Demolition Derby: PETA’s Investigations Expose Horse-Racing Cruelty

Demolition Derby: PETA’s Investigations Expose Horse-Racing Cruelty

Hi, I’m James Cromwell for PETA. I want to make a bet with you. One that I hope I lose. I’ll bet you that at least three horses will be killed on a racetrack today. Unfortunately, it’s a safe bet because every year more than one thousand horses die on racetracks across the United States. So, the odds are that there will be three gruesome deaths each day. What if all professional sports had this fatality rate? Imagine if three NFL players were killed every Sunday. The horseracing industry keeps this figure quiet and, literally, puts up screens to blind viewers from the carnage. Since 2008, when Eight Belles suffered a catastrophic breakdown in the Kentucky Derby, PETA has investigated and exposed what goes on behind the screens. Even before horses are old enough to race many are killed in training. Here we see a fragile two year old being forced to run a sprint at an extremely dangerous speed just to impress potential buyers at an auction. In slow motion, you can see bone fragments exploding out of her broken leg. Witnesses said that the sound made when her cannon bone broke was like a rifle shot. And when racehorses stop winning enough money, many owners discard them. Every year, more than ten thousand thoroughbreds are crowded into trucks and transported on grueling journeys to Canadian and Mexican slaughterhouses to become dog food and burgers. Here, a slaughterhouse worker shoots a horse in the head with a captive bolt pistol and then sarcastically waves goodbye to the dying animal. This is Royal With Speed. He is the grandson of Triple Crown winner Secretariat. But even his famous pedigree didn’t protect him. It was PETA who rescued him just hours before he was to be loaded onto a truck bound for slaughter. Any way you slice it, horseracing is a cruel business. Even former Kentucky Derby winner Ferdinand was slaughtered. PETA went to the Japanese slaughterhouse in which he was killed. There they filmed this other young ex racehorse just before he was slaughtered for meat. But despite all the cast off racehorses the industry recklessly continues to breed tens of thousands more thoroughbred mares every every year perpetuating the deadly cycle. Here is former Kentucky Derby winner Street Sense mounting a mare. Sometimes hundreds of mares are bred to the very same prize stallion in the hope of breeding the next Kentucky Derby winner. And while spectators at Churchill Downs are served Mint Julips, the horses are given drug cocktails to enhance enhance their performance and mask the pain of their injuries. These drugs keep the sore and lame horses racing when they should be recuperating and healing making them even more vulnerable to catastrophic injuries. PETA also documented that Nehro, the second place finisher at the 2011 Kentucky Derby was forced to race and train on extremely painful hooves in such bad condition that one had to be held together with super glue. While suffering in this way, Nehro died at Churchill Downs on Kentucky Derby day in 2013. These are not voluntary athletes. They are forcibly medicated, whipped, and sometimes even shocked with electrical devices. How can we justify treating horses this way for our entertainment? Horseracing is not a sport. It’s a blood sport. Until the cruelty ends, please don’t go to the racetrack or have a Kentucky Derby party or watch the Triple Crown races on TV. And, please, never bet on horseracing because the only sure thing in horseracing is that the horses always lose. Thank you.

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  1. It's like the bankers and the insurance industry. The only thing that matters are the quarterly reports. How can we stop the breeding? How can we stop the cruelty?

  2. That horse with the broken leg… Its so fucking painful man, he broke his leg yet he keeps on running. Oh my God what is going on with humans.

  3. I am an animal lover
    Nature lover
    I always convey people to not to buy animals to adopt them please tell me how to join peta

  4. This is awful horses need to be treated with respect and love and they should be treated like a member of the family not like equipment

  5. I get treated like a freak at work for not wanting to bet on the Grand National every year (UK). I keep my opinions to myself but they now what I think and still try to convince me it's ok. One man who loves horse racing even argues with me that no horses die when it's on the news every year!

  6. ppl need to stop all this abusing animal b's that shit is just to fuckin childish Idk what these dumb ass ppl are fuckin thinking y'all need to stop all this shit i hope all of y'all go to hell or worse bc these horses dont deserve this hell naw wtf do these ppl have inside their fuckin head ???YALL NEED TO STOP ALL THIS BS 🖕😠😡

  7. Wow this is absolutely TERRIBLE!!! An amazing video you have put together with so much good proof and evidence. Sooo eye opening. I will never ever go to a horse race and this has definitley made me want to dedicate most of my future equine career to saving the horses who go through this and trying to make it stop

  8. I always knew horse racing was bad same as greyhound racing really. I don't run any more because I hurt my knee and don't want to break it. Will I be put down?

  9. the laws need be change and the rich owners need to mAde to STOP over breeding horse when horses being kill on tacks ever day ..

  10. things I'm not gonna do: go to horse races, buy animals from petsmart or pet co. and I'm gonna keep the amount of meat I consume. to a minimum.

