Cold Trail | Using Mules for Raccoon Hunting In the Ozarks

Cold Trail | Using Mules for Raccoon Hunting In the Ozarks

– The collars… (guitar music) (dogs barking) Jedi, ready to go, ready to go. (dogs barking) – You remember that one
time, me and you and Josh Bardger and all the kids
we got a campfire down here, the dogs were off hunting, and a coon came running by our campfire? Do you remember that? (guitar music) – Bear, we’re gonna get these dogs out. (guitar music) – Come here John, this is what
we’ll cook these dogs with. That ought to be good,
it’s almost dark man. To me, I’ll tell you what
I like about coon hunting is that the sun is going
down, it’s getting dark. Every other human activity
is heading into the houses, were there is light. Coon hunters we go out into the dark. That’s what I’ve always
liked about coon hunting, was that you interacted
with the dark in a way that no other form of hunting really does. And when I was a kid, now
I’ve told you this before, when I was a kid, part of the
reason my dad encouraged me to start coon hunting was
because I was afraid of the dark. We got a little bit of daylight left. We’re going to give the coons time to stir just a little bit. Which dog do you thinks better? – Fern. – Why? – Because she is more cold nosed than Jed. – More cold nosed? – Yeah, and Jed kinda just follows Fern. Jed’s gritter but… – Now I’ll tell you what in Jed’s defense, we’ve really not hunted him by himself that much to really know what he’s got. Cause you know we hunted Fern 100 nights that first winter we had her. He’s smart though. – Yeah, he’s good sportsmanship. – Good sportsmanship, Jed
wins the sportsmanship award? For the Newcome Family coon
hound pack, I’ll buy that. Easy, easy, easy, easy, whoa, whoa. (brushing) Bear John, go ahead and get
the gun out of the truck. Before I’m gonna put it
on your back, good girl. Good girl. You always act like that’s
gonna be a big deal. Go get my spurs right up front too. On an older animal, you might
not have to use spurs Bear. But a mule like Izzie I need some spurs. Izzie’s like, we gonna ride tonight? She’s like, for real? And I’m like, yeah. Get him out, come on Jed, Fern. Bear you take him okay? Tell you what, let me
ride, you lead the dogs and we’ll swap off. Whoa, whoa. I mean you might as well, watch out Bear. Hey that creek is right there. Just cut him loose man. They’ll go find one. Bear they’re a 148 yards right down there. The creek is right over there but there’s another little
branch so I bet you five dollars they’ll strike in the next 10 minutes. – But if they don’t I’m not
giving you five dollars. – You’re not giving me five dollars? (water rushing) Crunch the top right off of that thing. – Eat it? – 120 he’s moving now. Did you hear it Bear? – Yeah, I did. – What did it sound like? There she is, there she is, listen. You can’t let her bully you
Bear if you’re standing here. There she is, Izzie’s just young, this is like we’re riding a kindergartner. They’re 310 yards. They were 190 and they went all the way down the other side of the creek. Listen, you tell me when
you think they’re treed. – Okay, I think they’re
treed, Fern just located. – Did she? – Yeah. – Whoa, easy girl. Whoa, whoa, come on this way. Let’s go across here. (rushing water) (dog barking) Man they just lost them in these rocks. They’re treeing but he’s not up that tree. (dogs barking) They just lost him in that bluff. I saw him smelling all
along through there. The old varmint got the
best of them right there. Where’s he at Fern? He tricked yah, he tricked yah good. He tricked you. Come here dogs, come here Jed. Good girl, good girl, good girl. I bet you didn’t think she
was gonna do that, did you? Come to this side, get on
that mule, there you go. There you go, Bear hang on
with all your might, brother. Come on dogs, get up, come
on Fern, come on Fern. Be ready for her to jump buddy. There she goes, good job, good job. Go get ’em dogs. Bear you got any driest
tips, just right there? In arms reach right there? (dogs barking) I think they’re right over
there on a bluff Bear. Dang, I hope that bluff doesn’t get ’em. Boys I believe she
thinks she’s treed them. They worked that track all
the way down the creek, back up here, lost it, and I think Fern may have just found it. I don’t know if she’s got it or not I thought she did
at first she may not. Watch out mule, watch out let’s try it. (dogs barking) They got him right there. You see his tail right there? Yeah, we’re gonna shoot it. That a boy Jed. Put a real fine bead on that coon, look see that’s got to go up. You know what a fine bead means? – Yeah. – Alright. (gun fires) You got him, make a
finer bead, there you go. There he goes, just let him go. Put the gun on the safety. There he goes, coon down. Got that gun on safety? Oh they want a piece of it. Alright, you got it on
safety, good job Bear. He landed right in the daggum water. Oh look at that hide, that’s
a prime hide for around here. It’s not a real big coon but
it’s a nest varmint for sure. Alright good girl Izzie, good girl. Alright Bear John, there
you go, alright hold on with your hands, alright pups. Alright doggies, let’s go. (knife sharpening) Okay hold that foot for me
like that, hold that one out. So we got ourselves a coon. See how he looks up there. There you go, we had a good time. Let’s go home, it’s late. Mama’s gonna wonder where the heck we are. They’re coming back Bear, whoa whoa. Come on Jed, whoa.

35 thoughts on “Cold Trail | Using Mules for Raccoon Hunting In the Ozarks

  1. Great video Clay ! Spent many nights and hours runnin them ole ring tail <•>¿<•>
    Edit : he tapped the tree they prolly had him treed

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  3. Riding into town on your mule to pick up your archery target, shooting off the mules back, and now you're riding in the dark. I'm going to have to say your mule is getting exposed to a lot of things.

  4. Thanks for the video! This is one of the things as a boy I dreamed of doing ! Still haven't ,but is definitely on the bucket list! Well done . Very awesome your passing it on also !

  5. Stainless 10/22? Gosh, Billy had to use an axe🤣. I think Billy would be very happy with the way your doing things. That's some real special father/son time, it'll go a long way with him. Great video!

  6. Excellent video and a very interesting topic. However the man talks too much. It should be more conversation and less lecture. Please let the boy talk, ask questions, say something, whatever.

  7. Great job Clay… looks like fun… love seeing father son time spent in the woods.. sum of my fondest memories are out in the woods side by side with my father chasing critters… keep up the good work… oh yeaaa and you better get that boy shooting a trad bow with ya.. lol

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  9. This is on my bucket list of things to do! Some day I would love to just hunt the ozarks. Love the channel!

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