

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  1. Brian Orser 名氣很大,頂頂大名花滑國際名師,非常非常貴,羽生結弦是他最得意的學生(兩屆冬奧冠軍),金姸兒也是(一屆冬奧冠軍,一屆冬奧銀牌),不過後來兩人鬧翻了。這個教練是美加俱樂部體系的,跟中國俄羅斯的國家訓練體系真的不太一樣,斯拉夫人種的Rafael Arutyunian (陳巍教練),這人我比較欣賞。

  2. 梅娃其實是紥根於俄羅斯訓練系統的,她在平昌冬奧飲恨摘銀後投靠BrianOrser,很大原因是想成為跟羽生結弦一樣的國際型明星選手,只好花大錢遠渡重洋到加拿大的俱樂部冰場。看看Brian那些學生,只能說他這人很擅長打磨選手個人魅力,打造明星,但是在一個選手的真正技術實力的挑戰極限上,沒那麼重視,可是花滑基本上還是一項運動,是優美的運動,但還是運動,所以我永遠支持不懼挑戰極限的花滑運動員。

  3. BrianOrser這人看面相… 就整個"貴"氣十族啊~紅光滿面,喜迎財神,學生無國界,很可以。

  4. I really love Brian's method of teaching! As a figure skater myself, he really motivative me to skate better! It is my dream to be his student someday!

  5. I can't comment on anything but as far as I know Brian is good at 1) bringing the best of his students; 2) being a true friend with them; 3) making his students feel easy to be with other fellow skaters – to compete fiercely at the arena WHILE being friends backstage. More importantly, he is able to coach athletes REPRESENTING different countries. It is unimaginable before it really works out for YUZU and JAVIER. When I first watched their competitions back in 2017, I can't believe my eyes that they are under the same coach.

  6. ああオーサー中国に行ってたんだ。そういえば去年?だったっけ、中国とアドバイス?契約したの。コーチでなくアドバイスという中途半端な形だなと思ったけど超多忙だし仕方ないか。でもクリケットと同じ基礎を教えてるんだね。これは数年後活きてくるだろうし、中国が本気でメダルを狙ってるってことだね。う〜英語字幕でもいいからお願いします!English sub please!

  7. I am shook that there is room for Sui and Han’s skating skills to grow!!!!!! In all seriousness anyone just needs to see how Evgenia’s basic skating skills have improved from 2018-2019. Her crossovers are bigger and smoother and she no longer hunches her shoulders over as much. Brian as a coach is not for everyone but I think the basic techniques he and Tracy teaches are important building blocks for any skater

  8. I love this! It's like ballet class at the royal ballet – even the principals drill the basics daily with everyone else.

  9. Why do they forget that he qas also YUNA KIM'S COACH. She is one of the most if not THE BEST female figure skater in history 🙄.

  10. I think one of the top Chinese pair team should be trained at Cricket Club with Orser in Toronto permanently, NOT seminar, but having Orser as the head coach for a Chinese pair team. This will help Chinese pair skating status on an international stage.

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