  11. This disgusts me to no end! Horses are by far my most favorite animals and this video hurts me so, so much! I admit that I have been at a horse racing once and my mom had to hold me back because I almost went ballistic when I saw how these bastards treated their horses and how some of them where even laughing while hitting their horses with their f*cking whips!!! Even when I am a human myself, but humanity makes me SICK!!! Animal abuse has to stop IMMEDIATELY!!!!!! And Horse Racing IS animal abuse!!! It sickens me so much! They need to ban this (and horse "sport" in general!)

  12. I cried when that horses leg bones came out and everybody that "take car of the" should be ashamed and killed animals are like family and when family dies then that's like have a horse die that you riding and I never have gone to the horse racing because I do no like to see animals suffering because I have 21 pets all of the were out on the streets and me and my family rescued them and I absolutely love animals

  13. I have eight beautiful horses and watching this made me think how horrible people can be this made me cry I hope those people that caused this don't do it again and I know they might not but this is heartbreaking

  14. 2:37 My god, I have never seen something like that before in all of the slaughter videos I've seen…

  15. I'm deeply sadden by this video. Who in there right mind would abuse these beautiful horses!!! These horses have a life but these people don't give a sh*t!!!!!!

  16. I've never ever seen a horse race. I don't even think they're interesting. I love horses, but I don't think horse racing is entertaining.

  17. There is No justification for this!
    I have not been to a horse race for over 35 years and I refuse to go to one now.
    Let’s Boycott races and put an end to the suffering of the animals!
    Too heartbreaking to see them suffer!
    Thank You for sharing this and making people aware of what goes on for the simple pleasure of watching a race and making a bet!
    We must stop this now! They treat horses horribly so why support this?!! It’s torture, plain and simple! If people care about the Horses, then Boycott the race and we can put them out of business once and for all. That is my hope, for the horses! Stop cruelty!!! A’ho

  18. The most common reason horses break down at the track are because they're started so young. A horse is considered fully mature at age four. Race horses run the triple crown at age three, begin piling up their wins at age two, and begin their training as young as one and a half. Starting them so young, when their joints and bones aren't even fully developed, practically guarantees a future unsoundness or a nasty fall.

  19. I love horses, I can’t believe that stupid people hate the earth. Horses are part of our earth, our lives, our world, and if people don’t see that the don’t deserve to be here.

  20. Luckily I never went to a horse race an never will view or go to one. This is cruel, people are getting the money and. Not thinking about the pain animals get!

  21. Holy Jesus!!! This was so shocking. I’m from Sweden and horse derby isn’t a big thing here but trotting is! I believe that trotting horses doesn’t eat treated well either🤢🤢

  22. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid people

  23. This is all true my friends and I adopted horses from Stanley brothers in Louisiana and if they aren’t sold they’re shipped to Mexico for slaughter. One thoroughbred we adopted was granddaughter of Seattle slew. The breeding is so overdone and unethical. It’s like cockfighting.

  24. Very cruel. Don’t always agree with PETA but they are spot on about this cruel industry. Disgusting that these animals suffer for our entertainment and greed.

  25. Interesting to watch a video made by an actor who acted with forcefully domesticated animals.
    I totally disagree with theses horse races as much as I disagree Hollywood using and abusing animals for movies.

  26. This is horrible and it made me cry, who are these sick people who find pleasure in hurting horses and slaughtering them. Forcing the horses to do something that will kill them or injure them. We need to ban horse racing NOW

  27. This video turned my stomach. ..
    I think I'm finally on a set road ….I'm going to be a vegetarian. …. I was working up to perminace but…but… I…

  28. This pisses me off !!!! I have no words for the cruelty of some People. How can HUMANS be so cruel ? ANY CRUELTY is beyond my understanding !!!

  29. Well that was extremely hard to watch cause horses are my favorite animal .
    I love all animals all these videos are hard to watch but I need to know what's really going on.

  30. Not all horse racing tracks are like this. I've been the one a long time ago but forgot what it was called and they let me see in the Barnes and they didn't abused the animals at all

  31. The race horse s owers are sicking ass holes look do to horses give all the rich fuck breeders of horses they made reasonable for horse hurt and killed and care for for life it the horses hell i only hope. Rich race horse owers come as race horse and put same shit won't thur

  32. I remember when my grandfather took me horse racing to watch a match and I had no idea the horses were abused like this. Thank you so much for this.


  34. PETA do you know what bloodsport even means. It means “ a sport the involves the shedding of blood , especially hunting or killing the animals.” Were in your videos show that when they are racing. Please tell me .

  35. This is bullshit. Almost all racehorses either go to stud or are retrained after they retire, Godolphin even has it's own program for the retraining of racehorses. Racehorses aren't treated badly before or during their careers. Think logically. An abused animal is not going to win races or even make it past the veterinary check, and that's even before you take into account the love these people have for these horses, watch the end of any race and see how happy and loving the stable staff are you come to meet them. They all say how much they love their horse. Studs are luxury retirement homes. Healthy horses produce healthy foals. It's simple. This is just PETA stirring up shit again, I'm surprised people still listen to them with the amount of shit they come out with.

  36. Thank you for letting me know… I hate horse racing I've never liked it! It's a horrible experience for horses

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