Clothes Cleaning & Repair : How to Cover Bleach Stains on Clothes

Clothes Cleaning & Repair : How to Cover Bleach Stains on Clothes

I’m at Deluxe a local resale clothing store
where we also have local designers fashions and where we also do redesign and alterations.
And right now I’m going to show you how to cover some bleach spots with permanent markers.
So black is usually the easiest on black. I know there’s many different shades of black
so what you want to do is put less on rather than more. And I’m just going to show you,
say this is a meandering, from the design, bleach spot, so what I’m going to do is put
it on my finger and just barely touch the surface with my black marker. And then if
it blends in at first that’s fine. Just don’t put too much on because then it would make
the spot darker. So I’m using kind of the edge of that marker. And I’ve got it where
I want it. That is, it’s a little darker so let me go for this other one down here where
we’re just going to barely, barely cover. I’m using the edges of my marker to kind of
blend it in by layers so I can get it just where I want it. And I think I’m going to
leave that one like that. It’s a little lighter but it blends in very nicely. Now this other
one. Permanent markers come in different colors now too, so this is an experimental one. I
bleached this spot out of this green piece of fabric and obviously you can’t get all
different colors of green markers so this totally experimental. It may or may not work.
So this is new for me, too, but what I’m going to try to do is use the long edge of this
rather than the tip. And I’m going to try to feather this a little bit. You want less
rather than more. And you just start out real lightly. Just barely touching it and feathering
it kind of out from the bleach spot. You can do it in both directions to kind of get it
to go blend in to the color that’s already there. I’m not going to do this real dark
because it’ll have a totally different color green but I just wanted to blend that white
part in a little bit. And you can just feather it in as much or as little as you want. And,
again, there’s all different colors of permanent markers for all different fabrics. What it’ll
do is take out that white blaring spot. So even if you don’t get it totally blended to
the exact color you’re taking out the glaring white of the bleach spot. And I think I’m
just going to leave it right there to show you kind of how to blend in so it’s a little
more disguised. Because it is experimental. And that’s how we take care of fixing bleach
spots in fabrics.

63 thoughts on “Clothes Cleaning & Repair : How to Cover Bleach Stains on Clothes

  1. All these comments made me realize that the hero who invents something to take off bleach permanently from clothes will be our true hero.

  2. I have a Kpop group jersey jacket and I just got my hair bleached yesterday.. I accidentally got it stained and now my jacket has grey spots ;; idk if this will fix it :’(

  3. I actually got slime on my shorts and my friend put bleach on it not know what color it will stain and its was white and pink and the bleach was blue it was my fav shorts 😭😭😭

  4. It doesn't work. I used to do this all the time, the bleach just eats away at the fabric and you eventually get a hole and the marker makes it a a darlcspot then fades out and makes a hole.

  5. Bleach got on my Coachella sweat jacket, I was pretty upset, but this method works! I probably will hand wash it if necessary in the future, but I used permanent marker, so maybe it won't run. Won't matter if it does, it won't hurt if I carefully hand wash. I'll just re-marker if it comes off.

  6. I got bleach on my boyfriend’s sweatpants. I didn’t know the shit I was using was bleach 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. I’m in big fat trouble cause this shit $90 💔

  7. Bleach ruined one of my favorite T-shirts the other and I was mad, I had that shirt for a couple of years.

  8. I was going to wash my white covers and then i put bleach and it splashed and went on my brothers clothes and he owns a lot of black and it splashed on it and made a stain i i told my mom and she told my brother and now my brother i sooo mad at me i need helppp

  9. Sharpies are Alcohol Ink, same to use for stain glass. It comes in even more colors to match and after it sets, it will no longer wash out. It may take several application to match a particularly dark or vivid color

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