D.I.Y. Thrasher Hoodie with Theotis Beasley | Cheap Thrills

D.I.Y. Thrasher Hoodie with Theotis Beasley | Cheap Thrills

[MUSIC] Woah, are you seeing this guy right now? That dude’s rig is fully slim. Thrasher hoodie. Is that Theotis Beasley? Yo! Is that Tabasko Sweet over there? He knows who I am? What’s good? Trying to play skate? I know somebody at home,
I gotta go to my crib real quick. Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back. Really?
[MUSIC] All right family, what’s up? It’s your boy Nate, a.k.a Tabasko Sweet. You’re watching Cheap Thrills. You already know what it is, right? Cool. Now I’m about to show you
how to bless yourself, with the most crucial part of skate
wear out, the iconic thrasher hoodie. As seen our boy,
Theotis the legend, back there. Now this hoodie is a fall
street wear staple. Simple, versatile, and hard as [BLEEP]. Now the legendary chest logo has been
a symbol of skate culture since 1991. Nowadays, skaters aren’t the only
ones rocking the thrasher hoodie. It snuck its way into
the high piece of mainstream. I’m talking Travis Scott,
Lil North West, Sage the Gemini. I mean your boy Tyler the Creator
has like five of these things. And we can’t forget Earl Sweatshirt, now you know that man knows
his way around a pullover. Now these joints retail at about $60, but they’re always going up
because of that high demand. These hoodies stay selling out. 60 bucks is a little pricy. [SOUND] I don’t know about you but
your boy is out here trying to clock these gains,
unless thrasher gets wise and sponsors me. So what do you say family? Does it skate or die? [SOUND] So here’s what you’re gonna need. A plain black hoodie. And remember family, it’s XXL or nothing. An XACTO knife. [SOUND] White fabric paint and
a thin brush. Large stencil paper. [MUSIC] A cutting surface, pencil. So your first step is gonna be to draw
your iconic Thrasher logo on your stencil paper. Now I just free handed this one for
you guys to save some time. But when you do this at home,
you’re probably gonna need some reference. Now to get the sizing right,
you wanna measure the front pocket. The width of the chest logo
should be about the same. Now, before we cut this guy out,
we’re gonna wanna tape the corners so it’s not sliding around everywhere. [MUSIC] Speaking of sliding around, pro tip. Never choose Luigi when
you’re playing Mario Kart. That fool’s always sliding around,
like [SOUND]. Very clean. Now it’s time to get it cut, but
remember this are sharp as well. [SOUND]. As always precision is key, rip that CVD. [MUSIC] Remember a steady hand and a steady mind. I’m just cutting out my letters. You already know what the [BLEEP] it is. [MUSIC] Even though I’m in a hurry,
I’m still taking my time, family. If I [BLEEP] this up,
it’s a dead giveaway. [MUSIC] Now I’ve been seeing a lot of comments, people saying your boy
Tabasko Sweet doesn’t try anymore. Damn, chilly. [MUSIC] A lot of people were talking
about how dirty my nails were. Sorry, my nails get dirty. Your boys out here crafting all day. You’ll be happy to know today
they’re nice and clean. And speaking of clean,
I’m serving up a very clean piece for your collection today. I hear you family. I’m out here doing it for you. Now let’s get to painting on our hoodie. [MUSIC] Now I’m gonna take my
cardboard cutting surface and put it inside the hoodie where
the chest logo is gonna go. [MUSIC] This is gonna give us a sturdier surface
for painting and prevent bleed through. [MUSIC] Not we’re laying down our chest piece. And remember, placement is critical. [MUSIC] This stencil paper can get slippery. Slippery, excuse me. [MUSIC] Lock and load, baby. Now let’s get our fabric paint. [MUSIC] Now I’m using my paintbrush
