Couple Tries Figure Skating for the First Time

– Let me tell you a story. When I was a little girl, I had a dream that I was
ice skating in my barn I woke up like so happy, ran to my Mom and I was
like, can I take ice skating. Today is the day. (high energy dance music) Good to see you. – Good to see you. – Guys this is Bri, and she’s
a coach here at Peaks Arena. It’s happening, dreams
are coming true today. – Did you bring some long socks? – Does this count? – Yeah that counts, that’s good. – [Bryce] I brought socks. – [Bri] Those are awesome socks. – [Bryce] Thanks. (high energy dance music) – Look at those. Those are real. (high energy dance music) Pretty tight on my ankle. (high energy dance music) – So we’re gonna learn something that we like to call safety knees. So whenever you feel like you’re
falling backward or forward a good thing is to center
your center of gravity. So you’re reaching out
and to your knees, okay? It’s just a good way to keep you from sitting back and falling. So we’re gonna practice
falling all the way down, and then I’ll teach you how to stand up without doing any Bambi skating. – Oh that’s- – Good, okay so now you’re take your legs and you’re gonna swing them behind you, and you’re just gonna
go in a crawl position, put one knee up, and
then push yourself up. Okay, if you’ve never been skating before, it’s really good to
start with just marching. You’ll move like this, before you try doing like
fancy skating or running. Step over the lip, you got it. Yeah! – I’m so nervous. – Put your arms up. – Good, keep marching forward, good. – I feel like I’m five. (high energy dance music) – Oh my gosh, okay. – Is there a thing about
moving your feet out like a V? – Yeah, that’s what I was wondering? – So if you wanna go side to
side and shift your weight you can but only if you feel ready for it. – [Cameraman] What’s the
prediction until she falls? – Five seconds. – [Cameraman] Five, four, three. – Nevermind. – Oh my gosh, alright. – So a lot of skaters when
they’re new they’ll think their toe-picks are for skating, like helping to propel. Try to just keep your feet turned out and not use your toe-picks
to push yourself forward. Belly flops are very common. – This is crazy. If you really think about
it, we’re skating on ice. – Yeah, and skating on a
quarter inch of a blade. – And that, too. – So you need to use your
hips to make these turns, you’re gonna bend your
knees and you’re gonna go down and up on your knees, and down. Try to make your toes face the other wall. – I’m totally not doing it. – Alright, we’re gonna
learn something else I think is very important. So, we’re gonna head to the middle, we’re gonna learn how to stop. (dramatic music) – I stopped! – We’re gonna learn how to stop in place. Okay, this is called a snow plow stop. So you know the french fries pizza, right? – Yeah, for skiing? – Yeah, we’re gonna think about that, too. So, you’re gonna make
your feet go into pizza and you’re gonna bend your knees. Okay, they’re not gonna
be so turned in that your toes are touching, give
them a little bit of space. And you’re gonna push down
with your knees and shave and then march them back together. – Whoa. – [Bri] And shave, you
can do one foot or both. – She’s like legit shaving ice. (high energy dance music) – If you lock your legs, then you’ll probably stub the toe-pick. So try not to do it. You’re going to have to
bend your knees, get low. And my height didn’t really change very much, my legs just went out. Hey, That’s good. Just drop your weight. – Whoa! (low grunting) It helps when you make sound effects. – A little bit, but not so far that you go toppling over, right? – Okay. – Yeah, knees over toes. – Look at that. – I always do one of
the whole like you skate until you hit the railing. – We’re gonna learn how to
spin, are you guys ready? – Oh yes. – Alright, so I’m gonna
draw something for you on the ice really quick. We use this as a teaching
tool all the time. And it washes off with the Zamboni. – [Nelly] That’s amazing. – So this one’s yours. Okay. – This is the best thing ever. – So you want your feet right
there, so shoulder width apart edge of your circles, that’s right. You’re gonna bring your
hands out in front, make sure your knees are bent, you’re gonna twist your trunk so from your waistline
up towards the right. And then you’re going to
twist and release to the left and pull your arms and legs together. Just like that. But what’s really important while you spin is to make sure your toes stay in because if I do my feet parallel. Then I’m more likely
to go like that, right? And if I keep my feet
turned out, they’ll stop me. But if I keep my feet turned in, I can just go forever. Does that make sense? – That is so rad. – [Bri] Try to keep your
feet in as much as you can turned in. – Like that, just that much? – Yeah. – So do we turn them in
when we start turning? – Yes, so you’re gonna
twist your trunk first. Twist to the right, twist and release to the left. And pull your arms and feet together. – I’ve never felt so
uncoordinated in my life. – [Nelly] Pathetic.
