Critiquing My Ride // Versatile Horsemanship

Critiquing My Ride // Versatile Horsemanship

in this video I’d like to introduce my
horse Nocona she’s one of my personal horses and I was just going for a little
ride tonight thought I’d get some video so you could kind of see what she’s all
about get to meet her a little bit she is an Appaloosa mare she is 12 years old
so I hope you enjoy since this is a video just of me working with my horse
and riding I thought that it might be kind of fun for me to go over some
critiques and talk about our strengths and weaknesses as we watch this so here
I’m going ahead and doing some groundwork with my horse just before
getting on and I’m kind of wondering why I am standing like I am it looks
horribly uncomfortable and I’m not really sure what’s going on here but I
definitely need to really consider my posture when I’m doing my groundwork now
the last three months I have only ridden this horse bareback I
ride her 4 to 5 days a week and I have not used a saddle in three months so
this is my very first ride using my saddle again
the reason I have this footage is because I applied for a fellowship and
needed a video of me working with my horse with that being said it’s actually
kind of painful for me to watch this because I was so nervous that it was
making me incredibly awkward I’m not definitely not used to doing
something like this as far as the groundwork part here goes I definitely
need to work on punctuality so when I go to pick up on my Makati I really need my
horse to respond to the feel of it and not wait until I have to pull on her so
I’m gonna go back to working on my timing and make sure that I have a flag
to help her follow through I feel like my horse and I have both gotten so
comfortable riding bareback and just with a halter that I kind of need a few
days of do over to get used to riding with a saddle and using a bridle again I
really like to spend a lot of time backing my horses and I mix it up just
to keep it interesting so sometimes I’ll take my horse and I’ll simply back a
small arc and move on and do something else other times I’ll back them in a
full circle or do an S trail back home in a circle both directions to
make a figure eight wherever my horse is at that moment if they feel really soft
when they’re backing then I’ll go ahead and keep going but if they’re having a
hard time I’ll back them up until it feels really good and then we stop I’m
working on keeping this horses feet still when I work on lateral flexion I
want to make sure when I take her nose from side to side that her feet stay put
until I asked her to move them when I take her in her turn around to the left
I want to keep her right hind legs still as you can see here she’s moving it
around quite a bit and I really need to work on that with her just making sure
that she focuses on keeping that outside hind leg still and then pivoting around
it you’ll see there will be a pentagon shape on the ground around the pivot
foot with a dot right in the center as I take her in a turn around to the right
you’ll see she’s gonna move the hind end out first and what I want her to do is I
want her to keep that left hind foot still and move the right front foot
first so after watching this video I can
really see that that’s something that I need to work on something that’ll
certainly help is if I focus on not leaning with my body because that’s
certainly creating a little bit of an issue for her as well this turn around
to the left was a lot better than the last one so I’m pretty happy with that
this horse used to have pretty sticky feet and in general had a hard time
moving forward so she’s really come a long way as far as just moving forward
off my leg and stopping with my seat when I ask her to every time I ride her
I’m really seeing a lot of improvement and just the general going forward that
really used to be a struggle for her so that’s nice to see the progress here I’m
going to ask her for haunches in so you’ll see the right hip come in words a
little bit and I really there I need to work on my leaning again it’s just it’s
a terrible terrible habit for me this time around we’re gonna work on a little
bit of shoulder in so you’re gonna see the shoulders come inward the hip go
outward a little bit and there’s that darn leaning again as we come around
again we’re gonna do shoulders in and this time I must have really thought
about it because I’m not leaning nearly as much as I did the last time it
sure is a lot easier to ride in this arena without the round pen but I just
can’t justify not having my round pen set up and being useful for the winter
as I change direction I just did a little teardrop shape there now as I
take her – we’re travelling left I’m going to ask for haunches and again and
travelling in this direction I don’t lean nearly as much as I do the other
way I really love being able to video my ride I feel like I progress from it so
much because I can see all the just the little details that I can improve on
that are gonna just make huge difference with my riding one of the things that my
trainer mentor Lee Smith says is if you could see what I see then you’d know
what to do and since the first time I heard her say that I really kind of took
it to heart and I make sure to pay really close attention when I ride
something I’m really pleased about is how well this horses walk to canter
transition is coming along she used to we used to struggle with
this really bad and it was I’m not blaming the horse at all basically when
I would ask her for her canter she would get very sort of wiggly dive inwards a
little bit and lean on my inside leg I started carrying a dressage whip when I
rode and that really was helpful because whenever she would try to lean on my leg
I could correct her by giving her a little tap with my whip and that really
seemed to help her out and once she learned leg means go forward don’t dive
inward that just made a huge difference for this transition with this particular
horse I preferred the dressage whip over using Spurs because I feel like her