to lock in our logo. [MUSIC] Now I recommend the small brush for
precision, but I’m in a hurry so I’m going with my fat tip. Get that pinner [BLEEP] out of here. [MUSIC] Yeah. Speed mode. [MUSIC] All right, all done. Now we’re just gonna let this
thing dry for about 20 minutes. Let’s see how we did. [MUSIC] Hoo! Fuego alert. Somebody call 911. Now since I’m high key running out
of time, I’m just gonna come in and quickly freehand the skateboard
magazine lettering under the Thrasher. [MUSIC] Don’t go anywhere Theotis,
I’m on my way back, dead ass. [MUSIC] Are you seeing this right now? I’ve really outdone myself this time
anything for my cheap thrills fam. Gang gang. While this is drying let’s
get ready to go skate. I’m about to bust some mad ollies and
pop some like kickflips. Yeah kickflips, trust. Your boy learned everything he need
to know from comping mad hours on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater two. You know I stay on my grind. Triangle, triangle, triangle. Now when you roll up to a skate
park with this thing on everyone’s gonna think you can bust
a six stair gap like nothing. Onto some god tier [BLEEP]. [SOUND] [MUSIC] All right, let’s get back to the spot. Come on dude they’re waiting for me. Sound guy come on let’s go. Get out my way dude I can’t blow this. [BLEEP] Got my board. Outfit’s on ten. I hope Otis is still here. I’m ready to skate or
die family let’s do this. Yo Theotis, what’s good? I’m back man,
I told you I was coming back. Yo, I see you’ve got your boy,
you’ve got the thrasher hoody. So you really skate. You’re trying to play game skate? Come on man, what’s your team up. Let’s go, let’s go. [MUSIC] Let’s go. [MUSIC] Dude, I gotta tell you something man. What’s up? I actually really suck at skating. But I was kinda hoping maybe you
could teach me a thing or two. So I’m not just another
poser wearing Thrasher, man. Don’t trip, I’ll take care of you. Word. Welcome to the Boy Theotis Skate Academy. [SOUND] Class is in session. All you gotta do is sign up. Let’s get it. Step one,
you gotta learn how to kick push. Let’s see that. Let’s see what you got. Okay, I see you. I see you, I see you,
step one you got that down. Now, we gotta get to step two. You gotta learn how to get
the board off the ground. That goes then down. You got that? Dude, you’re like levitating. Out here I can fly, I got wings. You don’t land this one,
you’re getting kicked out of the class. [MUSIC] Wow, there we go! I see you, I like the progress. I see you, I see you, I see you. If anybody’s out there watching,
sponsor me. It’s your boy.
Yo Theotis, I got a lot of respect for you man. Thank you bro. Skateboarding is no joke. It’s not as easy as making
a fake grass shirt, is it? Cool. [MUSIC] You are, you good? [SOUND] That’s a lot of water. Man I’m just beat from
popping all those ollies man. I don’t know how you do that. You did put in some work, you deserve it. Yeah, so like what’s your
favorite street wear brand? You got it on right there. I think Supreme is the sickest
out there right now man. Yeah man. Yeah [BLEEP] fuego Yup, no doubt. Got that young fire. Whats your favorite pair of
Nike’s ever released man? They got these new hyperfield dunks that’s pretty tight that came out
about three months ago. That’s my favorite. But I’m in these today. These are the VaporMax. Dunks are always the classic. The best thing out, still as of today. Take notes, family. And what were you wearing
before you started glowin up? Glowin’ up.
