Dean Martin & John Wayne on horse

Dean Martin & John Wayne on horse

fastest I’m not used to being this high without my parachute beside this horse is due back on the merry-go-round by 11 o’clock odd time to to Thurs only one guy in the world I’d do this for and he just happens to be the nicest guy there is and I want to bring him out now ladies and gentlemen mr. John Wayne you sure do little hearts well I can’t tell how happy I am to have you on this show well I can’t tell you how glad I am to be here me yeah I sure want to thank you for getting me such a good horse they ain’t no ordinary horse pal don’t say that horse was a zebra before the white knight went by Western right now with Kirk Douglas and I sure wish you were with us now I gotta give up questions too hard to read the cue cards when I’m galloping along well don’t give me that Bing we made two westerns together and you never missed a line don’t let this get out pal but I was writing mr. head then he never missed a line sorry Duke all the pictures you’ve ever made what’s your favorite one I had taken last week with Marissa my eight month old daughter well that’s nice car you know I think it’s while you’re having all those kids and especially now having a new little baby I’m I’m proud of you Duke oh I’m proud of you too Dean you know you’ve got seven you haven’t exactly been sitting around staring at walls either well let it Duke everybody you know see the love you and let me ask you something they all want to know here you are one of the biggest stars in the whole world and making pictures for 37 years got a spankin new daughter now what do you want for her well same as that any parent wants I guess I just like to stick around long enough to see she gets started right I’d like her to know some of the values that we knew as kids some of those values that too many people these days are thinking her old-fashioned most all I want her to be grateful as I am every day in my life to live in these United States I know it may sound a little corny but the first thing my daughter is learning from me is the Lord’s Prayer some of the song and I really don’t care if she ever memorizes the Gettysburg Address just so long as she understands it and since little girls are seldom called upon to defend their country she may never have to raise her hand for that oath but I’m certainly want her to respect all those who do I guess that’s about what I want for my daughter Dean I’m proud to know you do

28 thoughts on “Dean Martin & John Wayne on horse

  1. That was golden. Absolutely golden, and what he said about what he wants for his daughter was wonderful. John Wayne really was the ideal masculine man. A man of true, real character; plus as patriotic as patriotic can get, and so was Dean.

  2. There will never be another Duke Wayne. Damn, we sure need you now! God bless you Duke, and God bless America.

  3. You Echo These Words throughout our Great Country, People will Listen, Things Will Change for the Good, and We Will Start being more United in the United States of America. God Bless Dino & The Duke!!!!

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