Copying in Maths Exam – Danish Sait Prank Call 84

Hello, May I please speak with Sanjana. Yes. My name is Joseph Chacko. I’m calling from the CBSE education board. Yeah This is with regard to that online petition that you have filed saying that the math paper was very difficult. Yes Sir So what is the problem Sanjana. Sir the paper was very very tough sir. None of the questions that were asked in the school board? exams or in the guides The text books none of that were asked. So basically your Problem is with the education or the exam paper. The exam paper sir, in the preboards in the school We have done really well, but this board exam was very very tough. I don’t understand sanjana I think so, there’s a problem with you because the person sitting in front of you. I have corrected as paper He has passed. No sir even he didn’t know the answers he didn’t tell me. What did you say? Sir I.. I.. mean to say nobody knew the answer sir.. You just said you asked him for the answer. He didn’t tell you No No No Sir.. Sorry Sir..That’s not how I meant it. So you mean to say that you have tried to copy in the exam as well I didn’t expect to receive this call. So no no please are getting you’re wrong no I’ll tell you what I’m going to do right now is I’m going to immediately say copying and I’m going to fail you okay I didn’t copy sir.. how can you copy math no sir? No, you just now said you asked him for the answer that I meant formula I I Meant we were all exchanging looks saying what is this paper all about because we didn’t know anything You’re going there to exchange looks or you’re going that write the paper. Sir..No. I’m a good student sir.. I always score in 90s. Oh every night I am also scoring a 90 or a 60 you know that what? So I’m talking about marks family these are very holy because I go and meet two old monks every day But I’m sure you’ve been done in enough atleast sir… Ma one second Rossi ..copying and what is that.. dumb.. please put both of those okay

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