Coast Guard Jobs: Rescue Swimmers, the Aviation Survival Technician (AST)

My name is Petty Officer Matthew O’Dell. I’m an aviation survival technician in
the United States Coast Guard. When people think of the Coast Guard, they imagine a rescue swimmer jumping out of a helicopter to save a life. But there is much more to being an AST.
We are responsible for maintaining an incredible amount of gear. From packing
parachutes to emergency flotation systems, even pyrotechnics. It’s job that
takes focus, dedication, and humility. (150 yards over under, set, go). ASTs train constantly right from day one and not everyone makes the cut. I remember some of those early days in
the pool. Some of the toughest of my life. It was humbling. Now as an instructor, I train future ASTs to be the best they can be. Preparing them so others may live. To find out
if you’re qualified visit,

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