My name is Stuart McKenzie and
I’m an aero straps artist for the show Mystère in Las Vegas. Hello, my name is Alissa, I’m 24 years old from Montreal,
Canada and I’m an ex-figure skater. The concept of the workshop is
bringing figure skating with straps and seeing how it can work together. Your challenge is to bring the
two disciplines together, what one discipline
can add to another. We still need to keep the
strengths of each and, at the same time, find a
common point between the two. Stuart, and the aerial ensemble, has a
quality of movement that is his own. And Alissa, as a figure skater,
has her own quality of movement. And it’s to see how we
can break this movement, his movement and hers,
to create lines together that can be harmonious
and different. I think that it’s interesting
when you have an idea that you kind of know you’re
this close to making it work. How long do you spend on this idea before you give up on it or
tweak it into another direction and so it’s a very organic process. Usually when a figure
skater does pirouettes, she uses her arms for her
velocity and her position, if she goes in the air,
she must do it with her legs. Well, I love the fact that there
are so many talented people here. You step back and there’s other
talent that comes in and that there’s all this
you know mesh of ideas and instincts and
talented creative minds, its really organic and wonderful. The connection we can have with
two completely extreme sports, we showed that we have something, a potential
that can truly create a beautiful image. She’s used to doing these images a foot off
the floor now we’re 15-20 foot in the air. You know so it’s more finding
that safety, how I can hold her and safely take her up, but
keeping the same vocabulary, keeping the same
artistry in the air. She pushed more in the
cable for sequences creating admiration
between the two worlds. Finding the world a
vocabulary that can join them and bring us to another world, and that it’s different from two
guys skating or two girls on straps. And me, I want to continue, I think we need to continue to
have more workshops like this to find more common
ties and vocabulary.

14 thoughts on “#Cirqueshop | OFF – ICE SKATING & AERIAL STRAPS

  1. This has been done often in figure skating shows for quite some time. Cirque du Soleil: you guys are much more talented and unique than this. At least do something fantastic, such as ice skating inside a cylinder with a rope in the middle as shown in the video, and have the skater skate along the walls of the cylinder from centrifugal force. I don't know. Be imaginative. This is with all due respect, jaded.

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