I’m just gonna go fast. – Level 9000. – [Nelly] Go fast, babe. You gotta turn your- Not just your arms. Okay. It’s so hard to get your feet
in, cause you wanna like… – [Bri] It’s hard to keep your feet in because they wanna go out. – Man, this is so foreign to me. Ugh, I hate how hard this is. When have you ever felt so unqualified, as I do right now? Comment below. – Never done that in my life. – Was that fun? – Yes. – Okay your turn, you ready? – This is awesome. I think I should go the other way now. (high energy dance music) Keep your feet in. – Oh man – [Bri] Feel your weight
on the ball of your foot? – Right. – Alright. – Woo! – [Bryce] Nice. – Another way of turning
around that’s kind of fancy, we’re gonna learn how to
pivot like in basketball. (background music echos
from rink speakers) (high energy dance music) – [Bri] Alright, pivoting. (high energy dance music) You’re gonna bring your hands
up here right in the middle. And you’re just gonna just literally wiggle your tush to get going backwards. There you go. – (making trumpet sounds)
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. (whistling) ♫ Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. Whoa. – Alright, so here’s our little pineapple. You’re gonna stand at the
bottom of your pineapple and you’re gonna move
your feet up to the top, and back, and top. And then you’re gonna
practice your hopping skills by putting your feet
turned out and hopping. Make your stem. of your pineapple. – This is hard. Okay I gotta use my weight to go forward and then back. (fun, upbeat music) – [Bri] And this is the Pineapple Exercise that’s used to help… – [Cameraman] How does your beard help you with the experiment? You know it’s very manly, northerly. – It’s like a blanket of comfort, the only blanket of
comfort I have right now. – [Cameraman] It doesn’t
give you any like, manly skating powers? – I don’t know, you tell me. – I’m loving this. Look at me, I’m a
freaking baller right now. – Yeah, you are. – Wouldn’t be easier
to go and then like… – Closing. – Oh! You were that close to
punching me in the face. – Yeah, get ready. – Gonna learn a little
dance, are you ready? – Yeah. – You’re tall. You’re way taller. – [Bri] Alright, good. Very nice, you’re gonna
do backwards wiggles and you’re gonna do forwards
move going that way. – You’re going back. (high energy dance music) – [Brianna] Go ahead and stop. Oh, look at your snow plow stop, great. But now you guys are gonna take one backwards wiggle away from each other. And then you’re gonna
do your two-person spin. (clapping) – Wait, I’m still going. (high energy dance music) – And then spin. – Yeah! – [Nelly] Whoa! – [Bryce] Whoa. (high energy dance music) – Hey. – So, just lie on your tummy
so you don’t hurt yourself and knock the wind out of
you and your breakfast. You’re gonna get really low, okay? And then shoot yourself out. Yeah! (high energy dance music) (high energy dance music) – You’re like holding more
of my weight than I am. She’s like. (grunting noise) So scared, how about if I did this? – Don’t do it. – Alright guys, thanks for watching. This was really hard, and… – It was hard, I don’t
know how people do this. – Nells did better than
me, and that’s great. – And if you guys want to take classes, or interested, hit up this girl. And we’ll have her information
somewhere over here. – She teaches classes, she’s amazing, don’t judge by our skill. – You guys did great
today, I hope you had fun. – Also guys, we actually are
going to go bury a treasure for free passes to Peaks
Ice Arena, stay tuned. – So grab a date and come skate. That rhymed. I didn’t mean to do that. (fun, upbeat music) – Here’s the roundabout. Right there. That looks pretty cool. I hope somebody comes and finds it fast. There’s the Cascade Parkway road sign. Cascade Parkway, 850 North. Clear bottle is just sitting there. Anyway, there’s the treasure. Come find it. And the first one to find it gets four free passes to Ice Peaks. Woo! Make sure to keep following
us for future treasures.

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