Cowboy Ollie Goes Horse Shopping!

Cowboy Ollie Goes Horse Shopping!

– [Missy] And say ah. – Ah ah, ah ah ah. Ah ah ah. – [Missy] So you’re singing your ah. ♪ This is our life ♪ ♪ This is our fun ♪ ♪ This is who we are. ♪ ♪ This is our dream ♪ ♪ This is our team ♪ ♪ Shot among the stars. ♪ ♪ Take this shield and you’ll be fine. ♪ ♪ Take this hand and watch us shine. ♪ ♪ This is our life. ♪ ♪ Let’s live it. ♪ ♪ Live it forever! ♪ – Good morning guys and
happy Saturday to all of you, and it’s Friday for us. I wanted to let you guys know that I was recently in a video on Andrew Huang’s channel, I’ll have his video linked in the iCard. But it was really cool because he tweeted that he need
people to like sing for him, send him videos of singing so he could use as vocal samples in
some music he was making. And he made this beat out of this piano that fell to the ground and then used a bunch of vocal samples and it was super cool and I’m in it so go check it out, go show him some love. That guy is super talented and I’ve collabed with him before. But I thought we’d let
you guys know about that. Good morning, it is a beautiful Friday here in sunny southern California, but I’m a little bit sad. This green light on my
internet router is a lie. There is no internet. And as you can imagine, no internet in a house
where YouTubers live is quite difficult. After searching why we
were having such an issue, I came out her to the outdoor router and found it very chewed
up and all over the ground. Because Luna apparently was feeling very anti-internet today. She basically ripped the
entire router out of the wall, ripped all the cords out, chewed them up. Look at this, yeah that’s
not really gonna help us get any internet. (laughing) Luckily though Missy’s brother Jimmy is a genius when it
comes to stuff like this, so I literally just sent him some pictures and he’s like I’ll be
up probably the second or third time I think
he’s fixed this router. And we honestly probably just need to find a better spot for it so that she’s not chewing it up, thinking
more like inside the basket. – [Missy] Good morning, boys. – Good morning. – [Missy] Good morning Luna. She’s always just hanging out, laying around, huh guys? The boys are so excited this morning. We have just been hanging out, I’m getting ready for
a pretty fun day today. They have been begging to do this for days and I’ve just been kind
of holding off on it because it’s kind of a project. But it’s this cool little game called, I don’t even know if it’s a game, but it’s called Design & Drill. And they’re dying to play it. And it actually comes in a package that we get monthly now for Oliver. It’s all about just like educational toys and stuff for Ollie. So we get this box that’s all for STEM and
education for Oliver. And of course Finn can play too. And so this one is kind of a game, it looks really fun. It’s all about creating pictures and using a drill to make the same design. So it’s actually a really really awesome educational game so I’m excited to open it up and play with you guys. Oh look, Carmen’s like I wanna play too. All right, we’re getting
started with all of the, of this game. And so basically they have this drill, and they’ve got all the screws in here, and they’ve got patterns. And so right now, what
flag is this, Ollie? – Um, there’s yellow, blue, and red. – [Missy] Good job. And what is this picture of? – Flag. – [Missy] What kind of flag? You said it earlier? You said it was the … – American flag. – Yeah, he said that all by himself too. I’m so proud of him of
for even knowing that. I know they do the Pledge of Allegiance everyday at school, but I
just thought that was funny. Then we’re gonna do the American flag. So they just put their first
yellow screw in, didn’t you? As you can tell they just have to like kind of make that picture with the screws. But at the same time, honestly right now, they’re just having fun
playing and putting screws into the little board. So that’s fun too, huh? That’s not a screw bud. Good job, all right which one’s next. Another yellow one? That’s awesome. Look at that, he’s doing
all the yellow right now. (upbeat music) all right, he’s got all the yellow and all the blue done, and now he’s just figuring out where all the reds go, right? And he actually, one goes there, yeah. You gotta go one two three
over with red, right? – And then one over
here and one over here. – You’re right. Dude you’re so smart, I’m so proud of you. And what he’s been doing is actually just making the picture
