Colombian Women Ice Skating In Medellin Colombia

ah Acey the slow man I make it winter time Lets go subscribe right now what’s up what’s up its your friend Thisisacelive I’m back again I give you another awesome video today I’m
at Santafe Mall, my first official day here in Medellin Colombia and I got
something special for you check it out it’s not just the lights guys, you
will not believe it check it out Ice skating in Medellin, let’s get a
closer look hopefully I’ll be able to skate who knows
we’ll find out let’s go alright guys so what I did was I went to this
information booth right here right behind me and basically they charged me
13,000 pesos guys which was this much all right
I think 13,000 pesos is like a little over three bucks to go ice skating I’m
excited because I’ve never done this before I’ve never seen snow and I’m
going to South America about to do some ice skating so this is
probably a recipe for disaster because normally I see people who have no
experience at all trike to skate and then fall so this is going to be
interesting I Medellin still in the holiday spirit im getting these boots guys and a helmet she
running those guys remember me from the last
time I was here so it’s kind of lit they were excited and they want to see the
other videos hahaha yeah she is waving at me she shy to be on camera. let me put my helmet on hahaha perfect fit is now that I’m all suited up I’m scared you know I’m afraid that I
might twist my leg again or something this is going to be my first
time ever skating okay ice skating I feel a little roller skating in the
street but first time ever ice skating hi this is my first time ever let’s
figure this out Oh she going to show me how to do it okay miami im stuck thank you brother guys its so much Fun what what are you guys waiting for
make sure you take advantage of moment you can all right thank you my hands are sweaty guys because I’m so
nervous I’m over here skating and I swear I’ve seen double faces this girl just save me right here. how many sister you have oh so you
have a twin? that’s your twin? so it’s twins
there not twins but they look like twins if there’s an opportunity for you to do
something do it especially if you’re traveling this was the last day for this
event they do this every Christmas and January all right and these guys are
skilled at doing it I could watch all day anyways fellas I
don’t need a skate I made a perfect view I get to see it all what’d you talk
about why you thought it was be recorded? Say hi to my Friend thank you brother, I appericate that let’s go play some snowman I never
made a snowman before they throw ice at each other Aceman whoa damn that kind of looked like something nevermind the twins sisters alright guys I’m done I had a good time
this is my first day here and I’ve been already filming so this is my first date
filming next is filming Park lleras and some laureles nightlife stay tuned for
that I’m gonna have some footage the places we’ve never been befor so make sure you subscribe. im showing you some parts Medellin you never seen before
alright so subscribe and hit that button Now before I leave you know
what I got to do right guys I have to remind you to always stay live I’m gonna skate a little bit more

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