Cowboys in Calgary

Cowboys in Calgary

what’s up you ever been here no cuz I’m showing you for the first time this is beauty you ever see beauty like this before no it’s like looking in your mother’s eye for the first time when you were born you don’t remember that I’m reminding you of real beauty you’re welcome hey I’m Madi I’m a chef in Toronto and I’m going across Canada me with chefs foragers farmers and all sorts of other food industry stars come with me on this magical voyage to see all of the awesome stuff Canada has to offer I’m going to be cooking from the people I meet so watch it enjoy this is keep a Canada right outside Calgary in the beautiful Alberta this is amazing mountains behind me and check out these ramps there’s actually Rams behind me this is ultimate nature on this episode we’re gonna check out the rodeo I’m gonna go horseback riding I’m going to check out mountains I’m gonna check out these Rams I’m going to check out beautiful food this is keep it Canada look at that’s so regal we went to Calgary during the Stampede which is basically a gigantic carnival with cowboys cowgirls and crazy rodeos Calgary is known for beef bison riding horses and wearing cowboy boots we drove into the city during the heart of the Stampede season and we had a ton of really good food while doing it Keifer Canada is live right now right here we’re at Alberta boot factory in Calgary cow town with two of my favorite chefs and Canadians we got John and Connie I’m going to get some boots but first they’re about to do something really weird so the first thing I did when I came to Calgary I got white hatted it’s never been done to me ever before someone’s gonna give me a cowboy hat that’s more than a cowboy hat you’re gonna be an honorary Calgarian Mattie sounds like something from Star Trek this is an official certificate this is real this isn’t a painted hat me the Dali Lama Bruce Willis Matty Matheson you are now an honorary Calgarian mostly about really special people coming to Calgary get in the white hat that’s it you’re done graduation congratulations brother Thank You Johnny Connie now I need some boots to go along with this friggin hat is that sick we got Ben here he’s the man he’s gonna set me up with some boots but first what’s up with the boots what’s up with cowboy boots tell me a little bit about cowboy boots the reason the shape the design everything is there is the for a reason you got a heel there so when you’re getting up on the horse and the stirrup you’re not falling through you’ve got more of a point so you can find it easier and you got the taller top there you want to protect your legs that’s essentially where the boots came from now you can get them as tricked out as you with the Calgary Flames absolutely this one’s like a bustier kinda if you were having like a chilled night and you could wear this is your maybe like pizza night boot then we do a lot of exotic stuff as well ostrich alligator elephant elephant skin ace maturer would hate this place the birdie body elephant leather from black market deep deep deep web deep web what’s like a super like a bad guy came in here like what was it what would his boot be just a simple black black I would say yeah I got a couple booths for you here all right that’s nice and adds an inch a quarter or an inch and three quarters too it’s really empowering wearing cowboy boots instantly makes me feel like an amazing person and then what we really need to do is pop the boots off we can throw some jean legs on and you see how the boots looking up the boots we should probably do that so if you’re sitting there talking to a girl that’s how you pick up the girls bar I think these are the ones it’s like Johnny Cash or something some bad dude some big bad man came in was like give me some boots that’ll be the boot so you walk into a cowboy store you get cowboy boots cowboy shirts and he come out with some cowgirls got right into it I got the hat I got my cowboy shirt I got the boots where do we go the Stampede how’s this look is this a good vibe just talked about it this is like the Juggalos but they got a bunch of weird hats on check this out eat some corn dogs and so they’re right here we’re in the mecca of everything that tastes good in the world you’re gonna eat the out of this place we’re about to eat some corn dogs start there if you see somebody putting ketchup on one of these they’re tripping out this mustard that’s all you need no bill this is very similar to like some crazy like Korean night market where it’s full of white people and cowboy hats it’s pretty cool so here we have the most ancient of all sodas we got a sarsaparilla aka root beer root beer is really big in Calgary if you didn’t know that oh okay you know you go to fancy restaurants you get wine pairings and all this what you need is just a root beer a cold root beer bunch of deep-fried stuff it’s like a deep-fried cheese jalapeno ranch sauce that’s what’s up it’s like something I like A Midsummer Night tale and some there’s pretty much the best day of my life right here in the Stampede I was mingling quite well food we’re coming up to me asking about my ranch road to get the the Calgary turkey leg smoked and grilled unreal phenomenal people here is the best turkey leg over at should we do the mechanical Bowl I like donuts the deep-fried cheeses I don’t like riding bowls they’re sexist towards fat people dude it’s a bull ride we just made ourselves look like complete losers over there on the the atomic ball or whatever it’s way harder than you think especially for somebody who weighs over 300 pounds I’m depressed now I’m gonna go eat some doughnuts me too so you have the og just a cinnamon and sugar doughnut like crack he’s a doughnut crack get thrown off of mechanical ball you come here you get the doughnuts stampede turns into the best day of your life so the next morning we went to charcut which is like the mecca of Calgary charcut is the mecca of Calgary cuisine right now John and Connie understand what hospitality really means and they’re phenomenal chefs Tony and I have worked together since 1999 so a long time we wanted to open our own restaurant and wanted it to do it somewhere that meant something to us so coming back home where Connie was born and raised and I lived most of my life Calgary was kind of a natural we had like a meat pie we had some beautiful shaved zucchini salads and stuff like that really meaty really big stuff and then really delicate really lush kind of greens and like it’s a really nice juxtaposition between meat and vegetables right there has to be a balance like we we specialize in meat we do all of our own butchery and house all over on charcuterie but then I mean it’s the summertime so third there has to be the balance we have gorgeous