Dad plays SSO w/ Facecam

Dad plays SSO w/ Facecam

Okay hello everyone and welcome to part 2 of my dad plays SSO I am here with guess who my mom I’m here with my dad, and I’ve got some things that he has got to do in star stable. Also. It’s his birthday today Yes, if I post the olicity online video. I’m recording in the same day That’s why we’re wearing the same shirts as we did in the other video hello, mr. Blue horse Okay trust me, so yes. I hope you guys enjoy why am I doing the ending? So yes, I’m going to start you off by By choosing an April Fool’s Design for this horse, so how this works is you crash into this barrel, okay? Okay Yes, and just click the bunny mmm and scroll through So it’s so fine You like it that way You do this and every video. I give you like a huge range of customization you like the first one I like that one okay, right so you get to choose a horse of your liking and I have like Way if you don’t like any of those like this one I Did it though okay? So should I do it? Yeah
You do it you do it and scroll through and find the woman right so I click on the bunny click on the bunny clicked and then click Just just anyway Galaxy Wars Okay it changes. Why my open this way tangle That’s one is cool. Don’t get me wrong But we need them all well, maybe one that suits your outfit Do you want to use the keys as weird Okay Sorry, I’m trying to make okay right and if you want to move the camera just hold the right button and move the mouse all Right, okay? We’re good Pretty good one I said This is this is what you have to learn to do. This is the struggles of playing star stable You don’t get the choice you have to scroll through Struggles No, there’s no way we can backspace. I’ll find it again. I’ll find it. Let me make this up to you I Can do do you want this one? When we get better There we go, okay, we’re moving away from the stupid bunny. Okay, good job. You did it You did it, okay, okay, so now I? Want you to do is walk over to the stables Dismount using the new shortcut key X. I think yes eggs, so just walk over first because too much information Yes You can use Y as. Frost as easier Okay an exit hard stop Okay, so then you wanna just X again yeah, and then open your Envelope in your inventory how do I do that clicking the new backpack icon with the backpack? Okay, and then you want to walk up to your horse Horse poop, yes, okay, it’s not a new thing. I don’t remember seeing horse poop before So yeah, and then I feel bad for me Ivey goldstream I’m about to walk through you know some of these Okay, okay, your first task is to answer this person what so they just said abigail so open the chat, okay? So I click on that yes, right and then and then and you see what they say I said Abigail Say hi, okay, so I did Yeah, what else can I say I think my videos Matey I’m hoping they watch the video. I put out yesterday. Cuz then they’ll know that it’s They’ll probably just think it’s an April Fool’s prank Yeah, he’s like you know 47 years of being told you’re an April Fool. Never got old. Yeah, but you don’t even write that 200 Question mark yes right okay hence the question mark Sandy sandy, I know you’re gonna watch this cuz you said you were gonna watch my video. I am so sorry She’s gonna think I’m ignoring her Yeah, hey Dad What if I done Mmm. If you ever see me on star stable acting weird It’s him. It’s not me. Hey dad dad you are nice? I watched your daughter Hello, sandy Panda Brooke It’s funny because when I met them the first thing they said was your dad are necessary do is so funny They found you funny goods that are you dead yes? Anyone else in the vicinity is going to be like what the heck is going on Well what should we do should we do something light as a thing? What do you what do you want to do with them, ooh? You seem to be quite good at racing at this point you Could you axle made Friends better on this episode than you did last episode you remember what happened last episode, yeah Yes, I think she rejected you, but you know what? Yeah, yeah, no like more like hi boy like funny like boy, so you can’t trap wall you Okay, you’re about to starts already. What oh yeah. Oh alright. Okay, okay? So he’s just just yeah, just go in between the pose and try and follow sandy sandy is your guidance Okay, where am I going? Oh wait? Yes perfect perfect, okay? It is it is yeah, and then a bit to the side cause these camera angles are awful It’s base to jump by the way, but you can’t double jump in this where am I going? Okay follow sandy Sandy knows where he’s going hold on sandy panda Brooke, no Sundeep and a book Sandy panda Brooke an independent book difficult Okay follow sandy, okay sandy Pandey there you go. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, okay? She will guide you Andy will guide you okay? Now okay? You’re just gonna that way follow the arrow I was pulling that girl Because I keep seeing every point like you go that way Hold on Sunday, I’ll be there in a minute bye sandy, would you feel it again? You can’t fail in the rainbow race I could have gotten that I just needs more time so we are going to Head to the rainbow race which is kind of why I dressed you up like this because I have to fit in wedges time you go is this sandy no I Also, met sunny and Beatrice. Oh Beatrice is like with us firm Yes Beatrice Tell you what we’re gonna head to the rainbow race And this is a race not fail all right, so I have Sandeep and a book and Beatrice Hawk daughter. Oh oh no poor sandy thinks. He’s being left out Back dad are they with us. Are we just running away from them at this point. No. They’re with us. They are okay Oh, she went and got a different. Okay, okay, because