Conan & Jordan Schlansky’s Italian Road Trip

Conan & Jordan Schlansky’s Italian Road Trip

Every time Jordan visits Italy he rents a red Fiat in Florence and drives south through Tuscany He’d always driven alone until now. This is a Fiat, Cinquecento 1962 I’ve been in small cars in my life This is the smallest car I’ve ever been in this car would fit in the glove compartment of my car in America I don’t think it’s safe. It doesn’t clearly have airbags And it’s a windbag You see you’ve come into this with a predisposition About what a car should be a light travel should be this is a road trip. This is the trip? This is the high point of the trip. It’s not about the destination. It is the journey you think you’re saying profound things But most of what you say is the kind of stuff a 15 year old girl Writes into yearbook. I think Yoda writes half your dialogue vacation begins in your mind it Understand that this car may not have modern conveniences that you’re used to but like I said as humans. We don’t need much Putting keep refer to us as humans Only an alien talks that way I think it’s the value to step outside yourself and examine yourself from the objective standpoint outside. There’s so too much static What I like to do is drive around here I have very specific Music that I like to listen to them for example the second verse let’s say a little Tamar a by a variable of jellyfish Donna guess what I looked into it to play that music Would cost us a lot of money, so I had the band Making us up some music It doesn’t cost us anything They see this sounds are very stereotypical to the old to the point of insulting when to the sound effects Department I brought some sound effects you wanna listen to those But we can also have silence as well I’m sorry signore Jordan, but we don’t have the exact kind of wine that you wanted is that ok? You’re gonna like this one Oh The car That sound effects of a car peeling out you’re presuming that peeling out would be superior Keep the emergency brake on yeah, well the Mersey brakes on I don’t even think that that’s a brake lever, I think that’s a breadstick This car is a toy. It’s a pastry. We’re driving around basically in an old walnut And we are stuck on a hill Every time you try and start the car we roll backwards think about getting this car started and be very careful with your valuable conan payload Can you stop the car % stop it yeah, just one other thing yeah Desiccated epidemic, you know and intellect and you’re full You know all your training has led you to this yes Great I love how mellow they are their Torah emulate them. I’m trying to enjoy the simple life I’m trying to bask in the Sun and enjoy the feeling of the looks on you. Just poured that dog You started talking show that on replay you started to talk I Could get out and push it I think the battery’s dead Yes Yes, go go. Go okay. That was good you did well Oh you see what happens when you put the sound effects down and you do something constructive You have a memory we have an experience if you lecture me the parts are coming back You

100 thoughts on “Conan & Jordan Schlansky’s Italian Road Trip

  1. It's funny how many people see fart jokes as childish, but when confronted with said joke, it mostly leads to laughter thank you for your time 🙂

  2. Nothing is more funny than this. I'll never understand why they didn't make a TV show with these 2, it would be as good (if not better than) as Seinfeld

  3. Jordan seems so happy. I like that he cracks up at the fart sound machine and his persona cracks. Love it.

  4. Jordan looks like my bestfriend when he tried to hold back the laugh. My friend does that too all the time and when he finally laughs, it's so rare and unusual

  5. For so many remotes Jordan held his laugher while he took so many hilarious jokes from Conan, and yet he was defeated by a fart.

  6. "You came into this with preconceived notions of a car."
    Uh yeah, I certainly did. I prefer vehicles that won't kill me if I get into a fender bender. Oh yeah and, ones that actually work.

  7. Why am I almost 52 and still can't stop laughing at farts? I was upstairs alone earlier and ripped the biggest stinkiest fart and was laughing while waving the blanket up and down.

  8. Conan should try out a drive in an East German Trabant car. That's one of the smallest cars and the body is made out of plastic.

  9. Is it me or is Conan and Jordan act like they're Michael and Toby except that Conan cares more on Jordan than that to Michael to Toby.

  10. Just pointing out that Conan has an iq similar to Einstein’s and he’s doing this for a living. Still seems like a genius to me

  11. Wow, that looks like it would be a fantastic drive. The country side is absolutely beautiful and taking the trip in that particular car, or possibly on a motorcycle, would be absolutely fantastic.

  12. Has anyone noticed Jordan’s personality is a lot more confident in Italy, he’s a lot more outgoing and witty. But in America he’s kind has a “ima loser” face on 24/7.

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