Cole Sprouse RECOGNIZES Brooklyn and Bailey! | Behind the Braids Ep.65

Cole Sprouse RECOGNIZES Brooklyn and Bailey! | Behind the Braids Ep.65

– So we were talking with Cole Sprouse, and he thought we’d met
before, and I was like, I think I’d remember that! – In my dreams! – Okay so we know that your
character Betty and Jughead are dating in the show, but what is your relationship outside of the show? – Ooh, tricky! (laughing)
(upbeat music) ♪ Feelin’ crazy now ♪ ♪ Feelin’ crazy now ♪ ♪ Feelin’ crazy now ♪ – [Both] Hey, guys! – And welcome back to another episode of – [Both] Behind the Braids! – In this week’s episode
you’ll see Bailey and I, with Extra, hosting a
red carpet interviewing the Riverdale characters for season three! And we met Cole Sprouse,
and let me tell you guys, he asked us if he knew us! – Us! – He goes, “Have I met you before?” – And I was like, “Psh, in my dreams!” – Yeah, hello!
– I wish! – It was pretty dang cool. – It was really awesome! – You will also see some
footage of our mascara meetup for our original The Lash
Next Door launch for you guys! You’ll see tons of footage of
probably yourselves in there, so let’s go check it out! – They’re taking the
internet by storm with their Youtube videos on
everything for the modern teen. With me now, Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight! – Hey! – Did you do a little shoulder? – [Both] Hey guys! It’s Brooklyn and Bailey! – And we are here on the
red carpet interviewing the cast of Riverdale, with Extra. – We are so excited, Paleyfest is awesome! We’re ready to get going, so let’s go! So tell us if Betty runs
off with Archie in the show, do you think there could be a Veronica and Jughead little dating
reunion thing going on there? – I mean I wouldn’t pass
Roberto and the writing team, but I will say that Jughead and Veronica, at least what’s established in season two, are very much at odds. – What’s the craziest thing you’ve learned about one of your fellow cast members? – Cole has a fixation
with chewing toothpicks. – Wow, that’s very strange. – I can see that,
actually, I can see that! He’s got that vibe going for him. – Yeah he’s always got toothpicks on him. – We know that there is a
musical episode coming up, did you sing in it, what was that like, how did you feel about it? – I sang in it, and on another level it’s
just such a fun episode! I mean, there’s like
all this choreography, which was incredible! And it ends in a really dark way, which I think kind of ties in, it’s like, oh we’re Riverdale! But remember we’re Riverdale. – Okay so we know that your
character Betty and Jughead are dating in the show, but
what is your relationship outside of the show? – Ooh, tricky! I mean, as well as everyone on
the cast, we get along great. I think some of my favorite
scenes are with Cole, we work really well together. Yeah.
– Yeah (laughs). – Very brief, very secretive. Alrighty. Hey, guys! We just finished the carpet
for the Riverdale premiere, – It was pretty dang cool! – We have some of the actors
and actresses behind us. Right there, it’s Betty’s mom. – No, so, we were talking
with Cole Sprouse, and he thought we had met before. He literally goes up to me and goes, “Have we met before?” And we’re like, “I think
I would remember that!” – In my dreams! (romantic music) – You know, it was casual. – It was pretty fun. – It was fun, it was awesome! – And we got to be the hosts interviewing everyone for Extra, which is amazing! It’s been so much fun! And now we’re here, we’re
still on the carpet, as you can see. And yeah, we’re ready to go to
the panel and hear them talk. – So Sunna and I are at the airport, we are waiting for our only
slightly delayed flight, except that it’s still not here, so I’m having a feeling
it’s gonna be delayed more than we’re thinking right now. But we are ready to jump to Nashville where we’re gonna meet
Shaun and the girls, we’re gonna go to the Nashville meetup. We’re so excited! It’s finally happening, all
of our work is paying off. And hopefully we’ll see a
bunch of you guys tonight! (crowd cheering) ♪ ‘Cause I’m a satellite ♪ ♪ Tonight ♪ ♪ Nothing’s gonna break me down ♪ ♪ As long as the stars in the sky ♪ ♪ As long as the stars in your eyes ♪ ♪ As long as the stars in your eyes ♪ ♪ As long as the stars in your eyes ♪ – Oh my gosh! – What is this? He’s so cute, he’s so cute! – Oh my gosh! Are you getting this? – This is the cutest thing ever! – Everybody meet Willow, this is Willow. And she is adorable! (somber music) (crowd cheering) – Can you get a picture? Get a picture! ♪ Happy birthday dear Shaun ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Into the open arms of you ♪ ♪ Farthest that I’ve ever been ♪ ♪ I was always all too late ♪ ♪ Tried every loophole ♪ ♪ You got me movin’ better than ever ♪ ♪ I’m walking on air ♪ ♪ You’ve got me reachin’,
