CHP VLOG Ep. 1 – Mounted Patrol Unit

CHP VLOG Ep. 1 – Mounted Patrol Unit

Hey, I’m Officer Ronie Esquivel. Thank
you very much for tuning into our vlog. Today, we’re gonna hang out with the
Mounted Patrol Unit that’s located at our Capitol, but first we need to prep
the horses. So let’s go see if they need some help.
Let’s go. Sergeant DiMaggio?
– oh good morning, how are you? Good, how are you?
– Great
Ronie Esquivel. Good morning. Ronie Esquivel.
– Brennan Moore We are just about to get started on our morning chores and get our horses ready and give them their mash. Awesome, this feels good. In the
morning and afternoon, this is our uniform because it’s easy to wash. If you don’t like
to get dirty it’s definitely not the job for you. What’s your favorite part about
working at MPU? It’s that relationship with the animal. Without a doubt. I worked 18 years in a patrol car out in the field and there’s nothing like getting
on the back of a horse at the Capitol. Just the reaction from the public that
you get. Just the awe. People remind me every day how cool my job is. So for someone like me who’s wearing a cowboy hat for the very first time…let’s say suddenly I
strike an interest and I want to get on the Mounted Patrol Unit. I don’t have any
personal experience, I’ve never been on a horse, I’ve never been around horses…
Is this attainable? It’s actually preferred because you don’t have any bad habits yet. It’s a lot harder for me to train somebody out of their bad habits then it is just to start fresh. I would ask that you take some basic lessons just so
that you are familiar with the horse you can groom them,
so that you’re safe around the horse. And then the rest I like to do. I prefer to
train you from the ground up. Awesome, so there’s hope! Yeah, there’s definitely hope.
– Horses are ready to eat. Sam, there you go, say “hi”.
That’s Sampson. So he’s a solid horse. We can put anybody on him and that’s the horse we’re gonna surprise you with so you get to hop on him before we head out.
– There’s a surprise coming (laughter) This is so cool.
Oh, stop. Whoa. Stay. Before they go through all the trouble of grooming the horse, saddling the horse, they need to make sure the horse is fit for duty.
– Just like our pre-patrol check. Exactly, that’s a perfect analogy.
It’s a pre-horse patrol check. I have them trot out, so we’re watching the back end of
that horse to see if they’re even and then when he turns around, very
controlled, he’ll come back towards us and I’ll be watching the front end
make sure everything’s sound and healthy there. Pretty amazing for your first
time. And since he’s yours today…it’s your job.
– I gotta pick it up, alright. One of the things that is important is
we check their feet. Check inside where the shoe is because it’ll get
compacted with poop and dirt and sometimes rocks and gravel
and that’ll make them lame. This just helps us brush it out and gives it a little shine. And it’s just a’re just brushing that last bit of dust off so we can throw the saddle on. So remember that little surprise we talked
about earlier? Well, here it is. I’m actually gonna get up on a horse.
Again, I have never ever ridden a horse in my life. This is the first time I’ve actually been
around horses, so this is all brand new to me. Wish me luck. Alright.
– Grab that mane. Here?
– Yup. Good job. This is something we do in training to
help teach the riders balance.
– Okay And how important that is
– I thought the horse was gonna go around the world but we have to go around the world. This is a competition.
One, two, three! Wow look at that! Alright, that was awesome! Boy, there’s no embarrassing you.
You’re definitely athletic, without a doubt. That’s probably the most graceful first
time around the world I’ve ever seen. There you go, clear that foot.
Now drop. No, my giraffe.
He’s a trained giraffe horse. We’re all done here.
I’m gonna change out and we’re gonna head to the Capitol and finish off the
rest of our day, so let’s go! Alright! We made it to the Capitol. Changed into my uniform. All the horses look pristine. All the officers are in there in their
uniforms. And so now you can get a real good perspective of how massive these
horses are. They’re massive because the CHP only uses one type of horse,
– That’s correct And what type of horse does the CHP use?
– Exclusively we use draft horses. Why did the Department use draft?
– Their very nature is very docile,
very relaxed. They’re not easily spooked or scared. And then their large size
is great, for you know, peacefully being able to move large crowds, or for any
type of civil disturbance. At the Capitol we get thousands of school groups every day
and today is no exception. They’re very quiet, they allow the kids to come
up. They get an opportunity to pet them and ask questions. – Tell me a little bit about the
daily duties. We saw what we did in the beginning of your shift and now that
we’re here at the Capitol, obviously things are a lot different.
– You know, what we do here at the Capitol is a little different than anywhere else and we have
a lot of city police department type duties. We’re in charge of protecting the State Capitol and all of
its assets as well as the other state buildings in downtown Sacramento.
First thing that we do when we get them off the trailer, is do a trip around the
Capitol Park and make sure everything is as it should be. Once we’ve patrolled
the park a couple times, then we’ll go check other state buildings nearby.
Much of what you would do in a patrol car but the horses are able to get into areas
downtown that you can’t with a patrol car. – We’re gonna let them get on with
their beat. I got one last question. Do you think I got what it takes?
– Oh absolutely! You’re a natural! You’re a natural!
– Hear that? Cool. Awesome. Thank you so much! I had a pleasure. Again, this was a first-time experience
for me and I cannot thank you enough. So remember, please like, subscribe, comment below, and we’ll see you at our next Vlog. Have a good one!

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  1. This was great my man keep up the good work please post videos every week let people know what Chp do thank from Fresno pd Explorer

  2. Truly amazing, this really is the best job in the world. I've wanted to be a member of the mounted unit but just never could push myself to be one. It still disappoints me to this day.

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