Cool Costume Idea! How To Make Woody Riding Bullseye Costume

Welcome to Pins and Things We are making today this cute little Sheriff Woody costume that is riding bulls eye. Are you riding bulls eye? Can you run around and ride your bulls eye? Don’t fall over, just ride it huh He’s fun So the lighting is not very good, but here is my yellow shirt, and this is his size and everything and I just flipped it inside out and now I have it laid down and I’m going to make it as flat as I possibly can and I was looking at How many lines are on woody’s shirt and it’s about, It’s about like, I don’t know, about like this So I’m going to actually just use the ruler as a guide, make a line and move it up make another line, move it up. Make another line and just keep doing that and this part at the top I’m not concerned about Even though the back of it has a little bit more black on it too I’m just not concerned about it because we’re going to have A white vest going over it, the cal vests going over and I have a red handkerchief right here So basically we have everything we need just in flipping it inside out, so we’re going to start painting and see how it goes I have made stripes or lines just this ruler and this is how I’m doing it. You can see everybody made a line right here So I just set the ruler down right on there, and then I’ve just been going along the edge of this ruler with my paintbrush and painting and I’m getting some on the ruler, but it washes off really easy, so it’s not a big deal Anyways, this is how I’m doing it, and I’m just going to go ahead and do the sleeves parallel to the color I think so, going down and with a few like that. Should be pretty easy. It’s just a little bit time-consuming because I know a lot of people use like a fabric marker is what they call it, but I already have red paint and I’m trying not to spend a whole lot of money on this costume because I think it would just be easier if we could, you know make it cheap and have it look exactly look like what we need it to look like, so this is what we’re doing, and it’s working just fine Super, super duper happy because I went to the dollar store, and I found the stuff that I’ve been searching everywhere for So, this is what I found a little gun holster, it’s supposed to be brown but black will work too. For this little woody costume and it also came with this little the masked man I’m not sure that’s supposed to mean, but a little badge and then uh I got two of these for actually a dollar. The dollar store, and I found this vest I’ve been searching everywhere for cow print anything, and I couldn’t find any So this is perfect for one dollar and it’s way way too big as you can see if I put it on top It’s like it covers the entire shirt so I’m actually going to do something where I might just cut out a smaller part of the vest and then use that only on top of the shirt So we’re going to see how it turns out I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to adjust it, but I’m just gonna get, I’m just going to kind of go as I feel looks good. You know, work as it as it looks good. I’ll just do whatever that is and I’ll keep you guys up to date with what it is. So thus far, I think I’ve only spent money on this hat at the Dollar store plus this vest plus this little gun and 50 cents on handkerchiefs, so what is that one, two, three fifty 3.50 for a woody costume. So that’s pretty good so far and everything else I’ve just been able to find at home so I’m just going to work on the vest a little bit see if I can get it to work, and I’m excited Anyways, I’m going to keep working Put it inside out And sewed these – , they were two inches shorter than what it was. Just fold it in half and line it all up, and then I drew a little half circle. Open it up to see if that’s what I wanted it to look like On both sides, from here to here and it is. So now, I’m just going to line it up again Really well And then take my scissors to it And that looks like the back of the vest pretty good, I think So i’m just going to go ahead and sew over that edgeand make sure it stays that way and then I’ll adjust the rest of it So what I did on this now is I just set the vest over the shirt and then I drew on the vest where I wanted it to come in and so now I’m just cutting off the excess and then I’m going to go ahead and sew the the vest together resew it together again So you can kind of see what I did, I cut it, you know, so that’s completely cut. So I’m going to flip it inside out and then sew the edges back together because I just had to cut off a little bit, I’m not sure where that went down there So I just had to cut off a little bit. Now, I’m going to go ahead and sew that back together and we’ll keep adjusting So after taking a look at this picture, I decided it’s about two-thirds of the of the shirt of this little boy Of Woody is the vest and then the middle is where the buttons go down and so just by looking at this picture, I’ve been able to kind of determine Well, I divided all of this by three, so we have it in thirds and it’s about four and a half inches, so four and a half inches on this side of vest and four and a half inches on this side of vest and then just drawing a line straight down, It’s a very simple pattern and then curving it around to the top of where you know the bottom of where we want it to go So I’m going to do the exact same thing that I did with the sides but on here so I’ll line these two up like that, just line them up, and then I’ll just snip off this excess part, and then I’ll be able to I guess fix the edges, and then it will just look like there’s a little pocket on the side. It’s not going to look spectacular, but