Climbing Mt St Helens: Hiking up to the crater rim

Climbing Mt St Helens: Hiking up to the crater rim

Northwest Sisu Outdoors presents Climbing Mt St Helens The hike up to the crater rim The trail-head is located at the Climbers Bivouac parking lot at an elevation of about 3800′ The trail goes about 2 miles through the forest, to the timber line Once out of the woods, there is another 3 mile hike up the volcano Total round trip hike is 10 miles and takes anywhere between 5 and 12 hours depending on the physical fitness level of the hiker You DO have to be in good shape, or you won’t make it! Ok, let’s hit the trail! Elevation 3900′ Bring at least 3 liters (3/4 gallon) of water More, if it is a warmer day. Elevation 4800′ Bring some snack for the trail, and lunch Dress in layers, it will be sweaty on the steep slopes Once you reach the top, it will be cold and windy! Elevation 5800′ The hike can be done in hiking/walking shoes But it is strongly recommended to wear a good pair of hiking BOOTS Elevation 6300′ If you get blisters on your feet, your hike is ruined Elevation 6800′ Here is the volcano monitor station earthquake sensors and stuff Elevation 6900′ Some people prefer hiking on the snow I think hiking on the rocks is more fun Wear sunscreen, you will get sun-burned Elevation 7000′ Elevation 7100′ Once you get past the boulders, the ground gets sandier and softer and the slope steeper, and you are worn out already… Elevation 7400′ so now the real “fun” begins 🙂 Elevation 7500′ but you are too far to bother turn around at this point Elevation 7800′ stop for a second, to regain your strenght, enjoy the views Elevation 7950′ then try muster a few more steps Elevation 8000′ Elevation 8300′ Finally! The Summit! No stopping here anymore! Oh, the views! Oh, the great feeling of accomplishment! Made it to the Volcano Summit! It’s all downhill from here now! Still steaming n smoking After all, it’s still an active volcano Thanks for watching! Music: “Fairytale Waltz” and “The Path Of The Goblin King v2” with permission by Kevin MacLeod

23 thoughts on “Climbing Mt St Helens: Hiking up to the crater rim

  1. Thanks for the video guys, Def lets me know what Im in store for! Hopefully Ill be ready for it by summer time! Stay true,

  2. the worse part is before the summit by the sandy area. You take one step up and two down, walking in that area is strenuous., more so than on the boulders.

  3. I think it probably took me an hour or so to get up that last half mile through the sand/pumice to get to the top. That was the hardest part. It was fun sliding in it on the way back down though.

  4. Looks like the pumice at the top was still pretty wet and solid from the snow melt for these folks. I went in August and I'd take a step maybe 12 inches ahead and my foot would sink 6 inches back, every time.

  5. Very nice video. We climbed Mt. St. Helens at the end of June, 2013. We climbed via the winter route, stared at Marble Mountain trailhead. Btw, if you don't want to camp at the trailhead, there is a very nice place called Lone Fir Resort (you would have to register/get your permit there anyways). Very reasonable RV spots, cabins, room. Very nice restaurant with great homemade pizza!

  6. Thanks for this video, it was very informative and well made. What time of the year did you climb Mt. St. Helens?

  7. That last half mile was the hardest hiking I've ever done in my life.  Up to Mannlichen near the Eiger was a cakewalk by comparison.

  8. I'd like to do this sometime when it's NOT snowy, but I'm a complete novice at this point. Are there groups that are ok with and patient enough for a beginner to tag along? 🙂

  9. I'm in Portland late April this year. How is the climb around that time of year? Will good fitness and no mountaineering experience be enough to summit?

  10. I went up to the crater rim with a group of ten the day before the full solar eclipse last summer. Quite an experience. I didn't train enough. Had terrible cramps half way up.

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