Glowin’ up. Glowin up. We in this [BLEEP],
we be glowin’ up, right? I used to rock Creative Recreations. You remember those shoes? Creative Recreations? Yeah, I used to rock those. I used to trade in product and
go to Active Skateboard Shop and just, my boy worked there. And he used to just like let me
trade out boards for like shoes. So I had to make sure I had a new
pair of shoes for every day. Damn, very clean. What’s your grill piece in your closet? Couple of designers. I got like my first pair of
Gucci’s.and one pair of Versace. So, I’m trying to get into it slowly. Versace, Versace, Versace. Do you have a special lady in
your life beside the moms? Yeah, I do got a girlfriend,
it’s been two years and a half. She try to hold me down. Damn, shout out to all the skater
ladies out there, your boy is single. Call up my boy Tabasko Sweet. Does your girl skate too? Hell no [LAUGH] she can’t do [BLEEP] I
mean I always thought that skater tricks are pretty flame. Any advice on how to land one? Listen, first you’ve got to get the flame
logo like your boy, that’s number one. Second you gotta learn how to
keep those feet off the ground. You gotta learn how to alley. Land the trick, then land the chick. Absolutely, you got it. You money. Your boy is not out
here trying to boom so, what’s your favorite way
to ball on a budget. I’m talking like, 20 bucks and under. You know I’m [BLEEP] some in and out. Animal cell or regular? I’m always going regular. Regular? So why not animal cell? I’ve got time for all that source. I mean, agree or disagree. Okay, that’s fair. Everyone knows you as a skater. So what are you doing when you’re not
just shredding on your skateboard? I love drunk bowling with the homies. Talking about a cheap thrill, you should
come out to the east side sometime and bowl with me and my boys. Damn, that sound dope, I’m down. All Star Lanes. Good happy hour too. Come get lit. Come get lit. You’re always such a positive dude,
like what do you get mad about? What’s like [BLEEP]
that you don’t [BLEEP]? Number one is when people
[BLEEP] with my family. That’s [BLEEP] I don’t like. Thanks bro, family is everything, family. All right, rapid fire. All right. Biggest skating idol? Paul Rodriguez and Andrew Reynolds. Been my number two since day one. Damn, and
you got to skate with Reynolds in Baker 3. Yeah, that’s like when it all started. Your signature trick? Backside flip. Think you’re ever gonna
retire from skating? I’m 26 now,
I’ll say probably in tens years hopefully. What are you planning to do after that? I always thought about starting
a skateboard company and hooking up the little
kids that’s coming up. Like when we were starting,
P rise so, something like that. That’s awesome, you’re [BLEEP] you. What’s skating with lawn lane like? Man, the crazy part about that,
he likes to skate. He’ll hit you up and
like to skate at 3 in the morning. Til like 7, you just gotta go to sleep,
I’ll be tired around that time. Damn, a sneaky skater. So you think its maybe, because he
doesn’t want to get spotted or what? That could be that. The homie like to be out there creeping. That’s pretty sas, but also lit. So have you skated with any
other rappers besides Lil Wayne? Remember one time at
the Bagz Justin Bieber showed up. We blake skate. So he’s not just posing
in that Thrasher hoodie? No, the homie can actually do some tricks. Damn, Bieber. Fully unhinged. So who’s your dream person to skate with? Dead or alive, who would you sesh up with? Shane Cross Legend. I know you were hella young when
you first got picked up by Baker. But when did you get
your first skateboard? I was about 10 years old. Damn so I’m already like 22 years old. Is it too late for me? Man, the smartest thing you’ve done was
to sign up for the Theotis Academy, then you go there. Hear that Chief throw this fan? Get started today. All right, last question, man. Tell me your very worst wipe out story. Go on YouTube. Type in my name, put Hall of Meat. And then you’ll see. Thrasher Hall of Meat. Yup, got [BLEEP] up. [LAUGH] So I’m trying to skate
this ledge in like Orange County. And I didn’t pop right, so
my feet came off the board and then the homie zoomed in real close and
you just see half of my ass cheek. I had a big ass hole. Deadass? Deadass. I think he’s deadass. Yo, you ready to get back to this Ollie or
what? I’m down for whatever, let’s get it. All right, sign back in. [MUSIC] Lemme see it get off the ground. Okay, we gonna get this Ollie,
believe that. Let’s get it. [SOUND] [BLEEP] One more. [SOUND] I’m loosing my [BLEEP] mind. You see this [BLEEP]. You’re drifting out to the ocean,
I don’t want you to sink. Don’t come off the board,
stay on the board. [MUSIC] Yeah that was. That was one of the hardest
things I’ve ever done in my life. Couldn’t have done it without
a dope coach like Theotis though. Let’s go see what my boy’s doing now. [MUSIC] Yeah! You seeing this [BLEEP], right now? [MUSIC] That’s what’s up, gang. Theotis dude, thank you so much for
being on the show today, man. Thank you, bro it was a pleasure. Thank you for teaching me how to skate. Of course. Any last words you want to
tell the Cheap Thrills fam? Treat your mom right,
respect her, save your money, and tune into Tabasko Sweet real deal,
thank you for having me, dog. Dang. [MUSIC] Tune in every Tuesday for
some New Fuego video. [SOUND] Gang gang.

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