it will give the right look to Woody, so so this is after adjusting the top and the sides. I took in the sides a little bit, took in the top a little bit and this was just way too big overall Now what I’ve done, you can see I measured where I want the vest to be and this part is going to be cut out Now I don’t have like a pattern or anything. So I’ve taken the other side the opposite side So normally this is like this and here’s the best but I just pushed it in and pinned it together so it’s really flat and it’s going to be easy to cut out aAnd now what I’m going to do is just cut off the outside part of this vest to be able to make it so that it’s even on both sides I just pinned it. So it will stay where I need it to be while I’m cutting it And this is just from looking at the picture online, as what I want it to look like And the rest of this back right here I’ll just measure this and I will make a straight line and cut off on that, so let’s see where’s my measuring tape So this is about four inches so I’ll make sure I get it. Now I’m just cutting out the back to So this should be good. Now that I um now when I unpin it. Let’s take a look and see. I’m excited All right, much much better. This is much closer to the size that I need for Woody and so that If I did it right, should fit on this perfectly, and just give the right look for Woody, so let’s try it out and see I’m just going off his shirt because he’s asleep right now Yeah, that looks just about perfect So now all I need to do is hem up the edges so it’s not going to fray I don’t know if this would fray anyways and then put two big white buttons in the middle and the bandanna With the hat, I just got it at the dollar store, and I it’s not quite what I want with Woody so, It was just completely plain. What I did is I took just a needle and thread and went ahead and did the outside stitching on here. Just for the decoration that’s really all it is and then on the top part here I’ve actually just been going over the thread with a tiny bit of paint to be able to make it a little bit thicker. You can do it the marker, too it doesn’t really matter, but then So the top part is done. Now, I’m just, I’ll just show you an example of what I’ve been doing. I’m just doing this, going over each one of the threads and I did the thread thing because I didn’t want to have to think about where I needed to put the paint I wanted to just be able to kind of trace it kind of put it over there, and then the last thing after I’m done going around this outside edge is I’m going to either find a ribbon or just paint a black about the thickness of this around the outside to give it a little bit of a headband So I think that’s all that I really need to do with the hat I know you can do it with some. So basically if you have a hat this color you can do it with like a tan color If you have a tan ribbon or a darker one, and I just have darker, so that’s what I’m going to do and because having a cute little outfit like this is not always good enough for me I am going to take it a little farther than this and make some stuffed legs to put on top of the horse, so let’s go and this is what I’m using There are a couple of different ways to do this for one Thing -, you could actually take a pair of Nylons Nylons, see just take a pair of nylons and actually stuff them with stuffing to make stuff legs or you could take these. I was looking through my drawer, and I was like oh I really like the nylons that I have, I don’t really want to use them so I decided I don’t like these, there are these hospital socks Like I’ve gotten them, one of them from when I went to have James and one from when I had to have Corbin And I haven’t worn them since so I’m like, you know what, I’ll just use those instead and i’ll stuff them so what I did is I cut off the end of the blue sock and then I put the ends together and I sewed them together, so there is one sock that will go and I will just stuff it full of stuffing and then I’ll stuff that into the leg That will go over the horse So it just sew the socks together and really the only reason why I had to sew the socks together is to make sure that they were long enough to fit in the whole pant leg But if you get nylons, which you can get them for like a dollar I think at Walmart they’re pretty cheap, but if you get nylons, you don’t need to sew anything together you just in fact you might even have to cut them apart but I am just making sure that I have plenty of stuffing for these legs and I’ll stuff both of them and then put them in the pant legs and I’ll Show you the rest Okay, now I have both of the pant legs just with these socks in them And what I’m going to do is go ahead and stick them where I want them And I’m actually going to i thought I was going to just put them down like where his foot would regularly go so that I could put the boot over it But I decided instead what I’m going to do is take away those inches and just sew it on directly here and for then the reason why I’m going to do that is because his legs are needing, these legs need to look a little bit shorter. Just for the horse because the horse is actually his real legs like height and so if I make these look just a tiny bit shorter, it will give the proportions make the proportions of the costume look a little bit better, so anyways, I’m just going to take my needle and thread and sew the pant legs directly onto these the bottom of these stuffed socks and what that’s going to do is just hold it in place, so that I can then put the boot on and it will hold the boot you know it’ll these, this pant, these pants won’t come out of the boot and kind of have the costume