vegetables coming out of our garden we have the meat pie it’s like a pound of meat that’s crusted and our in our house pastry big bone marrow chimney sticking out of the top the pig head mortadella that you tried to get mortadella is unreal tell me a bit how this cult this chef culture is really it’s really coming together right now it really has many like in the past five years we have all come to realize that we’re not going to be able to showcase our city individually charcut isn’t going to be able to put Calgary on the map market alone isn’t going to be able to put Calgary on the map the the culture is kind of shifted from from being competitive to more collaborative John and Connie are about to open up char barn massive undertaking which is bringing local businesses together it’s great to have people like you and other friends come in to Calgary and show them you know true western hospitality is real the hospitality is real in Calgary it’s it’s the Wild West anything goes yeah this is sandy he’s about to take me into the Rocky Mountains and we’re gonna ride some horses I’ve never ridden a horse before so what do I just have to get my leg into this first obviously I can’t get on the horse because I’m overweight and wearing tight jeans so they brought out the what’s this where do they call this this is a stepping stool stepping stool I’ve written in Ferraris I’ve been in helicopters you know I’ve got a lot of really stop I don’t think I’ve ever thought I would ever be on a horse I wrote a horse it was amazing think about that that big city life put that aside you’re there on the horse it’s you the horse the mountains it’s the chain I got it up to a trot the people out there in the world know what a trot is it’s really fast look at this view this is crazy this is like a movie man middle-earth type do you think I’m a cowboy yet oh yeah oh yeah it’s a really beautiful experience you know I thought I was gonna be a cowboy and I believe that I am a cowboy down because obviously just rode a horse around on a range excuse me excuse me we went downtown Calgary to check out Dave mahadji’s restaurant market he plates his food with tweezers he drives a Beemer let’s see if this guy can cook all right so that is the beautiful tuna crudo um you’re gonna little bit of preserved lemons I really kind of gangster way of serving like raw shellfish just serve it literally on a huge salt bread really what we want to do today was sort of showcase some sort of stuff like that that maybe you’d find at the fairgrounds but we’re like chop it a little bit so it made our own mortadella into those little corn dogs you had some sweet potato beignets you know he does a really good job he does that swanee a it’s really refreshing to have something deep-fried that isn’t heavy you know and it takes a the right hand to handle that kind of I wanted to showcase a little bit of everything so of course we had a lot of pigs because Pig is predominant in the game this these days so we did that hot pot a little bit of clams and shrimp slay all right I shaved a little bit of that a bonito to order there Dave Behati is definitely going places that kid can cook he’s got swanee a food his dessert program is on point take a little poo butthole yeah it’s got a coiler the upside-down boiler a really big thing that I was looking forward to is seeing some Alberta beef where Strathmore Alberta with Scottie a world-class bull rider he is also a world-class rancher here at s Bar s ranch we’re gonna go check out some cattle he showed me around we’re in a Polaris going through pricks so I just came across the crack it separates the cows from the rest of the range the cows are walking away from me I feel like they don’t like me I feel like I’m sitting at a cafeteria by myself drinking warm chocolate milk but it’s out tell us a little bit about the beef here they seem pretty good they’re pretty much breastfed they all right right around here everything’s grass-fed so that’s why we have the best beef what we like to say in Canada before the Alberta it’s breeding season as you can see you got some footage of that there’s four bowls out here there’s about a hundred and ten cows out here so breeding breeding is about 45 days now you I leave them on here about 45 to 60 days kind of no two months of pure spring break you bet Jake Spring Break exactly so uh when riding bulls like how high have you been like thrown into the air a few times I’ve been up there 1012 feet then how many how many how many bones you break after you I broke my femur yeah and then I broke my fibula and tibia lower there yeah tore my bicep off from my elbow rolled up into my shoulder looked like ice pop I had a big bicep they just they screw back down in that you keep going keep going determination determination and I’m not good at anything yeah you got it if you’re not good at anything else and you don’t mind getting your bicep ripped off your arm bull ride so all these calves are moving I’m trying to interview Scottie like professional and they’re moving us they’re in the background well they don’t usually do that when I just come off it is breeding season and you’re new maybe you have a smell that I’m we’re not sure I got a little smell maybe we should get the out of here because I don’t wanna get by a ball so I like to cook for the people that showed me around and Calgary and Alberta so we had a little bit of a cookout so I’m here in John John’s house it’s a beautiful area it’s just outside downtown Calgary it’s the suburbs but not the suburb and so this is downtown where there’s lakes and trees every where yeah so we have some chili made with bison shank we got some baked beans with made with some bacon it’s a molasses and some root beer so we’re gonna add some we’re gonna some paint some sustainable paint then we got some chopped onions some tomato some corn chips just made a really nice cookout there’s a bunch of different people almost like a potluck there’s a bunch of people here that have helped me out over the past week and they’re about to have the best chili and baked beans they’ve ever had what Dave’s doing a market but John and Connie are doing a charcut is there they’re just raising the bar constantly and in Canada as a whole not just Calgary and it’s an amazing thing to be a part of this you know it’s one of the best places I’ve ever been in Canada one of the best places I’ve ever been in the world it’s the Wild West out here in Calgary keep a Canada on the next episode of keep it Canada we’re gonna hit up PEI I’m going to put a wetsuit on go clam digging actually my balls are going to shrink up yo what’s up this is potato factory world about to eat a five pound lobster I’m probably gonna sweat a lot

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