before he screws them all in. So you’re kinda just gonna put them there so you can see what it looks like and then drill them all in. How smart. Oops, that one’s in the wrong spot, bud. There you go. (upbeat music) All right guys, my mom is actually pulling hair right now. We’re heading somewhere to
actually look at a horse. Actually looked at it yesterday and really really liked it, so I’m bringing my trainer now basically to ride it, and
I might give it a ride too. I actually have another one
I’m also gonna go look at too. I did have one that I was
really sure I was gonna get, but I ended up pulling out of that one because I just don’t think
it was the right fit. So now I’m back in the search again and I’m hoping this one is a good one. It is in town, which I like, because I really hate
when they’re far away and it’s hard to really
get a good idea about them because I can only se them so many times. We’ll see how this one is, I’m excited. (upbeat music) This is the horse we’re
looking at right now. The lady is on him. He’s a tiny little guy. He is like so sweet. And just a really cool horse. He’s actually really tiny,
which is interesting. I kinda like, but I’m not sure if he’ll be able to do Western, or at least we’d have to
find a saddle that fits him. But pretty cute. All right, I just got done
looking at that horse, and honestly I really really liked him. I’ve never rode English before. So he mainly is English. I don’t think he had any
problem doing Western, but he’s definitely on the smaller side, and I think he also doesn’t
have a ton of muscle. So what’s interesting
though about him is that I am definitely a
beginner and I don’t want to be doing a lot of things yet. So as I grow I think he’ll grow and get the muscle and
get a little thicker, then I’ll be ready for more too. Because he was kind of on the lazy side. Like he did everything that we asked, but he didn’t really
wanna canter that much. He was super cute, so sweet, I’m very very very interested in him. I really really am. My trainer is super interested too. So I guess we will see. These things are slow though, I gotta take my time, I gotta talk to the owner a little more. And then I have to call
vets, the whole process. So nothing happens very quickly. But I really really like him and I’m super interested. All right, I just got home and Ollie is so excited because he know I brought
him a little surprise, huh? – Yeah. – He’s closing his eyes
cause he doesn’t wanna see. He’s got his cowboy boots, I had to stop somewhere to grab something that he’s actually been asking for, so I think he’s gonna be really excited. Okay, hang lemme set it up. Close your eyes. (country music) All right open them. What is it? – Cowboy. – A cowboy hat? – Yeah. – [Missy] Oh my gosh, look at you. That is so cute. Do you like it? – Yeah. – [Missy] I think it’s backwards. See this little tag? The tag goes in the back. Oh wait, that’s how you had it. Oh okay, you had it right. Do you like it? Look at you. – Did you get Finn one? – [Missy] Yes I got Finn a matching hat. Is that exciting? – Yeah. – Aww, Finn’s taking a nap right now. So we’ll surprise him with it later. Do you like it? – Yeah. – All right, we’re gonna
go look at one more horse. You wanna go look at a horse with Mommy? – Yeah. – Okay. You like it, is it comfortable? – Yeah. – You’re awesome now. It’ll keep all the sun out of your eyes and it’ll protect you while you’re riding your horse all day. – Yeah. – [Man] Can you take it off and say howdy? – [Missy] Say howdy. – Howdy. – [Missy] You gotta go show Daddy. – Look at you. You got a cowboy hat? – Yeah! – [Missy] He’s so excited. – So cool, I don’t think it will fit me. – [Missy] It’s just your size, bud. – You look so cute in that. Don’t pull on it, it looks so good dude. You’re like a real Woody, huh? – Yeah. – [Missy] You set it just like that. There you go. – Oh my gosh you look so adorable. – All right my parents
are in the front again and it’s me– – [Woman] You kids be good back there. – Me and cowboy Ollie
off to go see a horse. This one is an Arabian. So I don’t know if you
know horses very much, but it is a very beautiful horse. I think it tends to be
a little more spunky. I guess we actually had two Arabians when I was little, right? – We had two Arabians, and
they were strong horses. – Yeah they were a little
spooky I think too. The only reason I’m really going to look, because I was kinda not
looking for an Arabian, but it’s actually a friend of a friend who like they trust a lot. I told them I’m looking
for a really chilled beginner horse, so I thought
