Dead Wheels 95A First Impression // Aggressive inline skating tech

Dead Wheels 95A First Impression // Aggressive inline skating tech

THIS HURT it’s not my first time skating this
obstacle like it’s flat not really now with 95 Oh didn’t really
work really weird nothing on this obstacle with 95 because I’ll just put
more effort into this one that was good okay I would try something
I thought would be cool to try this microphone you can see me now that I’m
getting speed I’m gonna be getting speed to the rail now let’s try this front
side so one side oh my god let’s do it now I’m going to be the extra boost and
end of the rail not moving my arms up I did a little bit boom so ideally I would like to just go down
the stairs with one foot so let’s try this one foot it did work but I did land
with both feet I would like to keep going you’d run with only after I don’t
know if I got it never do this every time I commit I always think it would be
really cool to just do my own end I got it might be really really slow but
something like this I might be able to do it I think I need to stay right on
top of it because if I lean outside and it goes to the top of the stairs so I
know I got it that’s it yes just got home and gonna still be testing
this microphone but that doesn’t really matter so I’m just gonna share with you
some opinions about these wills it was my first time skating them and I don’t
know if it’s because of the frame also being from a super hard material and
then the mix of the art material of the frame which is you age MV I think WH
anything I think Uwe I don’t know something like that it’s a really hard
material and then the wheels being 95 it did felt really really hard and when I
roll it didn’t it is smooth but I don’t know if it’s the cement that has like
little lines and I could feel every little line of the cement compared to
what I always feel with any other wheels I’ve been skating a lot of the famous
wheels or even with any other softer wheel around 88 or 90 will with these
ones I kind of felt like every little line on the cement super super different
now I thought that because they are 95 there would be a lot more slippery but
they didn’t felt slippery at all in fact because it’s flat and there’s not one
little bit of rocker in yet I kind of felt it was actually even a little bit
harder to turn then what I’m used to but that can also be because it’s fully flat
and there’s no rock ring at all now I got my cat coming in the house sub
Stevens then what else you did felt like every time that I go up a ramp if it’s a
quarter pipe would be normal but if I would go up like a flat Bank it would be
really really hard you could feel like really hard like it’s hard to explain
but it’s not like and smooth at the same time when you
land a trick it sounds a lot more plasticky obviously the wheels are
harder and the frame is super hard the material of the frame is also different
from the regular plastic that I usually use so I would feel the skate a lot more
plasticky sounding a lot more comparing these two to the skates that I was
skating last week like the G boots with the anti rocker famous wheels it’s
completely different the other one was more comfortable than this but I think
there’s still a place for these and I really like it they felt fast maybe not
as fast as the famous wheels but they felt fast skating the ball well I didn’t
really skate that much I just wanted to see how the wheels felt skinny the ball
felt fast – it felt grip here than I thought it would and while grinding that
little cement thing it did really good to know
doing rails I was struggling a bit but that’s my own fault nothing to do with
the wheels or the frame or anything it’s just because I’m not used to be set up
and the frame is a little bit higher just so the Royal plate is not too wide
so I need to mentally eat more so it was actually my problem because when I look
at the angle of this it doesn’t seem like the wheels will touch at all
special because they are 58 and this frame would allow you to go up to 65 so
that’s it I’m gonna keep scaling these in a few different setups I might ride
these wheels this wheels set up on the aliens and I might try these in some
other skates so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this video
do not forget to subscribe to the channel if you have any doubts maybe
drop me a comment down below and I will try to answer as many comments as I can
and let me know how the sound sounds like
I’m just trying this the cool thing about it is I can just go away and I
keep talking and the sound is still there so that’s it just don’t forget why
we all started skating and like I always say that is because it’s fun

53 thoughts on “Dead Wheels 95A First Impression // Aggressive inline skating tech

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  2. The sound is great and it's great that you can move away from the camera and keep giving us perfect sound

  3. I come from a skateboarding background and wheels you'd use at a skatepark are usually 99a-101a. They work so much better for grinds and slides. I'm surprised in line skate wheels are so much softer.