belly is so big and my legs are so short that I was always sort of accidentally
poking her with my spur and I it started distracting me significantly so moving
to a dressage whip and just kind of ditching the Spurs was the most helpful
thing for me to do I’m so used to riding horses that I have a lot more forward
motion to them that this horse has genuinely been quite a struggle for me
she doesn’t have a lot of go to her she’s
quite lazy and resistant to the leg a lot of times so it’s taking me a lot to
get her to this point where I feel like we’re sort of together and going forward
I still would like to get a lot more out of her but at least were I’m seeing
progress and progress is really the most important thing I can’t expect
perfection out of her and she’s probably never going to be the type of horse that
really wants to go as I’m asking this horse to do a rollback here I’m kind of
giggling to myself as I’m riding because she just sort of trots out of it and I
really want her to hustle and towards the end of this exercise she does pick
it up a lot quicker but I just like to hurt a canter out of her tracks and kind
of skipped the whole trotting process I’d say the biggest thing right now that
I want to work on with this horse or that I’d like to accomplish with this
horse is for her and I both to just be able to sink a little bit better with
the stop I feel like like I was laughing as we came to a stop right there because
it’s just sort of slow-motion everything is slow motion so just getting her feet
to work a little bit quicker and to get her feet to stop a little bit quicker
and just get her more responsive altogether Nocona used to be one of my
lesson horses but I’ve been riding her exclusively for probably about two years
I don’t intend to use her for a lesson horse again because I think she’s just
happier having one Rider and I think she likes the consistency
Nocona and I get along really well and I think the struggles that we’ve been
through together have been a really good learning experience when I start cooling
my horse down I typically work on slow things like side passing so here as I’m
asking her to go to the left I’m gonna let her stop and back up a little bit
before I send her back off to the right I like to always add a backup or some
forward steps in there just to prevent them from getting Wiggly it certainly
would have been helpful if I had shortened my reins a little bit before I
started side passing my horse the next thing I’m going to work on is isolating
the hindquarters so I want to keep the front end still and just ask her to step
the hind over just one step and actually what I’m looking for is when I send her
to the left for her just a step with the left hind leg and when I send her to the
right I just want her to step with the right hind leg I want to I’m not working
on trying to get her to cross over right now at this point I just kind of want a
little side step so I keep working on this and tell I get a few really good
steps of her going back and forth and then I make sure to to stop and give her
a reward just like right here this is really nice these couple of steps
perfect that’s right stop as I bring her head
from side to side for some lateral flexion I want to try to keep the pull
the highest point her ears relatively level and her head vertical and her feet
should be still at this moment until I go ahead and ask her to move her front
leg with my rein like right there as I take her into a turn around I’m going to
keep it slow and just really focus on the details I want her to keep a bend in
her body and I want the outside hind leg to be the pivot leg so the left hind leg
should be making a pentagon around the other hind leg so far this turn around
has been way better than the one at the beginning of our ride really slowing it
down and focusing on the details is so important I I do want to add some speed
to this as well but I need to make sure that she’s going to be really solid with
it first a turn around to the right is our more difficult side that’s when she
typically moves at hindquarters over so I’m gonna go ahead and ask her to do it
again and that time she kept the hind quarter still so I want that left hind
leg to be the pivot leg and her right hind leg is making a pentagon around the
left again this would really help if I wasn’t leaning so much I think that’s
really throwing my horses balance off a little bit like I said I’ve been riding
bareback on this horse for three months and I feel like we’re so much more
balanced without the saddle it’s just going to take us a little bit
of time to readjust again

6 thoughts on “Critiquing My Ride // Versatile Horsemanship

  1. Does Dani the horse girl ride with You? I feel like I've seen that arena before. And that gorgoues appy in her vids

  2. How long have you been riding and training? my husband and I are still newbies with horses, we are constantly trying to watch and learn as many different ways we can use to help us with our leg commands other then the reins. She is a beautiful mare, I love those kind of markings. I thought you did remarkably well.

  3. What is the point of all that backing? Is this to help with whatever it is you do at shows? I just don't understand it. Oh my Gosh! Now I've heard WHIPS SPURS I loved watching the videos of your Mare having her Baby. But all of training stuff for shows or rodeo, I can't understand . Sorry!

  4. Brandi, I owe you an apology! I'm so sorry for judging you simply because I may not agree with some of horse sport events that you take part in. I've seen you with your horse's, and it's obvious that you would NEVER purposely put them in a position that would cause them harm. I thought about what you said about the kids enjoying themselves at the shows/events. And in this day and age it's comforting to know that they are having fun But! More importantly! Staying Safe. I Sincerely hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive my thoughtless behavior towards my close minded thinking.

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