Dancing Mickey Mouse Super Roller Skating Minnie Mouse Magic Dancing Sofia the First Kinder Playtime

Kinder Playtime! (children laugh) (children cheer) Welcome back to Kinder Playtime everybody! Woo-hoo! What do we have today, girls? We have the Roller Skate Minnie, We have the dancing Sophia, and we got the dancing Mickey. Yeah, our friends at just Play toys sent us the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Diggity Dancing Mickey. Ohh, and we also got Sophia First Magic Dancing Sophia. And then the last one, we have Super Roller skating Minnie. Woo-hoo! These are great toys for this holiday season, and we’re going to check them out, right now. Are you ready Chloe? Yeah! Are you ready Emmy? Yeah!!! Let’s open them! Yeah! Alright girls. Which one do you want to open up first? The Minnie! You want to open up Minnie first? Okay, let’s do it! Whoaaa. We got our Minnie Mouse out of the box. I like her ears. You like her ears? I like her ears. You like her ears too? She’s got a really big pink bow on top. And that’s actually what activates her. And of course she’s wearing a helmet. Because when you go roller skating you should definitely wear a helmet. Yeah, and then she has a big, nice Minnie face that they did a really good job with that. Two hands of course, and it looks like they move. And then she’s wearing her signature pink dress, of course with polka dots, right? And then, we got down, she’s wearing two pink and purple roller skates. With bows! With bows! Awesome! Are you guys ready to see what she does? Yeah! Let’s do it! Let’s see. Alright, let’s go ahead and activate the Minnie. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. Oh, she’s gonna go backwards. Woo! Oh okay, you saved her. Good. Alright, go ahead and push it. Alright, she’s skating. Cute! Ahh, she got me. Oh, I’m sorry Minnie! She’s spinning! That is so cool! She’s singing a song! Okay, let’s try it on where we have more room. Because that was crazy. It wouldn’t even stay on our table. Alright go ahead and push it. (Minnie talks) Well hello there. Let’s get ready for our skating party. Come on. My bow knows what to do. Just tap my bow when you’re ready to go! Let’s warm up! Well hello there Minnie. (Minnie starts singing) That’s really cool! What’d you girls think about this one? I was so excited! It was really exciting. Man, I think they really liked it. And I think I did too! One thing I will say, is you do need quite a bit of floor space to play with this doll. But that’s okay. It works great on the floor. And I don’t think it works so good on the carpet though. So make sure you have a good solid floor to play with this Minnie doll. I really liked it though. Alright girls. Which one are we going to open up now? Are we going to open up Mickey? Or are we going to open up Sophia? Sophia! Okay, I don’t think that was even a contest at all. Sorry Mickey, we’ll get to you next. Okay so we have the Sophia the First, Magic Dancing Sophia. I wonder what she does. She dances! She dances? So it says the Try me button. So let’s go ahead and click that. Oh, let’s push it again. Okay, push it again. Ah, so her dress. Okay. Okay, so it says you wave the magic wand and you dance with Sophia. Very cool. So there’s the magic wand. Let’s get her open and see what she does. I’m a princess! No I’m the princess. (Emily and Chloe begin playing and giggling) Alright, we got our beautiful Sophia out of the box. So let’s look at her real quick. Alright, starting at the top, we have a really pretty tiara. And you can actually remove it and put it on your own head.. Like this! Yup. Just like that. Alright, and of course she has a really pretty smile. And she’s wearing her amulet. And she’s also wearing her signature dress. Which is of course pink and purple. Look, there’s pink down here. Yeah, it’s gorgeous. It’s gorgeous. She’s a really pretty doll. And there’s purple on the top. Uh-huh. She also came with this really, really neat magic wand. And it’s got a button on it. So this is the remote control for her. Okay, to get started, let’s push her amulet and see what she does. Okay. (Sophia begins to sing) Let her spin! Awww. Ah! She got you! Where’s she going? Oh no, her tiara fell off! I think I hear the music starting. Let’s take a spin on the dance floor. (Sophia continues to sing) Okay, show us what the wand does. (Sophia continues to talk) “Let’s dance together. Just press the button on your enchanted wand.” “Oh I’m so excited. The Royal ball is right around the corner.” “Let’s learn some dance moves together. Come on! Just wave the wand.” Go ahead and wave it. Wow! “This move is, the castle walk.” Wow! “Now you try. Grab your enchanted wand and do the castle walk.” Yay! We did it! “Phew. You are a wonderful dancer. Let’s do another move. Just wave the wand.” Alright, this is a really cool Sophia doll. What do you guys think? I like that she dances and the wand. I do too. That’s really, really neat, isn’t it? Alright you guys ready for the last one? Yeah! And t’s Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse! Let’s get him out! Okay, here’s the last toy of the day. We have the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Diggity Dancing Mickey. Wanna show us what it does, Chloe? (Mickey begins to sing) Something I wanted to point out for all of the parents that may be watching is… How easy all three of these have been to open. That is something that, we open tons and tons of toys here at Kinder Playtime and these are some of the easiest toys I’ve ever opened. So that’s a big plus. Come on! Okay, we got our dancing Mickey out of the box. And of course his face looks awesome. He looks perfect. Yeah, there is nothing wrong with this Mickey whatsoever. His hands move up and down. That’s what he uses to dance with. He also shakes his hips. He can also bend forward and spin around. Alright you guys ready to see how the Mickey moves? He’s slipping! Yeah, he fell down. Alright, let’s get going. Let’s see what he does. He’s dancing right now! Alright Chloe, go ahead and push his hand. Let’s get him going. “Hiya pal, it’s time for Hot Diggity dancing.” Let’s dance! “The most terrific fun we’ve ever had!” “Come on! Dance with me!” (Hot Diggity dog song begins to play) Awe, he’s so cool. Ya’ll wiggling? Wiggle with him! Awe look at him. He’s bending forward, turning around. Ah! Mickey! Mickey’s down! “Give my hand a squeeze.” Give his hand another squeeze. Let’s have another dance. Here we go, here we go! “Let’s take this dance out for a spin.” Alright, here we go. Woo! Go Mickey! Go Chloe! Go Chloe! Go Emily! Go Emily! Woo! He’s way cool. Alright , what did you think about this Mickey? It’s so awesome! Yeah, he’s so cool. I think he’s my favorite of the day. Who was your favorite? Umm, Minnie and Mickey. Minnie and Mickey? Who was your favorite? Minnie and Mickey. Minnie and Mickey? Alright, well it looks like the popular ones today are Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Sorry Sophia. She was really cool too though. Thanks for watching, Bye! 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