Cowboys in Calgary

Cowboys in Calgary

100 thoughts on “Cowboys in Calgary

  1. Sorry, but if you haven't had a corndog with Jalapeno relish, bacon jam, a bit of Mexican crema, with a sprinkle of Oaxacan cheese than you haven't lived. Don't tell me Mustard is all you need, son.

  2. No bullshit that is the coolest Marty has ever looked with the hat shirt jeans and boots he pulls it off

  3. Bro,nice low key tit peep on the chick with the white top.hopefully wifey isn’t mad,cuz the shit wasn’t really low

  4. this made me make a travel bucket list for this year to go back to calgary stampede. from bc but man, i remember that shit from when i was a kid !!!!

  5. yyyyooooooo that ranch has long horns <3 man just learned something new about alberta/canada, I'm from a ranching family and am a half city/ country child but man. they are beautiful <3 also respect them bull riders and broncos but they also silly after stampede. cowboys be cowboys but that might also be my town xD but man. good ranch vibes

  6. I wish Keep it Canada was more popular. Would have loved to see more seasons of it.

    Hands down, Matty has to be my favourite Munchies host.

  7. They really need to do a season 2 of this and just check out more cities throughout Canada or even re-hit some of these cities.

  8. It's amazing that this has been on the internet for 5 years and I just found it.
    Man it would be good if you make a new season revisiting the same places.

  9. Canada is beautiful but has same problem to liberal especially when it comes to gun laws but beautiful lovely place for those reasons im out

  10. In retrospect I think that this video depicts Matty JUST before he met his spirit animal. Namely that clown at 4:52 into this thing.

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