Dude, do you want to start motovlogging? Yeeaaaah, I do GREAT, your bro MotoLouie will take care of you. In collab with I’ve got a few item packs for you To get you started with Motovlogging We have 3 packs, some are cheaper, others are not. We have a small pack A medium pack And we have the big pack which contains way more items. Which I use If you want your Motovlog/Bikevlog/Skivlog Or your horse riding videos Or any other video To look as good as mine I can’t advise you otherwise than to get the same accesories that I have Let’s begin In the first pack We have basic items So to say What is this pack composed of ? A J hook, the same I have Here, on my chin mount I use the same mount Here we have We have 2 different mounts, one for curved surfaces, and one for flat surfaces The same as my chin mount. And here we have the double sided adhesives. We also need a lavalier microphone. Otherwise your video will sound bad, just like being underwater. This is what it sounds when you record with your GoPro without a lavalier mic It sounds just like.. Exactly like being underwater And that’s when you’re sitting still, Imagine how it would sound when you’re going 10,20,30 50km/h and so on Let’s plug the mic back. So you can see the difference This is what it sounds with the lav mic back on. It’s a big difference I would say… In the medium pack We have Including the ones in the small pack We also have the following A GoPro case An adapter ring For UV/ND/CPL filters and an ND filter Here we have 3 different options But for this pack I chose the middle path. An ND4 filter Which can be used in both good or bad lighting So that it won’t be too much, or too little. This ND Filter is It’s exacly like a pair of sunglasses for your GoPro It forces your GoPro to have a higher shutter speed So that the whole video will look better Without it being too vibrant or too pale too bright, or to be faded and without contrast. So that when you look at bright objects like the sky or sun, it won’t look too bright How to use it Well, it’s easy to use it, we take the adapter ring Which you have to mount on the GoPro Case It is easy to mount it It only has 1 screw We take the ND filter It screws in very easy And there we have it Moving on To the third pack that I have for you In this third pack We have everything that’s in the 1st and 2nd pack The difference is that in this pack You also get 2 ND Filters on top of the one I’ve shown you before ND2 and ND8 In the medium pack we only had the ND4 filter And we also have something else Here we have an external battery (“GoPro Bacpac”) Which extends the recording time up to 3 hours Usually a GoPro records 1h 20, 1h 30m if you’re lucky and if the battery is still good It is easy to mount it on the case All you have to do is take the old backdoor off and put the new one in. You have to stick the BacPac on the back of you GoPro It sits Here In the case, along with the GoPro And this is how it looks The perks of having this “Bacpac” Is that if you’re using the lavalier mic You have the mini usb here, the one in which you plug the microphone. And on the external battery Bacpac you’ll have another free mini usb port In which you can plug an external powerbank And you’re not stuck with only recording 3h You can record until you SD is full If you have 128gb of memory you’ll be able to record for 6h straight No idea who does that.. That’s not a vlog anymore, that’s called surveillance. And that was it with the Motovlog packs I’ve collaborated with Because many of you asked what camera, helmet or gear I’m using And so on Everything is written in the description But the most of you don’t even read it So, here are the products, I’ll link the shop in the description And I’m anxious to see if new motovloggers will arise Have a nice day, bye :D.


  1. Am posibilitatea de a face motovlog, carvlog, bikevlog și travelvlog. Crezi ca ar trebuii sa ma axez doar pe un gen de vlog sau merg toate pe același canal? Mulțam!

  2. Salutare man , am mai rămas cu o duba vii sa ma ajuți ? 😂😂😂 Peace man ✌🏻spor la treaba și poate iarna asta faci un video pe pârtie cu un snowboard 🏂

  3. Acum problema e as.. pe unde bagi microfonul (usb-ul) in camera pentru ca daca cai camera in carcasa nu ai nici un orificiu pentu a putea pune microfonul ?!

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