It’s exhilarating. And it was something I always wanted to do again. And now here I’m going to be able to do it. Here I am doing it! Yes As we grow old, we tend to lose our thirst for adventure. We go to school, get a job, and have kids and even if all of those things could be amazing, in that process we sometimes get too comfortable and forget about the adventure in our lives. Living by the Yes Theory means not living life in the passenger seat. It’s about embracing challenges. Understanding that discomfort leads to growth, and most importantly, that it’s never too late to live. So, we contacted Wish of a Lifetime, a non-profit aiming to shift the way our society views and treats our oldest generations by fulfilling seniors’ dreams and sharing their stories. They are partnered with Brookdale Senior Living Residences where the adventurous 88 year old Ellie is staying. Her ultimate wish was to chase her biggest passion one last time. Six years ago, Ellie had a big injury which permanently ended her ability to ski. Ever since, she’s dreamed of experiencing it again And today, after a few weeks of planning, we flew out to Colorado to document the experience and support Ellie alongside her loved ones. So we’re about to go down to the gate where Ellie the grandma is arriving right now. We’re all a little nervous. I have no idea what to expect. Gotta get my camera ready to roll, I’m Jeremy. Ellie’s kind of a tough kind of old-school type feel about her but whenever she talks about skiing, she breaks down crying. Sure the more you get to hang around her, you’ll kind of see why everyone’s so excited about this. Ellie! Hello! My friend Take your time Nothing but friends and family here. Matt: hi! We’ve got sunshine for you out here. We got snow in the mountains. But that’s all we need and you guys to take us there. Exactly. Now are you all brothers? You all look alike. *Laughter* So this is Ellie. Hi Ellie I’m Ammar. Ammar? Ammar. Jeremy: That’s How they pronounce it in Boston
Thomas: I’m Thomas
Ellie: Thomas. It’s been over six years since I’ve been on skis. We’re really excited to ski with you. You’re going to be skiing with me? That’s good. I’m excited to be skiing too I have never seen anyone that excited to do something. She’s knowing that she’s like that close to making it happen again. It’s incredible. Can’t believe we get to be a part of this. I know! It’s so special We used to see all the time and since we met, we’ve been so busy that we haven’t had time to ski. Skis for tomorrow and a snowboard for this loser. So excited It’s like taking your kid to his like dream fun fair. That’s how happy Thomas is right now Got some good gear. I’m about to ski with a grandma. It’s going to be the best day ever! Alright we’re all set! We’re all suited up! We’re all decked out! We just got a call from Natalie who’s organizing this whole trip. She said that Ellie ended up in the hospital last night. She’s been throwing up all night and they’re not sure if she’s gonna make it to the mountain today. I hope that she will but the doctor says it’s altitude sickness so hopefully it’s nothing too bad. She’s a fighter. She’ll make it. She was too excited. I bet you even if the doctor said “no don’t do it,” she’d still do it. We got a call from Natalie saying that we’re good to go to head up to Keystone Mountain and we’ll go rent some more gear and head straight up to the mountain. So Ammar decided to change up the fashion sense for the next two days. *Cue Amar looking fly as hell* The Egyptian boy skiing with her dad’s outfit. *laughs* I just want to make sure it’s not gonna… Gear check! Let’s make it up the mountain. I feel so badass right now. She gotten any sleep? Yeah…maybe three hours She told me when she got here, “there’s no way I was gonna miss this. I could be sick on the way up here, but I was gonna be here.” She obviously isn’t feeling great, but we got in there and parked her. She’s like, “what can we do to get me out there now?” slow down So she’s non-stop. An 88 year old, I mean who does this after a night in the hospital. Who does that? Alright we’re about to see Ellie again for the first time since the airport. Hi guys! Matt: Hi Ellie Ammar: You like my suit? That’s why I wore it! She said, “if I should drop dead on the slopes,” she says, “don’t worry about it. I’ll die doing what I wanted to do.” Are you ready Ellie? As soon as I get clothes on and everything. Yes, I’ll be ready. Oh, 72… What is it? It says 72. Her finger is really cold. Take some deep breaths, Ellie. So her oxygen levels are really low right now So we’re just gonna acclimate her to the altitude. Yeah she’s a champ. Just trying to make sure she stays calm and gets accustomed to the weather… She’s gonna need to stay on oxygen… in the sled Ok…I’ll go tell Hailey that. Thomas: You guys look beautiful. Thank you. You guys are all handsome young men too. I was 33 when I first started skiing. Age is only a number. Your body tells you what you can do and what you can’t do, and you’re never too old to ski. True that. I’ve used my body all up. I did everything I wanted to do. Now I’m paying for it but I was happy doing it all and that’s been my motto all my life. As long as it’s something you want to do and you can do it, do it. You can still try to do it just as I’m doing today. What other questions you guys got for me? *laughs* Ah we’re all crying! I’ll tear up too. Thank you very much for all you’re doing for me. It’s so hard ’cause it’s so real. It’s like life at 100% till the very end. Ammar, thank you very much. I can’t believe–this guy probably didn’t remember my name after like a week I knew him and you already know my name. I’m good with names. Yeah you are. Makes everyone feel good that you know who they are. Wow. Alright, let’s hit the slopes! Let’s do it! Word on the street is that you’re not the best skier and she’s gonna kick your ass. Oh yeah of course she is. I mean, she taught me everything I know. So we just did another oxygen blood test that she actually is a lot higher. She’s ready to go on the mountain right now. We’re good to go. Wow, that looks like a good ride. Ready to go. Ready to rock and roll? Yes, ready to rock and roll. Alright, Ellie. So this is actually a perfect fit. You made my job super easy You did Here we go Ellie. I will have a marvelous time I’m so happy to have all you guys around me. Thank you so much. I feel like a princess today. She is so adorable. *Cheering* How are you doing? I feel fine. How are you doing? Doing so great. Get out of the way, and let’s get going! Yeah! You’re ready. I’m ready, are you ready? Yeah You ready to rock and roll? Ellie: We’re ready to rock and roll! I am if you guys are! One for the money! Two for the show! Three to get ready… Let’s go! Here we go She’s going. She’s coming Alright, Ellie! Here we go! Yes ma’am, here we go! She’s doing it! Yay! Woo! Oh my god! I can’t believe I’m here! Alright, what do you say we go throw a 360 for me? Alright let’s do it then! *Cheering* Wooooo! We did it! We did it! That was so great! That was awesome! Actually fantastic! Oh god, I can’t believe I did that! I can’t believe I’m out here! Spending a few days with Ellie made us realize that what you make of life is truly up to you to either decide to make it one big adventure until the very last second Or you lose it bit by bit to mundane routines. Watching an 88 year old overcome multiple injuries and fulfill her biggest wish before our eyes was by far one of the most inspirational moments we’ve ever experienced on this channel. We’re more motivated than ever to tell stories of love, courage, and positivity, and to continue spreading the Yes Theory to as many humans we possibly can. And if your grandparents have a big wish that they want to fulfill, make sure to leave it in the comments down below. Tell us their story and if something stands out, who knows? Maybe we’ll make it happen. We’ll see you on Thursday.


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