  4. The microphone has a very good quality for this setup! 👍 When you moved away from the camera I asked myself if you have another microphone (because of the quality) before actually knowing it!
    Good choice! 😉

  5. Microphone sounds great. As far as I know, most people complain the Adapt frames are soft, not hard. UHMW is soft – in fact, most people, myself included, who have the Adapt frames will tell you they warp, especially if you use them with the Adapt boot. They end up with a banana rocker. Not a big deal for me because I feel the rocker makes the frame more maneuverable. I also ride them with Konjure flats 58mm 95a. It's a good set up.

  6. Well in my opinion anything between 92 and 95 is pretty super for street/ parkskating, i think they look cool when it comes to perfect profile and wallcolouring less is more deadwheels are the perfect proof 👌

  7. Watching a superskater like Lino fall this many times makes me NOT want 95A wheels (ever in this lifetime.)

  8. The stock wheels that came with my Roces are 92a. Super hard. But I'm having a hard time finding a good set of 54mm 88a wheels. Any suggestions?

  9. Hola mr Lino! I've been thinking recently – is there any point in buying an additional frame with some wheels for freeskate (using my old aggressive boots, i just like them) or it is better to try something new initially from freeskate line?

  10. Your skating is always great. The audio was the real hero. Was cool to hear your thoughts process as it was happening. I have a rode lav mic that I've used a couple times while skating. I learned that I am a very heavy breather lol.

  11. Very nice microphone. Sound is perfect the skating too. I would say testing the wheels on the aeon will be the best test as its only the wheels that differ.

  12. I checked out the hedonskatesite en wanna buy skates. I have size 47 but is it better to buy size 48? Either way i dont have much options in my size

  13. For ledges 58/ 88 for freestyle and anti set up and 54-55/ 88 -90 for flat… everything else will work but you will loose tricx, slip all over the place or skate tall ass Frames and do souls only

  14. Why do you call tabernacles Christ grinds? No hate, just genuinely curious, I've never heard that term, and I'm 34 been skating on and off since I was 14.

  15. Hey Ricardo Lino could you please test the Flaneurz clip on roller skates they look really cool and would love to see your opinion on them please

  16. these are indeed strange at first! got them anti in some creates, and they get a bit better after a few sesssions! but would go a bit softer next time! Dirtboxes were better (which were softer as the number said 😉

  17. Wheels harder than maybe 90 are ok if you're going to stick to the skate park – or have an ultra-smooth downtown business district to skate in – but on most real world surfaces, they'll give you a concussion without even falling.
    They also tend to get stuck VERY easily on the tiniest pebbles.

  18. i ride those in the middle and softer 58mm 88a on the outside to balance out the soft ride with the hard grind. its been working great for me

  19. Nice video, I think there is an interest on Aeon with a different setup in outer/inner wells like 88A/95A (anti rocker like?).
    very nice chain!!

  20. I practically learned to skate on hard wheels. I came up in NYC in the early 90's on 1st gen Fatty's/Backyard Bob's that came with FR Ortega & Jacklone wheels. Back then they weren't considered to be "hard" because that's all we had, didn't have anything else to compare them to. Still have the iconic FR "Your Wheels Suck" tee.

    Subscribe to my YouTube channel
    For amazing skating videos

  22. i think my next wheels will be these or eugens uc wheels, i had so many wheels and they dont really lasts long some of them just broke.
    Sound is really good bro

  23. I dig the video! The new microphone works nicely. I have discovered in my rolling excursions, I like harder wheels. Simply because while you feel more of what you are riding on, it helps tune you into your skating more. (If that makes sense. Kinda like a more sensitive extension of your feet.) Because you feel more transfer through the wheel it give you better response. Or I could just be a little crazy.

  24. Wow Ricardo … You are an amazing Rollerblader !!!!!
    I'm still a beginner , but I'm not young … Hopefully one day I'll get there . 😄😁😆😅😂
    Great videos 👍👍👍

  25. Are there any good websites for a good of rollerblades? Im size 14 US and 48 EU, and there are no stores that sell my size.

  26. Why do most skate manufacturers only go upto to a size 9- 9 1/2 really want a pair of fifth element but can't get them in 11

  27. نزل مقاطع عربيه تكلم عربي عشان ما افهمك الله يوفقك صراحه ابغا اتعلم

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