Deaf Horseback Rider Competes in Championship

Deaf Horseback Rider Competes in Championship

Kimberly: “Life is short and you never know what’s going to happen. It’s really best to take your opportunities as they come.” Life is short… and that’s why Kimberly Storm and her horse, Bucky, are making the trip to Texas for a horseback riding championship event. Kimberly: “We’ve had a really good year, we won first
and second places.” Kimberly has been riding since she was a little
girl. She says it’s been a lot of hard work to get to her level but she’s enjoyed every
minute of it. Kimberly: “When I was younger, a little girl, a lot
of people didn’t think that I could ride horses because I’m Deaf. However, I just practiced a lot.” Kimberly has had Bucky since he was a foal.
He’s now nine years old. The duo will compete in the Novice Amature Division of the Nutrena
USEA American Eventing Championships this week. They haven’t placed lower than top
ten in this division all year. While Kimberly does have to do things a bit different because
she’s Deaf, she says she’s never let it stop her. Kimberly: (laughs) “Well, okay so, I do have to do more work because I’m Deaf – I I have to pay attention to my coaches and my teachers more and make sure communication is clear and I have to make sure that I pay attention to the time extra carefully.”

3 thoughts on “Deaf Horseback Rider Competes in Championship

  1. I don't suppose you can ride on the road though? I'm hearing, and I ride on the road because I don't have an arena, and the only thing that lets me know when a car is approaching from behind is that I can hear it.

  2. I'm hoh "hard of hearing" and I ride horses they are kinda like therapy for me but its also really hard because know one esle at my barn is like me so every lesson they teacher has to either yell what to do or see if I'm reading her lips but it has its perks

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