Connecting ‘The Wilds’ Safari Park in Ohio

Connecting ‘The Wilds’ Safari Park in Ohio

‘The Wilds’ is a large wildlife
conservation center located in Cumberland Ohio. We sit on about over
9,000 acres and we’re home to over 30 endangered species from
Africa, Asia and North America. The Wilds is interesting. We’re spread over miles for our
main base of operations, which means we have to deal with animals – we need to get
information back and forth from our animal care staff to the veterinarians.
I have to be able to talk with the operations people we work with, and we
really have to rely on two-way radios. Cell service out here is pretty much
non-existent, especially once you get down below the hilltops, and it makes it
difficult sometimes to get the information you need to the people that
need it at the right time. We had a multitude of installation challenges
here at The Wilds. We are 40 minutes from every major highway. There’s really very
little infrastructure from a telecommunications perspective.
So The Wilds had a 10,000 acre facility that has installations and buildings all over
the grounds, and being able to move data across that large of an area
requires a unique solution with frequency reuse. We were first able to
deliver redundant connectivity to the tune of about 150 MB
of capacity, shooting in connections from a couple of our different sites
that we have in the general area – and we were using the Radwin D+ to do
that. And then we have a mobility solution that we’ve installed here at The Wilds
using the RADWIN 5000 mobility product And what we’ve been able to do
with that is essentially light up the entire area with mobile
connectivity for cellular connections and Wi-Fi devices, mobile payment systems,
and really enhance a lot of the different things here at The Wilds. So having a solid, reliable network
has been crucial for us. It’s much more dependable than in the past. We were kind of afraid to get on a computer because
we didn’t know if it was going to be working or not, but now that we have this
equipment, this technology available to us, it’s increased our efficiency and our
effectiveness of operating tremendously. So the RADWIN and Agile Networks
changes that have been made here at The Wilds, have made our ability
to consult with experts at both the Ohio State University and the Columbus Zoo,
and beyond, on difficult cases – much more quick, much more efficient and really
we can make timely decisions about cases that are difficult when we want to do
consultation – whereas before these changes, we would have to take a picture, download the picture, make it smaller,
email it and wait for something to come back. We can actually go out now in the
pasture, real-time, if we have a lameness in a horse, for example, real-time video
that, and have our consultant look at it and give us their expert advice.
So it’s been really a tremendous help to us. Agile Networks, in partnership with
The Wilds and our vendor partner RADWIN and Winncom Technologies, were able
to bring a solution and bring large-capacity bandwidth to The Wilds,
that until we came and brought that solution, struggled with their
connectivity and we’re happy to be a part of that and in solving that challenge,
and allowing their facilities to grow. And more importantly also push the
initiative of The Wilds around conservation and education.

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  1. I've worked in Ohio for almost a year and went last summer with a co-worker whos from Ohio and I loved it. Need more places like it in the world.US and less human development

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