Cowboy Boots 2019 my collection.

Cowboy Boots 2019 my  collection.

hello to the world this is a collection of fine cowboy boots for you to look at so this is the first cowboy boot purchase at Cowtown boots Las Vegas Nevada this is exactly a Cowtown boot the shaft is leather and as you can see there’s some sweet Python right there and as it’s being turned you can see it’s Agito it’s got a leather sole that is one fine boot that’s been purchased January 2018 that’s where this all began so for the next boot a few months later we go back to Cowtown boots in Las Vegas and we pick up a Dan post Milwaukeean it’s all black leather as you can see a leather sole this is a comfortable boot right here folks a very common boo and a few months later we go back to cow town boots because we wanted to get a rubber sole boot nobody heard about the buckaroo from cow town boots this is a fine good working boot it says for the working cowboy this is definitely a working move it’s got the rubber sole all of these holes by the way are replaceable and it feels really nice once broken in and after that we went back to count down boots and got de alligators 6-0 94 in cognac this is a fine boot from cow cow Moos this is probably one of my best feeling boots this is like an old lady slipper and as a side note here every boot does have a shoe tree boot tree from either Amazon or Boot Barn so the next book that was purchased was from Los Altos boots most of my boots are from Mexico except for the Python the first boot all of these are all handmade in Mexico this is from Lowe’s Altos boots I purchased this on yee-haa this is a fine black stingray and is a fine boot and it’s not being it’s not finished being shown out of stingray and you see the scales look how beautiful they are this is under light it’ll do this in the dark the shine on this stingray is phenomenal these were out of Steel from low self toes boots I’ve bought from yeehaw cowboy then I’ve got a good relationship going with yeehaw cowboy and what else would be next but a cognac sharkskin boot from Los Altos boots this is a cognac one and that’s a butter-soft leather upon chef’s a leather sole in a cognac we want to see some shark skin there you know mm oh my boots are a size 13 so these are 13 B’s so the next boot we went back to cow town for another Dan post amazing Dan post full quill ostrich they call it the Blue Gene whatever I have no idea what the name is but this is a fine full quill ostrich skin and I think Dan posted crop possibly be one of the best Maine boots out there and you can see them nice quills on there where they pluck them good old feathers off that ostriches butt and it’s got the leather sole the beautiful heel on it and that shaft is just amazing it’s like some worn-out doojoos these are amazing boots so we like the ostriches so much we got there but why not get the leg these are very special boots purchase from boot barn in Las Vegas on Warm Springs Road this is I call it a bronze I think that’s what it’s called but it is ostrich leg there is your shaft in leather and then you get to the ostrich leg boot they pieced it together as you can see pretty darn nicely I’ve gotten comments so that stingray and snake put together that is ostrich leg cloaks and it is a stunner leather sole beautiful heel this leather on the side is a mean it’s shiny it’s buttery soft and I will give you the solution to that buttery softness in a moment so the next one we got on sale another Dan post I wanted a lighter colored booth so I got a nice light boot on sale it’s called a Noah and it’s um got a rubber sole my second boot with a rubber sole so it’s a little wet outside you can wear this boot outside just make sure you keep it dry take care of it and this is the Noah in tan and to round off the collection my last Dan post boot chocolate sea bass this is called sweet brown dark chocolate right here folks the scales are an amazing condition it is buttery soft and I have a good reason why to tell you you got a nice distress shaft with that amazing dark chocolate coffee sea bass color and here’s the sea bass folks it’s a leather sole from Dan Post this is an amazing boot this is my last book that I just acquired just before making his video for you and I wasn’t really fond of the bigger scale fish until I saw this one and it does catch the eye it takes a little while to like so all of these boots in my collection were treated with leather honey leather honey is a leather conditioner and leather honey is really good for your boots look that up so my recommendations are leather honey clear and then the leather honey and on my black leather boots I would actually even know with a shoe polish and every boot as you can see inside one of these boots there is a boot tree so there it is inside hold it up I got over from between 2495 and 2995 depending on the sale and as you go from the first one again there’s the Cowtown Python that is the only boot meat in the United States this is your dan post Milwaukee fine move made in Mexico I got freaked out town went back to count town we got these wonderful buckaroos with the rubber sole and I love these boots they’re good for a lot of walking then the alligator 6:09 for another cow town exclusive then I went to Los Altos they’re out of order here but I went the low south toasting got the Stingray I was hooked on stingray then we got the shark in cognac and then the dark blue ostrich full quail the ostrich leg the sea bass and deep dark sweet chocolate into tan Noah the tan Dan post Noah’s amazing so this boots a damn post the sea bass is a dan post the ostrich is a damn post and the black leather is a damn post the Python the buckaroo and the cognac alligator are Cowtown exclusives Cowtown boots calm these two boots are special but from yeehaw cowboy calm and they are los altos los altos makes a fine boot if you never heard of them and you’re in the market for a boot go – yeehaw and look for some low south coast boots they have a lot of nice boots they even have the Cobra skin boots with the Cobra head right above the toe right here if that’s when you’re in – and as you can see the ostrich leg is just a little more elegant that’s my most expensive boot folks everything was either bought on sale around clearance and I think that it’s a very beautiful boot collection to share with the world so enjoy look up leather honey for your conditioners and your cleaners and cowboy boots forever

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