Deniss Vasiljevs training in Switzerland at Stéphane Lambiel figure skating school (ENG subtitles)

Deniss Vasiljevs training in Switzerland at Stéphane Lambiel figure skating school (ENG subtitles)

It’s 7 in the morning. In The Swiss resort Champéry has woken up the birds and Deniss Vasiljevs. He is going to the ice hall to prepare for the morning training. Before that warm up and exercises for body strenght. Champéry As home to his figure skating school 3 years ago picked Stephane Lambiel 2 time World champion and Olimpic silver medalist. Sports complex is perfect for training. Visually small building include game hall, gym, swimming pool, curling field and ice hockey in this case figure skating area. Stephane Lambiel in 2014 decided to to seriously address the coach’s job Reason was harsh: there were no Swiss figure skater at Sochi olimpic games. Deniss Vasiljevs live and train in Switzerland for one year. Now he is the leader of training group and a role model for other athletes. Obsessed with improvement in various areas of life. At school this year, he has not yet been. I can not study every day. But I’m trying to study as much as possible. I can not say that I do not learn. Every day, every minute we learn something new. It is not a school lesson, but we learn something new. We find something new. So I can say that I every day, all day dedicate to learning. However, not every day I can study school subjects. Dennis shows his new skates, which are still forcing ankles. My old skates I can squeeze here. It takes time to fuse together with them. I want completely black skates. The metal parts completely black. I want it very much. But then they have to change the structure of the iron. So I do not think it will be soon, but I want it very much. It would be very beautiful on the ice. The black color is very accurate. You can see the movement very well I like it very much. You watch your skating and it’s something especially yours. Jumps with the new skates do not give up yet as he would like Time after the world championship is not easy. Mainly because both the coach and he expected a lot from this spring. A step forward. Physical form after the main season start is at very high level, but the emotional fatigue is accumulated. On days when we are watching Dennis, he is trying Olympic season’s new program. Several parts are still in making, and for young athlete is difficult to accept that something goes wrong. Hard to say whether it is a difficult day or not. If something does not work, something else better succeeds. It is always as balance. For example, yesterday I managed all the jumps except one. How to say it. I jumped it for four years. It was first triple jump I learned. Yesterday I could not do it. But the most difficult jump I did easily. After that you are thinking how is it possible? You are very focused on all elements. Life is very difficult to understand it. Champéry is a very quiet and peaceful. Winter season is already over, but the summer season has not started yet. Our Deniss Vasiljevs summer vacation will last exactly two weeks when he will go back home to Daugavpils to finish school. And then will be tour in Japan, a training camp in Canada. Somewhere in between of that will be daily work here in Switzerland to become a little bit better every day.

11 thoughts on “Deniss Vasiljevs training in Switzerland at Stéphane Lambiel figure skating school (ENG subtitles)

  1. OMG What music is he dancing to at 3:22? I feel it's Latin with the hip movements. I would love to see Deniss dance Latin. I think he'd be amazing!

  2. i'm lithuanian, but my aunt lived in latvia for a while and i can't wait to cheer for deniss at the olympics!!

  3. Gorgous men.^u^ Stephane's gotten thinner and more solemn-looking imo whilst Deniss is stronger and more robust and his voice has deepened. I like his thoughts on learning. True words.:)

  4. Thanks the team for this work. It is really interesting! It's nice to listen to his Latvian. And his last philosophical sentence is adorable!

  5. О. Мой. Бог. Как я могла не знать, что Денисс – латыш? Офигеть

  6. Am I the only one who thinks Deniss looked like he was about to cry when Stéphane told him he lands like a bulldozer… and even made a bulldozer sound? Like, it was kind of funny but also neither Deniss nor Stéphane were being funny…

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