come apart so that will just hold it together a little bit better Now that I have sewn at the bottom you can see and it’s not anything special, It’s just basically to keep these pants stuck there, so they won’t come un-tucked but, let’s see where did I just put my needle in here it is After I did that, I just shoved the boot on top of it and made sure that the pant leg and everything was in the right spot And it looks like it went all the way down to the bottom to me. So now this part, my mom gave me the idea because I was like how am I going to stitch the boots to the pants to make them stay? and she’s like Oh that’s easy, just use the loops So these little loops right here, and basically. I’m just gonna take right here on the pants, and then I’m gonna push this through the loop Make it really, really easy, and then I can stitch it right here then pull it back through and just do that a few times and maybe a whole bunch of times if you feel like you need it and then once you’ve done that do it on the other side on this loop right here too and then that will be what holds your boots up There you go Alright, I’m, this is the horse we have that he’s going to be in that is bulls eye But I have to do a little bit of revamping to make them look a little bit more like bullseye so like What I’m doing right now, as you can see this is the eyes that were on it before and I actually just took some glue gun, hot glue and put this over the top of it. I kind of had to build it up around the outside to make it a little bit more flat, so it could go right on it but I think that’s about it and and with these googly eyes, they, they can warp really bad because of the heat So I have to let it cool off a little bit the hot glue and then once it just is sticky like and you can touch it with your finger. That’s when it’s okay to stick the eyeball on so that it won’t melt How many legs do you have? Mine, and two. Can you count them? You have four legs That’s crazy! Okay We’ll take it off now, and then we’ll show them. What we did okay? Yeah. Okay So after stuffing the pants, I actually had these socks stuffed all the way up to like right here So when I put them on him I realized I needed to take out some of the stuffing so I just went ahead and did that So they’re a little bit like it’s basically up to right about here that’s stuffed Because then he’s gonna be the stuffing So then the next part, I just took a pair of scissors There’s already a hole like right here, so I just cut out of that and all the way over to here, a big enough hole that He would be able to fit inside of So now, what I need to do is actually slip it over him and pin it where I need it to be stitched, just lightly stitched onto the horse back, so there we go Are you a little boy riding a cowboy? Riding a horse? walk around James Yeah, walk around. Go over there and walk back Look at me. Walk over there Should we put on your Woody shirt to go with it? Yeah We made it for you. You see it? All right, arms up Put your arms in first Are you a Sheriff? Are you the sheriff? Hold onto the rein to the horse Alright Alright there’s one more – is it up, then? It looks good. This is a finishing touch. I don’t know about stitch these up, kinda like that Okay Because that look like it would look better Rather than just hanging down? let it hang again Yeah, probably just a little bit Good job! Good riding cowboy Are you a cowboy? Yeah Cool dude. Are you like woody? James, I want you to run to the to the stove and back. Can you run? Hold on to this. Hold on, hold on to your horsey Oh no, you lost your hat Hold on to the horse so it’s looking up Now run. Giddy up up up. You keep losing your hat huh Maybe I have to make a little strap for that hat Giddy up, giddy up. Hold on to your horse Yeah, the hat keeps coming off You like this costume? That was so funny Good job, James Say, “Howdy” There’s a snake in my boot Say “Somebody poison the water hole” Toys is in the water hole. So what you doing right? I am positioning these little legs With all those roughness and then around these little stitches are gonna pop out? They might They might and that’s where I just have to Be careful Yeah I gotta be careful Yeah, try not to break the costume So there are still a few things that I would do, like his hat keeps falling off So I might just put like a little black ribbon underneath to tie around his neck Another thing that I was suggested is to put a little string with a loop you know, so it looks like a pull string on here and I also have to find a belt that will fit in these tiny belt loops that we can put a little belt buckle, Woody belt buckle on here And I would just, you could totally just use foam that’s yellow and then draw on the little logo, and that’s online Just look it up, and I would just look it up, and then just – it might still do that and then the other thing other than that The other thing I would do is make this a little bit more like Bulls eye just put some pink here instead of the brown But in the exact same shape and then make crazier hair with some either brown foam craft you know, craft foam or felt. Anything that’s would stick up really easily And I would probably double layer it and then sew it through the bottom and through the top so that it will stick up It like really spiky like hold on other than that I think we’re done with this costume, and it’s so cute and and I think I think he liked it So check out the other video that I’m also making it’s the Ursula, Ursula the witch costume for any size and then I think just look at all of our other Halloween and subscribe, and we’ll see you later

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