there is no more fabulous horse then mr. Wilde promise Excuse me, do you see this mr.. Wall promise Doesn’t he look. Swanky is all hey guys I mean look at the outfit I Know I’m not going to say any of these cool terms Yes, what kind of cheating because I want to get there in a Timely manner oh you mean by you controlling yeah, so that hot air balloon yes Yes, no because I saw you not using the keys now It’s not clicking and dragging it was still working. No. I was controlling it. What do you think I’m doing over here? Oh gosh, there’s a lot of people here press X okay Okay, back up okay back up and then press it Presses the press the blue sparkles produce bubbles what blue spark or something? Here no done. The yeah, okay? Yes, yeah, they get press it click, and they click OK gosh There’s a lot of people Okay, don’t come into this race today Can you even see yeah, you can see other? People’s cool. Yes welcome to the rainbow Palace nice Race will make you wonder Do you see why you have to dress like this though It’s a little bit barren over here, but we do have a race. It is a rainbow race It’s a bit like the Rainbow Road and Mario Kart guy is nice. Yeah So cool. I might actually have a chance to hear yeah We are people with us is that sandy and Beatrice it is People We’re gonna go in okay It starts pretty pretty quickly wait. Do you have to click it? I don’t know Okay, right, so start a high school Rick’s. Okay. Go okay ready, right? My horse shaking with anticipation, right? Yeah, and there’s no losing this race if you fall off you just restart and there’s no time limit those Give me juice tea boosts. Okay, yeah Then what boost boost and then go round yeah, and you want to hit those and you want to get the horseshoes as well Perfect and go through this is automatic seat. Okay. Let’s just punch the Mike I don’t know. I don’t think you can see other people in this race So, this is a very slippery path, so don’t ya know what why did I suddenly start running backwards because Maybe fall off a rainbow oh, okay, so avoid those twirly whirly things to do they Pretty good No, but it’s okay, so you want to try and collect the horseshoes because they give you extra points at the end Okay, what about the swirly things, so swirly things are the pads ready things? Okay Boyd goes things running, too Well research so you’re on the second lap you’ve got this lap to go, and then you Did pretty well Can you distract him As much as I as much as I like this one you know visually I’ve gotta say it’s not overly thrilling I didn’t expect you to be this talented at the game, so I was rather surprised When you completed it good job. You’ve completed it Congratulations. Okay, cuz I stayed was like oh look we got oh gosh. Hi there. Just waiting for you here, I said Oh, no you lost your horsey skin, that’s not there oh here It is hope daughter’s wearing my horsey skin, yeah You’ve been talking to oh hey no, wait a second Ya know I’m telling you she’s got the horsey skin that I had on yeah I just wanted to say hello to Amy Grace who is a girl who has? Supported this channel through thick and thin. She is actually on holiday in the country. I live in right now, so that’s gonna be awesome Hopefully I’m really really hoping I actually get to meet her because that would be awesome I keep looking here instead of here at someone lying. I’m sorry so yes I hope I get to meet Emmy Grace because she’s a lovely person, but you know if it doesn’t work That’s fine as well, so I hope to see you. I sound like such a creeper! Where are you going! No Okay go to the bunny bunny on the bunny on the bunny Sandy I’m making you I guess you guys decide what you’re going to do Race somewhere there we go we’re doing it together Okay, okay, so go right on the map to the orange spots Right so the orange spots we Come on sandy come on I Know distracted us trying to figure out if I was going the wrong way, or well. They’re going to different way points oh They see the same one – you do, but they’re just going to the closest one like a normal person Yeah Those the waypoints no no it’s just the orange dots on the main map What so just look where the veering spot? Spot like a dot spot like a spot You mean like an area yeah an orange area So go to the orange area like that’s an orange area. Yeah Follow sandy and Beatrice because they know what they’re doing, but if I follow them I’ll get to it first and There that it was that Quran Street, okay, yeah Perfect Okay Nick. I’m Troy. Yeah, you did Just keep an eye out for those. Oh, it means it’s up on the ridge wind your way up? Can you find your way up? I got zero score Yeah, oh, maybe oh, no. Sorry. It doesn’t work like that. It’s whoever finishes first get some point Good job for 99 what does that mean? Yeah, oh I can see my income from Sorry, well that is all I have for you guys today. I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you in the next video

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  1. i frickin love your dad xD i wish i had a dad like that tbh i wish i had a dad at all…i dont live with my dad and have no contact with him i absoloutely hate him…i wish i had some kind of fatherly figure which i dont πŸ™

  2. Omgg I wish my dad would take that time and played sso with me haha! πŸ˜‚ but ur so nice to ur dad c; Keep going you need way more subs! 😍

  3. Your dad seems so.nice to play so with you my mom and dad hate so they think it is a money pit even though I pay with my money 😒😒😭😭

  4. My dad would be like

    "What the hell am I doing? Your horse sucks" and all that weird stuff, sorry for the language!

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