Countdown to Christmas! Playmobil Advent Calendar Week 2

Countdown to Christmas! Playmobil Advent Calendar Week 2

there! that’s it come on you can do it
(whinny) it’s a gate it’s okay we’ve got to teach you to properly go in and out of
the gate and not be frightened that’s it good job good job
oh you did great boy I sure hope the others arrive soon I
may be the senior student but I’m still just a kid and we’ve got a lot of
setting up to do before Christmas well it is week two of our advent calendar
of counting down to Christmas aren’t you so excited let’s see if we can help our
senior student out and continue to get the horse farm ready just in time so
last week we ended on day four so now we need to start with day five there it is
let’s push it open and open what do you think we got it oh look it looks like we
got some fresh greens and a pitching fork. I’m sure that our foal will
absolutely love to have this tasty treat come on over here as a reward for all of
your good work here’s some fresh greens for you okay day number five now we need six oh
here it is push open oh it’s another foal and it is
our flocked pony oh it’s a paint and look you can actually feel its spots are
flocked and so soft with its head that goes up and down oh this is gonna be a
great addition to the horse farm oh wow you’re beautiful
are you hungry well there’s some fresh greens for you right over there let me go grab the brush and I’ll be
right back here we go well we better start getting
you all ready – boy I sure hope we get some help here soon I may be the senior
student writer but I am still just a kid and there’s so much to be done well
let’s start getting you brushed well our senior student is gonna need some
help with our growing horse farm so let’s see what else we can find
day six, day seven where is it where is it? see number… there it is number seven
down here in the corner push in and out let’s see what we’ve got to help her out
oh it looks like some tack and get it out. yeah it looks like tack for the painted
Pony let’s get it on and see oh that tack fits you beautifully you’re
definitely one of the finest show horses around and we’ll finish getting you
groomed and then you’re gonna be looking all fancy for Christmas that tack is
sure gonna come in handy so with that being number seven where is number eight?
do you see it oh there it is oh, I do see it it’s right here on some of the
barn doors let’s push it open pull maybe this will be some help
oh no looky here. this is gonna help though. what do you think what did we get?
well we got a bucket for our supplies so it has a closing lid that snaps like
that or when we pop it open…see we also got all of these tiny little
ornamentations for their tack to get them all fancied up and we can drop
those right down in here just like that and then we can close them so they don’t
spill and then we got a sticker to go on the top which matches look it’s a
picture of our painted pony so let’s get our sticker off yep and we’ll put it
right here on the top so we know which bucket of supplies goes to which horse
oh I think you know how pretty you look yeah well I am getting a lot done but I
really hope some help arrives soon well I can see why our friend is the senior
student she’s very responsible but she could use some help. I hope we get some
for her soon! me too let’s see and day 8 and we go 8 9
push it open and oh oh great it looks like we finally got the owner for the
horse farm let’s get her out in a hurry well there she is help has finally
arrived now that the owner is here I’m sure our
senior student is gonna feel so much better so let’s put on her red riding hat
and she has on a white shirt with red dots a blue vest blue riding pants and
some very nice boots Oh Callie, I’m sorry I’m so sorry I’m late. Naomi,
I’m just so glad you’re here I’ve been trying to get the horse farm ready
christmas is coming so fast oh I know and it looks like you’re doing a great
job hey girl you are looking marvelous Callie you are my senior student for a
reason thanks Naomi. this sure means a lot coming from you
oh look I see you have the foal over there eating I’ve been working with the
foal to try to teach him how to come out of the gate too
well that’s great let’s keep moving forward oh that’s great I’m so glad that
Naomi got here and let’s see what else we can find to help them we did eight
nine ten push it open and pull what else do we have to help them whoa this is a
big bag oh this should continue to help them get the horses ready it looks like
a bucket of more grooming supplies well sure enough look here we have a curry
comb another comb brushes and we have our hoof cleaning supplies and those can
go all down in our bucket here and then it has the lid that we can close on top
well now that there’s two of them that’s really gonna help hey Callie you’ve done
a great job now why don’t you just steady her while I work on her hoof okay
well Naomi and Callie are busy let’s see this is our last one for week two in our
countdown so we’ve done five six seven eight and nine the last one was ten so
we need eleven eleven eleven I can’t wait to see what it is oh there it is
right there at the top with the rooster on it push it in
open oh great it’s hay fresh Hay well you know every
horse farm uses lot and lots of hay special delivery
of your fresh hay and we’ll put the hay right there oh that’s great new Hay has
arrived but we still have so much to do you are right Callie there is lots to do
to get the farm ready just in time for Christmas
Naomi and Callie are right there is still so much to do so we finished week 2
stay tuned for week number three in our advent calendar of getting the farm
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