may as well take a look, they’re just down the street from me. So I’m excited to look. And he I just so excited to go check and see if he can find a horse. – Yeah well I want to have the horse. – He really wants a horse. And you’re gonna take your cowboy hat and go look for one. – Yeah. – You have to tell me if you
think it’s the right one. – Okay. – [Missy] Ollie’s over here trying to get this kitty
cat to come to him. Come here. Aww, look at you, you’re
petting a kitty cat huh? – [Woman] She’s very friendly. – [Missy] Cowboy Ollie is
gonna go check out this horse. What do you think of him so far? (laughing) Is that a good sign? – Yup. (laughing) – He’s so cute. I keep saying him, but
this one’s actually a girl, her name’s Elena. I can definitely say that
just from what we’ve seen it’s a lot like what we thought. Very high-strung, a little more nervous. Or not nervous I guess. I don’t now, she does seem nervous, right? We’ll see what she does. We’re gonna let the lady get
on her and ride her first. (upbeat music) Um what did you just do? (laughing) You are loving this, aren’t you? So you found the one you want, Ollie? – I want this kitty now. – [Missy] You want this one? – [Man] That is a small horse. – [Missy] I don’t think you
can ride that one, Ollie. Are you hoping to ride
him with your cowboy hat? – Yeah. (laughing) – [Missy] Yeah that’s a
pretty sweet kitty cat. All right, just left that place, and Mommy was not a big fan of that horse. What did you think? – I liked the kitty cat. – But what did you think of the horse? – Horse? – [Missy] Yeah. Did you see the horse? – Yeah. – [Missy] Yeah, what did you think of it? – Um, good. – You think it was a good one? It was pretty spazzy, it was kind of like what I
figured an Arabian would be like, really hard to get a saddle on it, like it was kinda jumping around. Which it coulda been tied up for a while before they had actually
put the saddle on, but it’s just not something
that I’m comfortable with, plus she did spook a little when a dog came over. She jumped back, and I was like, I’m not
getting on that horse. Super pretty, and I
think it’s a great horse, but not quite what I’m looking for. All right, we’re all
gonna keep looking, okay. Although I think Mama’s pretty much sold on that one I saw today,
we’ll see what happens though. All right we’re home and Finn’s up, so I’m putting on his little cowboy hat. Isn’t that so cute. My gosh. – Look what we did today you guys. Our living room is kind of in shambles. We took down our
entertainment center, our TV. Missy parents actually stole it. No, we gave it to them. We’re actually getting
something really cool installed tomorrow and it’s kinda gonna be built in, it’s kinda like a permanent
improvement to the house, which is gonna be really cool. Really excited for you guys to see that, so stay tuned to tomorrow’s vlog. I am cooking some dinner
for the boys and for us. Ollie’s playing Design & Drill again. You really like this game, huh? We are making ham and cheese paninis for dinner tonight. Oh, that look so good. Look at at that cheese. – [Missy] What are we doing, Finn? (speaks nonsense syllables) Are we getting ready for bed? Ollie is doing his fluoride, huh? So he can’t talk right now. Don’t make him laugh. He can’t talk right now. You done?
– Yeah. – Good job. All right we gotta brush yours now kid. I don’t know if you guys know this, but Finn was always a very
difficult teeth brusher as a baby and as a child. So just like the last few months, oh my gosh he’s gotten so good. I’m really excited that he’s
finally brushing his teeth, and he actually has his
first dentist’s appointment here in just a few weeks. All right, let’s brush
your teeth now, okay? How’s your teeth look? Are they all clean? – Yeah. – [Missy] Yeah, let me see? Those look good. All right, he’s excited. All right show us how good you do. I’m not gonna be very good, because I’m one-handed. I’m one-handed right now. So let’s try. Ready, and say ah. – Ah ah ah, ah ah ah, ah ah ah, ah ah ah. Ah ah ah, ah! – [Missy] He’s singing Jingle Bells. (singing Jingle Bells to ‘ah’) But anyways, we are
getting ready for bed now, I’m gonna go ahead and end the vlog with these little boys, because they’re going to bed. Mwah, mwah. All right, hope you guys
enjoyed today’s video, we are getting so close
to getting a horsey, huh? So close. Give this video a thumbs
up if you enjoyed it. Oh he’s like, I’m trying. And we’ll see you guys tomorrow. What do you say? – [All] Bye. (upbeat music)

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