Creepy clown CAPTURED ALIVE New clown SIGHTINGS More clowns in the WOODS Killer clowns on CRACK

Creepy clown CAPTURED ALIVE New clown SIGHTINGS More clowns in the WOODS Killer clowns on CRACK

The creepy clown epidemic may have started
with John Wayne Gacy in Illinois. In 1975 he began earning money at birthday
parties as “Pogo the Clown”. He also wore the costume during volunteer
work at the children’s hospital. Sometimes when he killled, he would be dressed
as Pogo. Gacy became known as the “Killler Clown”. The modern circus was invented in England
prior to the American Revolution. A retired cavalry officer, Philip Astley,
founded a horse-riding school and was facing competition from other riding schools. He promoted his business with periodic performances
of horse tricks, in addition to lasso tricks, jugglers, acrobats, strong men and one clown. In 1775 the first circus clown was Billy Buttons,
who made people laugh by repeatedly falling off the back of a horse. The first clown incursion happened in Massachussetts
in the spring of 1981. Daniel O’Connell, a Boston Public School counselor,
sent a memo to all schools in the district to warn teachers that men dressed as clowns
were bothering young children. Local news announced two men in clown suits
were using candy to try to lure children into their van. The police then profiled any van or car with
a clown inside, pulling over a large number of suspects. However they found only clowns en route to
birthday parties. Before the childrens’ summer vacation began
the clown invasion had evaporated. Today’s new clown craze may have begun in
Wisconsin on August 1st, 2016, when Gags the Green Bay Clown was originally spotted in
the city at 2 AM, in a costume streaked with dirt, and holding four black balloons. Local citizens began posting pictures of themselves
being armed and prepared for confrontation with the spectral jester. Within a week these appearances were revealed
as a publicity stunt by actors who auditioned for a horror film, but did not get a role. Instead they were hired for the successful
viral marketing campaign, that currently has 55 thousand likes on facebook to promote the
film. It was no longer a joke when a full-blown
“clown panic” erupted in South Carolina. On August 21st the Sheriff’s department received
a complaint from a woman at Fleetwood Manor Apartments, who said her son had seen more
than one clown in the nearby woods. Several reports followed from other children,
of a group of clowns who offered them large amounts of money to follow them into the forest. Deep in the woods, they said, the clowns lived
in a small house by a pond. Unfortunately when the police searched the
house they found no face paint and no baggy pants. In Pennsylvania there were no sightings of
clowns known to the police. But that did not stop a mob of Penn State
university students from organizing a clown hunt. Between 500 and one thousand students on October
3rd, flooded the streets of the college town, searching for evildoers wearing grease paint. They posted to Twitter that they were chanting
and not afraid of clowns. Miraculously there was no rampage and no
injuries, no vandalism and no arrests. The only confirmed appearance of a clown that
night was a still photograph of a jester, projected onto the side of a building on campus. In response to the social media frenzy, some
professional and hobbyist clowns are now organizing. Marching under the controversial banner “Clown
Lives Matter”, a demonstration of peaceful harlequins was scheduled for October 15th
in another city suffering from the clown uprising, Tuscon, Arizona. Entertainers dressed in their full circus
regalia hope to prove they are not unhinged. The flyer for this event encouraged the public
to bring the family and get a hug. However the whole world believes that some
creepy clown sightings are associated with child disappearances and the slitting of throats,
because the phenomena has spread from the USA to other countries including England,
France, Spain and Australia.

29 thoughts on “Creepy clown CAPTURED ALIVE New clown SIGHTINGS More clowns in the WOODS Killer clowns on CRACK

  1. It's a shame these clowns couldn't have their march because of death threats from the blm movement. They should've done it anyway. Good video, Bill.

  2. great video! I agree the idea of an evil clown probably started with Gacy. A clown's make up is supposed to be rounded without sharp points to it. It makes it softer, non threatening. Perriots and mimes have sharp points, but not clowns. Gacys makeup was pointy. As was his art work clowns.
    Your timeline was very helpful! This entire thing is crazy.

  3. Hi, Bill

    I discovered your channel a few weeks ago and have watched all your videos since then. Love the channel. I look forward to your new video each week. Thank you and keep up the awesome work.


  4. Hi Bill. The clown  sightings have also been seen in Scotland too. A town near by me have put a massive sign up at the town border that says. No clowns welcome here.

  5. Another good one Bill. I never cared for Mime's but I love rodeo clowns. Twilight Language has some interesting reads on the clown invasion.

  6. Bill, I just came across your channel yesterday, I've been watching a bunch of your videos and have subbed. As a huge true crime buff I must correct you. As I have read many books on JWG, and have seen all the early documentaries there is no mention or evidence he ever killed or commited any crimes dressed as Pogo. It has only begun being mentioned in recent years by youtubers. I think the fact it was an alter personality and the fact he did paintings of himself as Pogo is creepy enough. There is no need to stretch the truth into saying he killed as Pogo. The man was a monster, there is plenty of fact and evidence to prove that, no need to stretch the truth.

  7. Clowns freak me out! Your channel has quickly become one of my favorites. Thanks for all the freaky content. Peace and love Bill!

  8. True story: about a dozen years ago, I went to gas up my car at an automated gas station on a dark country road at about 2 in the morning. I was the only soul in sight for miles.

    All of a sudden 4 cars showed up, and they were driving around the parking lot in an aggressive manner, peeling out and stuff. As if on cue they all drove right up to me and all four vehicles stopped and out of each of the cars sprung four occupants.. All 16 of them in full on clown make up!! They were doing flips honking horns, swinging on the light poles and one of them approached me with a huge nerf pair of scissors and pretended to cut my hair! They all flipped and cartwheeled back into their cars and drove off! I would tell you were nuts if you told me the story, but I swear on the eyes of my children that it happened, just like that! I was stunned, but once I realized they apparently meant me no harm, I managed to blurt out "what a bunch of clowns!" Before they left!

    Mount Pleasant SC

  9. Dolls and clowns always scared me as a child! Anything with a soulless false empty face disturbs me still today!
    The only clown I did love dearly was Red Skeleton! I never missed his program and was heartbroken when I heard his personal life story.
    I enjoy your selection of stories Bill! Love it when YOU tell the story too!
    Hope you are doing okay. ☺🌷

  10. Hello Bill! I love your channel! I live in Greenville, SC.. Just a little update – It is ILLEGAL to be dressed as a clown in public here! You will be arrested on sight if you dare to "clown around"…

  11. My daughter is freaked out by clowns, my wife says doesn't care unless they are trying to kill her,don't think my daughter would watch this one, maybe! 2 thumbs up here Bill!Great Show Always!

  12. One of my bosses at a pizza place asked if I would dress as a clown for children's parties. I wasn't any good at it. Maybe it was because clowns creep me out…

  13. I live in Bmore in between Pennsylvania and South Carolina and there are videos of people trying to scare people around here well Bmore is not the city to do so they got beat up and a few got shoot its nick name Bodymore Muderland for nothing

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