Chipchella | Robot Chicken | adult swim

Chipchella | Robot Chicken | adult swim

Boys, have I got
news for — Alvin!
Put some clothes on! Technically, Dave,
fur is our clothes. And it’s not a shirt.
It’s a [bleep] nightgown! Oh, shut up, boys! I just booked you
for this year’s Coachella. [ All cheering ] Are we on the main stage? Uh, no. Ooh, the Gobi Tent? -Eh, no.
-Mojave Tent? No, boys. The “butthole packed
with sand” tent? Alvin!
That’s not a real tent! [ Laughter ] ♪♪ [ Insects buzzing,
bird cries ] Guess the joke’s on me. This is an outrage! I’m going to complain
to the promoter right now! Okay, I’m off
on poon patrol. “10-4, good buddy.
I got an APB on poon, preferably
a trust-fund baby with an appropriated
Native American headdress, over”. Krrrk! No, damn it! The band’s supposed
to be onstage right now! Gorillaz — with a “Z”! Wait. Then who’s
onstage right now? Gorillas, with an “S”! [ Gorillas grunting ] [ People cheering ] And their rider
was bananas! Well, they are gorillas. [ Laughs ] Stick with my “B” story
for more laughs just like that one. Oh, chipmunks. Wow, I can’t believe I’m
making out with Selena Gomez! Wow, I can’t believe
I’m making out with Alvin! I’m not Alvin. You know I’m not Selena Gomez,
the singer, right? I might have racial
face blindness. I always feel
so creatively stifled. Do you have any advice on how to
be “the cute one” in the band? Buddy, I’ve got
bad news for you. You’re the biggest
Ringo I’ve ever seen! Paul is supposed to be dead!
Again! [ Groaning ] Excuse me, have you seen
three giant chipmunks wearing nightgowns…
“Thom”? It’s pronounced “Tom”. -“Yorkie”.
-Yorke. Listen,
are you okay, man? Either I’m on LSD, or those Dippin’ Dots
were seriously expired. Two things can be true
at once. ♪♪ This sucks!
Nobody’s paying attention! Don’t worry, fellas.
I have an ace up my sleeve! Holograms are so in
right now. Ladies and gentlemen,
presenting the newest member of “The Chipmunks”,
here’s Beat-munk! Yeah, Beat-munk,
here to bop, bop, bop! [ People cheering ] Bop that! Bop that! [ Indistinct chatter ] Yeah! Boys, you might have
played the smallest tent, but you’re social media
is blowing up! You’re a hit! And Beat-munk even got signed to —
T-Tidal? [ Paper thuds ] And most importantly, I tore through a metric ton
of freaky music festival trim. [ Sighs ] Alvin, I’m afraid
I have some bad news. You have gonorrhea of the ear,
nose, and throat. Alvin! Ugh, you know what? This festival has taught me
a great lesson about loosening up. From now on, just call me
“Good Time Dave.” Okay, “Good Time Dave”, gonorrhea is fatal
in chipmunks. Too bad it wasn’t fatal
in “Monkees”. [ Clicks tongue ]
Ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-kow! [ Chuckles ]
Do you get it? They were a rival band
of ours. ♪ Ba-bawk bawk bawk

100 thoughts on “Chipchella | Robot Chicken | adult swim


    "PAUL WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD" that's lie😂
    I like the look they made Sir Paul McCartney 🤣

  2. that hippies trash love hip hop shit that shit of course hip hop is trash just like hippies it's make sense hip hop is dead for ever Alvin is worst rock musician all he good at is bad taste of music that is hip hop shit oh yeah fuck robot chicken

  3. Gorillaz is my favourite band. I LOVE this! There is also many other musicians I love in this.🥰

  4. I never realized that the promoter on the phone complaining about the Gorillas is Justin Roiland from Rick and Morty

  5. Melvin – I mean Alvin and the chipmunks and their newest member beat punk
    Lmao 😆

  6. I saw Gorillas back at Coachella in 2012, they were better when Coconut wrote for them. Banana's alright, but it's just not the same.

  7. I love how in the cartoon movies and live action films, they’re like 5 inches tall. But in this little sketchy they’re like half the size of Dave.

  8. 0:38 Liberals can't resist injecting their SJW garbage into EVERYTHING!

    and they wonder why people are being driven further to the right…

  9. The bad character designs don't help this sketch. Early robot chicken was "oh wow its an actual heman figure saying funny ass shit!"…..these chipmunks just look awkward with their human length arms and human hands…the dude who calls Theodore a "ringo"…. looked like a generic nobody…his final line in the sketch implies hes a beatle? Bad pace to it all as well. The magic is gone.

  10. I don’t know if you can call the monkeys a rival band. I mean you can, but not great comparison considering they weren’t in the fing ballpark in popularity, were actors playing musicians in a TV band, and hadn’t the staying power. Love Robot C!

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