tryin’ to catch ya ♪ ♪ You’re already there ♪ ♪ I’m walking on air ♪ – Hey, we’re just about to
start our Dallas meet up. We’re super excited to see everyone, and eat popsicles. Hi, Shaun. – I love popsicles. – Yay! So let’s do it! (upbeat music) (crowd cheers) – [Together] Hi Brooklyn
and Bailey, we love you! – Well, we survived the meet up. We’re sitting now, enjoying dinner and enjoying the ambiance
of Bishop Arts District. – Ambiance. – [Both] Ambiance. – [Mindy] Corey was on video today, Celine was not a very good picture taker. – What? – He was not. – We had to replace him halfway through. – Yes. – We have the girls. And we all thoroughly enjoyed
our first round of popsicles and we’re probably gonna
go back after dinner for our second– – [Baily?] S’mores is so good! Definitely recommend. – S’mores is so good. For those of you guys that don’t know, Celine is Sunna’s fiance. – He is! He put a ring on it but I’m
not wearing it right now. – Sunna! We still have yet to determine when they’re getting married, but I’m sure that I
will determine it soon. Comment down below if
they should go to Bali for their wedding. No, let’s do a poll. Let’s put a poll right here. Bali or Hawaii? Okay, we’re gonna put a poll right there, you guys vote, where should they go? Where should we go for their wedding? – The poll actually goes up there. – Okay well whatever,
whichever corner it’s in, vote. (cheerful music) So there was definitely
some miscommunication on the unloading of these boxes. We were under the impression
they were doing it, they were under the
impression we were doing it, and so here we are, unloading
by hand all of these boxes to the second floor of
the building, upstairs. So, we were not prepared. Of course they brought a truck
with no ramp, no dollies. Here’s my outfit currently. Definitely not moving attire. And my shoes. Rachel, show us your fluffy slippers. Yes.
– Check ’em – We’ve got bags and bags filled with all these awesome influencer boxes, and I know that Brooklyn
and Bailey are so excited for everybody to get them. We have tons of them, we’re still going. – Hi guys, I’m here with Annie. Say hi!
– Oh, hi! – And we’re on a swing in the middle of a convention center. Oh my gosh. We are at GlamourCon, and, actually, I think it’s called Clamour now isn’t it? – Yeah.
– I don’t know. I met my dad, just me
and my dad, and Annie. Hi guys, I’m here with Giselle and something funny just happened. I opened up one of these surprise balls and I got a balloon. I was blowing it up so much that it popped and smacked
me right in the eye, and latex got in my eye and
then it started watering and now it’s all red. And I’m not crying, it’s just watering. – We’re gonna be walking outside and people are gonna
be like, are you okay? – It’s great, it’s still
watering I can feel it. And here’s the popped balloon. – It’s gone. – And my eye’s burning. (country music) – So the Rybka twins have
never been horseback riding and since they’re in Texas, obviously we needed to
take them to do that. So we are gonna go riding! And we got Tegan’s
catching up, keeping up, but Sam not so much. (cheering) It was hot, it was fun, the Rybka’s got their horses to hold still so they could do trickery. Woohoo! Tegan, we want to hear
your best American accent. – Hey guys, so like, we
just went to the mall and we’re gonna get burgers after so, do you want to come with us? – [Brooklyn] That was pretty good! – You said after just slightly Australian. – [Tegan] After, after, after? – [Both] After. – [Mindy] Brooklyn,
your Australian accent? – Oh gosh, I can… G’day mate!
– Go, go, that’s my accent. – [Both] Hey, guys, what’s up? (laughs) – I love it! – Thank you guys so much for watching, hopefully you enjoyed that episode. – Yes. – Lot’s of awesome celebrities,
lots of cool things. – Yes, and if you haven’t
subscribed to this channel definitely do that by clicking
the button down below, and to watch other videos
that the channel’s made, click the button right over here. That is all we have for you guys today, we love y’all so much, and we’ll see y’all next week! – [Both] Bye!

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  1. i met you guys twice! once in the jcpenny meet up in orlando, and at the one in this video in Atlanta, bc i live in Atlanta 🙂

  2. sam and teagan's american accents are actually SO good!! i'm naturally american haha but i can do australian, british, canadian, and hispanic accents 🙂

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