Cool as Ice (1/10) Movie CLIP – She Likes Me (1991) HD

Cool as Ice (1/10) Movie CLIP – She Likes Me (1991) HD

Jazz Come, come here! see! Look, look at that! For there, go to inspect Hey, are you okay? Hey, what the hell is wrong with you? What the hell is wrong with you??! Nothing, until now .. Ohhh, I hurt you? Okay, I will survive Pegas well despite being a girl seriously? what kind of male motor I would take that as a compliment??? Ha ha ha ha ha! If yes, you like…

71 thoughts on “Cool as Ice (1/10) Movie CLIP – She Likes Me (1991) HD

  1. this is great an all but how about puting up the whole movie just a thought 🙂 thumbs up if u agree xxx

  2. yo bitch, i love you. imma gonna endanger your life by fucking your horse up with muh flying yellow bike and make you fall off and potentially die

  3. easily the greatest comedy of all time…unfortunately the movie makers and vanilla ice thought they were making a romantic drama!!! TO BE EVEN MORE PLAIN……THIS 'MOVIE' IS UTTER SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

  4. muy buena la pli y ICE muy bueno , hoy mi hijo lo vio y dijo pa quiero ese corte de pelo ja ja que barbaro yo tambien pero no me dejaron y hoy es moda ese tipo de cortes OSEA ICE era un adelantado a su tiempo?… como sea muy bueno.-

  5. …not learning his lesson, Vanilla Ice pulled the same move on Christopher Reeve four years later, essentially ending forever the "Superman vs. Horse" argument!

  6. When he do that to me falling off the Horse , I will probably punch him on the face and hit him saying geee what hell wrong with you 😬😬

  7. What's the matter with him she could've got hurt when someone is riding a horse and a guy that riding their motorcycle don't go over the fence and knock someone off their horse it's not funny and Kathy hit him because he should've done what he did

  8. A few years ago I started liking this movie just because Vanilla was hot in it; horrendous video but with a good cheesy love story.
    And yeah kill the girl but don't hurt the horse.

  9. Notice she does her own stunts and falls off the horse but vanilla ice has a stunt double…….Who's the tough guy now?

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