Choti Ki Car |Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES | As seen on Nick

Big brother today is Chotu’s birthday. Make such a nice car for him in which Chotu can sit and drive on his own. Dr. Jhatka, be sure to keep the safety part in mind. You are lucky my friend, I have made a car just few days ago for small kids. I will bring it right now. Take this car, I had made it for a person of small size. He did not come only but this is perfect for Chotu. Understand its function properly, this is the switch of horn. And the most important ones these are the different switches for minimum and maximum speed. Tell Chotu for him the minimum speed switch is perfect do not press the maximum speed switch. We understood everything big brother, in this car not only Chotu but Motu can also sit. Minimum speed is for Chotu but for me maximum speed will be normal. Motu swear on my patients let the car stop once, I will not leave you. Why did you press the maximum speed switch? First you had to press the minimum speed switch and then maximum. Why do you always do the things which you are not told to do? Sorry big brother. Thank you big brother, now I will surely remember that I have to press the maximum speed switch later. Happy Birthday Chotu. This is your gift. Thank you Motu uncle. Motu uncle, this car is for me? Yes Chotu, this is your birthday gift, come sit I will teach you how to drive. Chotu, this is the switch of horn, this one is of minimum speed and this one is for maximum speed, got it? I understood Motu uncle, this one is for minimum speed and this one is for maximum speed. Uncle save! By mistake the maximum speed switch got pressed by me. Chotu don’t you worry, we are coming. Catch! This is all the work of Motu and Patlu. Catch us later big brother, Patlu I will go from there and you go from here. Motu what are you doing? Patlu, when Chotu’s car will pass from here. At that moment I will catch him and pull him out of the car. Chotu look here, throw your hand up. Hey after quiet a long time I got to hang this way, this reminds me of my childhood days. Really? Come down! Do you remember when we were kids we used to fantasize whether we could also fly like birds? Yes Boxer brother I also used to dream about flying. I don’t know about my dreams, but I will fulfill our childhood days dreams now. Boxer brother! I had never dreamt of flying this way. Hey once you come down, I will take all the car repair money from you. Uncle!! Patlu uncle my car. Chotu I promise you we will get back your birthday gift but where is this Motu? Patlu, I am here! Thank you for telling us, look there the car is moving towards the police station. We will have to quickly inform Chingam Sir. What harm can Chotu’s small car do to me? Why fear when Chingam is here? This is Chotu’s car or Motu’s car? Motu Patlu where are you both? Come here quickly, I will not leave you. Someone call an ambulance, hey car stop please, stop in the name of law. Swear you in the name of Mother India, stop please. Oh my god! Motu-Patlu, for once you both get in my hands, you will forget yourself. Chingam Sir, have you seen Motu-Patlu? No, I haven’t seen them but I am also on their look-out, let us both go and search for them. Run Motu, today this car has not only made us run after it but also made the entire Furfuri town run after us. Look there the car is driving parallel to the railway track. Somebody listen, please help, the trains’ brake has failed. Somebody go fast ahead to the checkpoint and tell them to change the track with the lever. Or else it will dash against the oncoming train from the opposite track. It will be a while before the brakes are rectified. Big brother we ourselves are in great trouble, how can we be of any help to you while walking from here? Don’t you say that, I am unable to contact anybody from here, thousands of lives are at stake. We will do something, Patlu think of something my brain does not work on an empty stomach. Idea! Motu now we can do something only by sitting in the car. But how will we reach to the car? Idea, listen. Boxer you think you are a very strong man, you keep on hitting us whenever you want. If you have the strength face me now, I will hit you one punch and all your teeth will fall off. What? You will break my teeth? Yes he will. Thank you Boxer brother. Motu, pull the lever this side. No Patlu, pull it this side. Pull the lever!! Motu pull the lever this side it’s mentioned in the board. Motu we have done it. We are sorry to everyone, all of you had to face lot of loss because of us. Hey both of you have saved the lives of all the people on the train. In front of that our loss is nothing. Yes Motu-Patlu, both of you are the real heroes of Furfuri town. Motu-Patlu! Uncle my car. Chotu I remember my promise, we will buy for you a brand new car but not from Dr. Jhatka. We will purchase a car from the market which is nice and safe for you.

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